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  1. Awesome job! The colour scheme looks sharp.
  2. I agree with you Mad Jack, from the new breed of sculptors I think Tre Manor is one of the best. His sculpts just ooze chararacter.
  3. I don't know any names but, the folks who are sculpting minis for the French games like Hell Dorado and Confrontation have got to be some of my favorites. I know from a painting perspective their sculpts can tend to be a little busy but they are fantastic.
  4. Clearly they are insane. Werner is one of my favorite sculptors out there.
  5. Oh man I am so buying one of those.
  6. She's looking good Tank. That stinks about the fingers, you're probably going to have to do your best in getting some greenstuff (2 part epoxy putty) and resculpting the fingers on, that's about the best advice I could give you on that. I might also want to try and define her iris a bit more as it looks very, very light in the picture. That aside man, she really is shaping up awesome. Hope you and the family had a good new year!
  7. You did a fantastic job on this mini! Your choices of colours are excellent. All-around a great little piece!
  8. Sir David came out excellent. The metallics look fantastic and I really like how the colours on the shield punch up the contrast on the mini. Excellent stuff.
  9. Great work! That really is one hell of a mean beat stick that princess Elena has. Watch out suckas'!
  10. Exellent job on the Nazi zombie Froggy, he came out looking really cool.
  11. Wow, fantastic work! The base is awesome! I really like the light orange of the clothes against the skin, very pleasing to the eye. All around and excellent job!
  12. I really, really, really like the colours you used on this mini. She looks great, I especially think her robes came out top-notch. A very cool mini I feel I may have to purchase soon
  13. What in the hell??!! Is that the Ghoul King from Heresy minis? Looking good though...for as good as that piece can look
  14. I'm really diggin' on the Hill Giant. You did an outstanding job on that piece!
  15. Absolutly fantastic Meg. The dress came out stunning, ofcourse I'm a sucker for blue Her skintone is gorgeous and her face is damn near perfect. All your work and practice is really showing Meg, truley excellent work!
  16. Wow, she looks fantastic! Excellent job al around.
  17. I didn't actually call the number, but when I clicked on the link to find out about creating an account this was what I saw; So maybe if you call they will set up an account for you. Like I said, I didn't bother calling, I ordered the polishing pins and mandrel from another jewlery supply company. I have a bag (arround 25) of various grits of the polishing pins in 3mm, those were too big for my taste so I ordered the 2mm mandrel and pins, if anyone is interested in the 3mm polishing pins I have feel free to PM me.
  18. Joe, thanks for the information it has been really helpful. I'm trying to sort out some scenery and what-not that I can put small dioramas together. Not just Reaper stuff either but some modern stuff as well. Again thanks, it does help out a lot.
  19. LOL, a little butt kissing never hurt anyone One thing I really like about the liners is how they flow off the brush. With minimum amount of thinning they really flow off the brush nicely and, most importantly, stay where I put them. I also really love the colors of the liners, a nice dark and rich version of the color, hell sometimes I even use them for basecoating I also like the fact that they can be used to darken colors for shading, just add a bit of the appropriate colored liner to your paint and viola! Yes, I do use them for shading, I find them very versatile for that. For instance when shading warm greys a bit of the brown liner works out very well. As for smoothing blends, color transitions and what-not I use the regular paint and when ever I can I'll try to use the appropriatly colored clear bright as those paints thin very, very, very well into glazes. When it comes to thinning out the liners all I ever use is a drop of gunk and then distilled water. As for thinning paints out into glazes I use the Vallejo glaze medium (I LOVE the stuff, I must have about 4 bottle of it ), I really like how the regular paints "perform" when they are thinned with the glaze medium. I found other brands of glaze medium (like Liquitex) are a little too thick for my liking so I stick with the Vallejo. Besides the glaze medium I may toss in a few drops of matte medium and distilled water. I'm sure everyone has a different opinion on this, you'll just have to find out what works best for yourself. FYI I use distilled water because the "city water" out of my tap is full of doodie that does not mix so well with the paint. You may have better water that works better for thinning paints but I can tell you from experience mine does not. I hope that helps out some, I'm really no expert on this. I also tend to ramble Happy painting!
  20. I'm wondering what scale of model railroad stuff would Reaper or other 28mm-32mm minis fit in. All these scale for model rr confuse me, N, O, HO...so on and so forth. About all I know is HO is the most popular scale...yahe, I know...that really helps There is a lot of great scenery and what-not for model rr but it all comes in these different scales. Help
  21. Only problem I can see is it appears that you need to be a jewler or affiliated with a jewler to order from Rio Grande.
  22. I'm going to second that, it actually does look like the paint is going on too thin.
  23. Hell yeah Legion, this is one bad a$$ mofo. I'm really diggin' the paint job you gave him, the golds and the blue really set everything off, looks great! I love the look in his face, he's about to tear into some suckas' with those mighty axes. Evil...yeah...I can dig it!
  24. Saucy! You did a fantastic job on her, she looks great. I have this mini kicking around somewhere, someday, 100 years from now when I have all my priority stuff finished up I'd love to have a go at her.
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