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  1. Very nice! Love the transition from green to the dun/yellow. Side note: Ever wonder how monsters chew when their teeth don't meet?
  2. That's a lot of bats... beautifully done! Those chibi bats are just too cool... need...
  3. Looking nice! Using different colors on key bits (the shields, eyes) is a cool idea. Still enough similar colors in the armor/clothing to tie them together, but the different colors adds visual variety.
  4. Nice! Tell you what though, painting the books to look random (which you accomplished beautifully) would drive me batty - I know I would end up with some sub-conscious pattern...
  5. To mirror my comment under a different thread: Duergar in both sizes: standard and embiggened. Essentially 06181, with larger counterparts sporting the same armor/weapons and appropriately proportioned (and preferably with different poses). Duergar weapons in both sizes. If it's not already on a drawing board somewhere: Bones Tiles - rooms, corridors, buildings, et cetera, for building 3D maps. Maybe a Kickstarter? Foo Lions - not the traditional sitting on a pedestal with one paw on an orb, but rather actiony and such. Preferably a couple different poses and maybe one armored? With sufficient space to slap a rider on if someone was so inclined? I like Jason's Foo Dog (02487), but bones would allow for something even larger and more dynamic.
  6. Duergar in enlarged form please; similar to 06181, same weapons and armor, but proportioned larger (different poses would be cool too). Wouldn't mind seeing these in Bones as well...
  7. Well that's frightening. =( But... I've had the domains registered for over 10 years... =D
  8. Uhm.... since you named the new bones clockwork dragon after me, do I get a couple free copies? =)
  9. That is a beautiful paint job! Very smooth...
  10. I know these are DHL models, but... First things that come to mind: Griffon Bear Rider Not just because I want to put a dwarf on the back of the griffon and cutting through plastic is easier than cutting through all that metal! Even though that is exactly why. But easier to pose wings (heat -> shape -> cool) is nice too! Heck, I am definitely behind character sculpts (heroes and villains) because there are a ton that I want for my games, but cannot afford them all, plus conversions would be way easier. I bought quite a few of the first round just to check them out: color me impressed. I expected them to have softer sculpts (to the point of non-usability), but they are beautiful.
  11. Very nice! I especially like the paint scheme on Tolin's cloak - looks like camouflage for a stand of birch (I hope I got my tree right - I'm not so good at that).
  12. Nice! I like the rakish angle of the lid. The first thing I thought about the axe was that it is in a non-threatening position. If he were the type to use an underhand throw though.. catch ne'er-do-wells completely off guard :) At first glance that bastard sword looks a bit large... but after a second look it fits pretty good. Can't wait to see some paint on this model!
  13. Several variations on Solomon Kane - female, male, tall, short, skinny, fat. Mayhap a couple that are a bit simple and some that are over-the-top. Basically imagine a witch hunter organization. Lowly initiates all the way up to the grand poobah(s).
  14. Sweet work! The base, the standard, the kill-o-zap; the whole piece works together nicely.
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