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  1. Very nice! Love the transition from green to the dun/yellow. Side note: Ever wonder how monsters chew when their teeth don't meet?
  2. That's a lot of bats... beautifully done! Those chibi bats are just too cool... need...
  3. Looking nice! Using different colors on key bits (the shields, eyes) is a cool idea. Still enough similar colors in the armor/clothing to tie them together, but the different colors adds visual variety.
  4. Nice! Tell you what though, painting the books to look random (which you accomplished beautifully) would drive me batty - I know I would end up with some sub-conscious pattern...
  5. To mirror my comment under a different thread: Duergar in both sizes: standard and embiggened. Essentially 06181, with larger counterparts sporting the same armor/weapons and appropriately proportioned (and preferably with different poses). Duergar weapons in both sizes. If it's not already on a drawing board somewhere: Bones Tiles - rooms, corridors, buildings, et cetera, for building 3D maps. Maybe a Kickstarter? Foo Lions - not the traditional sitting on a pedestal with one paw on an orb, but rather actiony and such. Preferably a couple different poses and maybe one armored? With sufficient space to slap a rider on if someone was so inclined? I like Jason's Foo Dog (02487), but bones would allow for something even larger and more dynamic.
  6. Duergar in enlarged form please; similar to 06181, same weapons and armor, but proportioned larger (different poses would be cool too). Wouldn't mind seeing these in Bones as well...
  7. Well that's frightening. =( But... I've had the domains registered for over 10 years... =D
  8. Uhm.... since you named the new bones clockwork dragon after me, do I get a couple free copies? =)
  9. That is a beautiful paint job! Very smooth...
  10. I know these are DHL models, but... First things that come to mind: Griffon Bear Rider Not just because I want to put a dwarf on the back of the griffon and cutting through plastic is easier than cutting through all that metal! Even though that is exactly why. But easier to pose wings (heat -> shape -> cool) is nice too! Heck, I am definitely behind character sculpts (heroes and villains) because there are a ton that I want for my games, but cannot afford them all, plus conversions would be way easier. I bought quite a few of the first round just to check them out: color me impressed. I expected them to have softer sculpts (to the point of non-usability), but they are beautiful.
  11. Very nice! I especially like the paint scheme on Tolin's cloak - looks like camouflage for a stand of birch (I hope I got my tree right - I'm not so good at that).
  12. Nice! I like the rakish angle of the lid. The first thing I thought about the axe was that it is in a non-threatening position. If he were the type to use an underhand throw though.. catch ne'er-do-wells completely off guard :) At first glance that bastard sword looks a bit large... but after a second look it fits pretty good. Can't wait to see some paint on this model!
  13. Several variations on Solomon Kane - female, male, tall, short, skinny, fat. Mayhap a couple that are a bit simple and some that are over-the-top. Basically imagine a witch hunter organization. Lowly initiates all the way up to the grand poobah(s).
  14. Sweet work! The base, the standard, the kill-o-zap; the whole piece works together nicely.
  15. Wow, beautiful work! I wish I could tell you my favorite part, but the whole mini just...well...fits. Very nice.
  16. Initially that is why I bought the Orcs and Goblins. It gave me tons of cheap baddies to throw at my players. Just to throw another one in the ring: I purposely purchase new GW minis for my RPG games - for PC, NPC, and critters. Course, I run games of Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and DeathWatch. I look to the market for what I need, no matter the manufacturer (well, within reason). I agree with all that have stated it's a matter of taste, though I also agree with the general unhappiness with GWs pricing. I don't believe a major figure should cost $22.00 (for a single, humanoid model - not much bigger than a troop model) just because it's important in the game. And I also have to shout out for Reaper cuz, even though I shop around, I love what I find at Reaper, and I love how they treat their customers (quite frankly I am amazed a modern company holds such values). Quite simply I feel there is no better miniatures/hobby company on the globe.
  17. Sa-weet! Now I have to find the minis I want just so I can get the box (A win/win situation really). Major kudos to whomever was involved in selecting the box. Bryan, gorgeous work on the art, really.
  18. This is something I have been itching to try; bit-o-work by the looks of it, but I love the end effect: http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_39&products_id=134
  19. Absolutely inspiring paint job - thank you for sharing this. I have to express how impressed I am with the stone on base; that broken statue head looks like it has spent an age in the jungle....beautiful...
  20. Fun and ease of play. Models catch my attention, and if I don't like the models I won't play; I won't spend money on models I don't like. And I am a bit of a purist insofar that I like the models that go with a game- patchwork just doesn't cut it for me. Most systems have a very specific/obvious art direction and I like the unity that brings, otherwise you may as well just buy a bag of plastic army soldiers and use that for every game you play. I play to have fun, not test my book keeping skillz, or play to over-nerdity: "You clearly cannot cross water moving at 27 cubic feet per second because alternate-era Napoleonic troops were deathly afraid of water over the level of ankle deep as stated in Jagerman's fourth edition treatise (pre-cordian version, thank you) on volumetric terrain in tabletop wargaming...." Yeesh... Skirmish I like because I don't want to have to buy in excess of 60 models just to play a game (I want to buy them because I am addicted to minis ), especially when 40 of them are identical. If a new rule book comes out every 6 months or every model in the game has four pages of special rules... yeah, no thanks. A game you can pick up in a few sessions and then refine your play style. That's what I like. So I don't play a lot of wargaming (primarily Warlord and just starting in Malifaux), but thankfully I have a TON of other interest (so I don't have much time for wargaming anyway- maybe once a month if I'm lucky). So, uh... there you go
  21. Excellent! Thanks TailSpinner, I will check that out when I get home (can't see it from work, unfortunately). Regards, Doug
  22. Greetings all and sundry, Looking for a bit of help; I am trying to find software for making modern/future city maps. I own a copy of Dundjinni, but that is best for street-level fantasy (as far as I can tell). I had Campaign Cartographer many years ago, but don't recall if it's good for what I am looking for. The ability to do 'street-level' maps would be a bonus. Thanks in advance for any help! Regards, Doug
  23. I'll just copy-paste this from another thread as I ran into the same thing for my DH games: I have been grabbing CS minis for the cool factor, but I have found minis in the CS line that I just couldn't pass up for my Dark Heresy games: 50145: Dr. Totenkranz - Evil NPC 50112: Phat Clark - Gang Boss/ Bounty Hunter/ Arbite 50104: Jack Hammer - Melee combat servitor 50092: Lab Mutant - Generic ganger 50082: Cobra, Modern Ninja - Generic Assassin / Military Agent 50068: John Bishop, Space Marshal - NPC, Former Guardsman / Arbite 50016: Rosie, Chrono Technician - Generic Spaceport techie 50014: Nick Stone - NPC Merc 50007: Veronica Blaze - PC Dual-wield Assassin (Character name: Rhapsody Sparx) A few more that I can't recall and a ton that I still want need to get (all the recently released spys, for instance). I figured the other good folks provided links to other manufacturers, so there are just a few ideas I got from the CS line. I also picked up some plastic box sets from Games Workshop (Warhammer Flagelents-make great zealots/priests/cultists, 40K Cadian IG - Arbites, etc., and some Catachan- make excellent mercenary/thugs) because they are very easy to mod and you can get 10 minis for anywhere from $22 to $35 - not too shabby. Buying 10 Chronoscope Nova minis (for instance) would run ya around $50...
  24. Hmmm... I like the soft cover for making a spiral bound edition. From what I have seen at various conventions and game shops hardcovers don't look so 'held together' after a ton of handling (and they are harder to flip around so you only have the page you want facing up). Has anyone here ever spiral bound a hardback? Just wondering if its doable. Any chance of S/N having a PDF version available for purchase, maybe x-many months after the initial release? I will definitely get the hardbound for my reading room/bookshelf, but I want something I can beat the crap out of at my table.
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