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  1. Again, love your color schemes. You do well without going bold and vibrant.
  2. Like what you did with her dress and wings. What causes the purple shimmer?
  3. Really like your color schemes on both. Nice muted palettes but still very interesting. But anything you can do to tone down the red just a bit more on the first fig?
  4. I agree with stubdog. The beetle with pincers is okay, but the armored one - eh.
  5. Very nicely painted, but his mail looks a bit clean. Do you have a pic of the back side?
  6. I don't care for the fish either. Nice choice of colors, but koi offer a greater variety than traditional gold and white - maybe just a few black splotches would really make it pop.
  7. Intimidating for sure. Don't forget to post progress shots.
  8. I agree. It looks like you are on track and just need to keep rolling.
  9. Other than the gem, it all looks great.
  10. Very cool. Don't forget to post new pics when the tentacles are 'fixed'.
  11. Very nicely done with limited colors.
  12. Is she so good she never gets hit herself? Seems a good excuse to put splashes of color on her.
  13. Reaper, very little WOTC stacks up in my opinion.
  14. Do you have pictures of what he has currently?
  15. Basing is fantastic and the painting is coming along great. Keep it up
  16. Some real nice figures. Like the shield for the red-head. The dwarf and the orc? are awesome.
  17. Maybe some of the armor highlights, or the belt buckle. The color scheme is good overall, just needs a little something to make it pop, imho. The cape seemsto go with the armor, but maybe changing it would help. Again, just an opinion.
  18. Great idea and paint job/basing. My complaint would be is that the dead lizards just looked like you knocked them over - the arms are still up in the air when the should be limp... maybe a tiny bit of conversion work would make it look more realistic???
  19. Battle damage looks great. Can't wait to see it finished
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