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  1. Hello everyone, Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV are available over at http://www.youtube.com/reaperministv Episode 083 starts off with looking at two new Warlord armies that I'm building and then get into reviews of new releases (Frulla, Female Giant / Shred Bloodgill, Hammerhead Wereshark / Evshyvandra Duskwidow, Dark Elf Warrior / Zonkers, Killer Klown). In episode 084 we have reviews of new releases including Gray Aliens, G'rond (Dwarf Assassin), Dramorian (Dark Elf Sorcerer), Wizard and Crystal Ball, Animal Companions (Aardvark, Kangaroo, Koala), Fly Demon, and Space Mouslings. Hope you enjoy. Mark, RMTV
  2. I'm toying with the idea of running some Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition in 2012. Mark
  3. Hello everyone, Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV are available over at http://www.youtube.com/reaperministv In episode 081 In this episode we look at new figures from the following lines: Legendary Encounters (Fastclaw and Thronback), P-65 (Warg, Exotic Idol and Male Pit Fighter), Pathfinder (Serpentfolk Evoker and Degenerate Serpentfolk), Savage Worlds (Hangin' Judge) and Dark Heaven Legends (Dar Dimplefoot). And then over on episode 082 we see new releases from the following lines: Chronoscope (Buck Fannin, Hank Callahan and Marie the She-Bot), Savage Worlds (Andrew Lane), Pathfinder (Master Spy) and Dark Heaven Legends (Mantis Man Ranger and Troya) Hope you enjoy and soon I’ll start showing work on the next Warlord army that I’m building in addition to more reviews. Thanks, Mark, RMTV
  4. Hello everyone, There are two more new episodes of ReaperMinisTV available over at http://www.youtube.com/reaperministv In episode 079 we look at a bunch of new releases from Reaper's lines including Chronoscope (Motorcycle, Bonzo the Killer Klown, and Sparg), Pathfinder (Baba Yaga and Reiko), Dark Heaven Legends (Barrow Wight Guardian and Barbed Demon) Warlord (Sable Guard). And then over in episode 080 we crack open several new monster miniatures that Reaper has released including an Oxidation Beast, a Desert Thing, a Mind Eater, a Wereboar and a Cyclops Lich. We also tell you about a special that Reaper is offering through their online store for the rest of the month of October. Hope you enjoy! Mark, RMTV
  5. Hello folks, Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV are available for viewing over at www.youtube.com/reaperministv In episode 077 We take a look at a Warriors of Chaos army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles that I built using Reaper Miniatures. You could do the same for just about any WFB army if you wanted to use all-metal replacements from Reaper. GW stores might not let you play in their stores, but for friendly games, and even some tournaments that allow alternate figures, you would be fine. And then over in episode 078 we take a look at some recent releases, including the P-65 (Pachylox, Elephant Man and Reptus Dragon Turtle), Savage Worlds (Female Indian Shaman), Warlord (Gilok Onyxfist, Dwarf Wizard), Chronoscope (Shoggoth), Dark Heaven Legends (Babbling Horrors) and Shoatima! Hope you enjoy! Mark, RMTV
  6. Hello folks, We have a bunch of new figures to review in the two latest episodes of ReaperMinisTV over at http://www.youtube.com/reaperministv In episode 075 we see figures from the following lines: Pathfinder (The Stag Lord and Nakayama Hyato-Samurai), Warlord (Darkrime Drake), Chronoscope (Alien Invaders, Lord of the Jungle), P-65 (Sokar's Avatar and Goldar the Barbarian). Then, in episode 076 get to see several new Savage Worlds releases (Huckster, Texas Ranger, Gunslinger, US Agent, and Female Mad Scientist), Chronoscope (Victoria Jacobs-Cowgirl and Steampunk Witch) and then Dark Heaven Legends (Leprechaun and Owl). Hope you enjoy! Mark, RMTV
  7. Hello folks, There are two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available over at ReaperMinisTV In episode 073 we see lots of new minis from several of Reaper's miniature including P-65 [spell Effects: Fire and Ice and a Foo Dog], Chronoscope [Weapons Pack III], Dark Heaven Legends [Hordlings and an Astral Mauler] and Savage Worlds [Revered Grimme, Raven, Dr Darius Hellstromme and Stone]. And then over in episode 074 we take a look at some more new releases from Reaper, including Dark Heaven Legends [skalathrix - Vulture Demon, Sabretooth Tiger, Dulkathar - Necromancer], Pathfinder [Velmarius Elazarin, Eccardian Drovenge, and Gray Gardener], and Warlord [Orc Warbringer]. Thanks, Mark, RMTV
  8. Hi all, Afraid that I won't be there this year. Had a great time last year, though. If anyone wants to take pics of the tourney and send them to me I'll include them in an episode of ReaperMinisTV and give you props. Mark, RMTV
  9. My figures went out and were rec'd by the new owner. Can everyone else check in please? thanks, Mark
  10. Hi folks, There's a new episode of ReaperMinisTV available at ReaperMinisTV In this episode we start off with a new contest winner and then get into some reviews (Boerogg Blackrime - Icingstead Jarl, Well of Chaos, Serpentfolk Warrior and Nyrissa - Dryad Queen). Hope you enjoy and see you next time. Mark, RMTV
  11. Figs are bubble-wrapped and packed to go out on Monday. Mark
  12. Hello folks, Two new episodes of Reaper Minis TV can be found over at ReaperMinisTV In episode 070 we round out our coverage or ReaperCon 2012 with a look inside the goddie bag from the convention and also have a subscriber giveaway. In episode 071 we get back to reviews of several new releases, including Legendary Encounters (Dwarf Warrior and Kobolds), Pathfinder (Chivane - Red Mantis Assassin), Warlord (Szerda - Bloodstone Gnome Priestess and Togha the Despoiler), Chronoscope (Townsfolk - Geeks and Captain Nemo) and Dark Heaven Legends (Horgun Blackfletch). Thanks, Mark, RMTV
  13. Alrighty everyone, how's about a status check? mark
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