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  1. Hi, Is anyone interested in about 215 Reaper Swag Points? Don’t get me wrong, I love Key Fobs as much as the next guy, but I live in Canada and I can’t justify the S&H and the cost of the fob. Also my wife has made it clear that I can only have one T-shirt with a sexy Demoness on it. I’ve heard rumors that Reaper Swag is also some form of magical currency within a 100 mile radius of Reaper Headquarters. Unfortunately, a trip to Texas is not likely in my immediate future. If anyone can use these… let me know....
  2. Hi, I'm trying to do a human army with snow themed bases but I'm actually stuck for what color to use on the edge of the base. Grey, black, white, brown? Any recomendations? While on the topic of base edge colors - I'm curious about what other colors people tend to use. Does it vary based on the shade of the sand & flock or do you pretty much stick to one color? Thanks, ~ CEG
  3. 14264: Incarnation of Flame,Overlords Does anyone know how big this bad-boy is and whethere he would fit on a 25x25mm base? Thanks, ~ CEG
  4. This is a dream come true! Days later and I still can't stop talking to everyone I know about just how purely awesome this is!
  5. Don't you contradict yourself there? In this discussion, there's not much of a distinction between sating "I have thrown this out" and "I plan to throw this out". Also, I actually didn't say he posted pics of allready trashed minis, I said it sounded like he was posting pictures of minis and mentioning that he was going to throw them out. 1) I don't think it was a "blind" assumption - it was a pretty reasonable conclusion since he was asking a question about why people would a) be upset that he was going to throw out a mini and b) ask to have it mailed to them. I reasoned that he was posting pictures of one or more miniatures online and saying that he was unhappy with the paint job and that he was going to throw them away. If people saw them in person they probably wouldn't ask to have them mailed to them. 2) I wasn't attacking him, I was trying to answer the question "What offends people so much about me throwing away minis" by explaining what someone's emotional response to the concept might be, and why an emotional response might occur. That emotional response exists completely separate from any kind of "logical" response to perceived waste.
  6. See when I first saw the subject line I assumed the question was - Why bother stripping when you can just repaint right on top! Yeah - I was pretty shocked to see your options were between "stripping" and "throwing away". I won't go into any arguments about why you shouldn't be wasting minis - a lot of other people have done a better job of describing how wasteful it is - and how there are so many alternatives - like just dropping them off at a FLGS to be sold/given away as used minis or even just dropping it in a goodwill box. I'm more interested in the fact that: A) you throw out enough minis a year to actually cause you to stress about it or people's reaction to it. B) You actually take the time to come onto a message board, post pictures of said minis, then explain that they will be thrown out. C) You actually have to start a thread asking why people would be upset/offended by said mini trashing. Now I don't know you & I'm not a regular here (2 strikes against me on Internet forums) so maybe you don't actually post pics and mention that you'll be throwing it out - maybe the people who mention they've seen your minis all live in your area. But if you do waste your time and others time by posting pics of minis then explaining that you're going to throw it away... I dunno.... to me it seems kind of oblivious at best, and a weird ego trip at worst. Think of someone who buys a $300 bottle of rare wine, then posts pics of it on a Wine appreciation forum - only to explain that the bottle is dirty and the cork is chipped, so he's going to throw it away. Or someone who buys a classic car, posts pictures online and explains that the seats are scuffed and torn in places, so he's going to have it demolished because it's a waste of his time to fix it - and he can just buy a new one. It's kind of just basic human empathy.
  7. Hey all, Due to a series of events, too lengthy to detail I have a 4x8 gaming board with several large patches of "Grass" static grass and several large patches of "Glade Grass" static grass. Does anyone have any siggestions for blending the two colors together so they don't look at odds with eath other? For example, I was thinking of putting small patches of Glade grass in the middle of the regular grass and vice versa. Do you think I should just cover over one of the colors with more grass? Thanks, ~ GG
  8. Oh sorry - I really had no idea which way to take them - or even a base color to start with. They're all done now though - had the game last night. I went with black skin layering on lighter greys - then mixing in bleached bone for face and highlights - then mixing bleached bone, grey and tentacle pink for the ... well the tentacles. The other one started brown/b.bone then got a purple ink wash and light purple highlights with green claws. Thanks though, ~ CEG
  9. Hi, I have no trouble with most humanoid skin tones, but I'm no good at monstrous skin. Right now I'm trying desperatly to quickly paint up two plastic Chaos spawn models as toxic mutated monsters and I am totally stuck for a way to paint their skin. Does anyone have any tips or paint recipes for generic mutant spawn monsters? Thanks for you help! ~ CEG
  10. I couldn't agree more! (Although I do like the old dragon turtle and I just picked up two to paint. :-) This Hydra looks so freaking amazing - I can't wait to get it and paint it up and put it beside that pathetic joke of a miniature Fen Hydra from D&D minis. ~ CEG
  11. Thanks all - I got it working now. I was trying to put them in the recessed 1inch square metal bases and they were woefully small. I put it in the plastic warlord base and it fits nicely. Thanks ~ CEG
  12. Hey, Not sure if this is the best forum for this but... I picked up a set of the small scenic bases from Reaper - the flagstones/wood planks/dungeon stones. How do you use them with the models? They fit inside the 1inch square metal bases for coverting Dark Heaven legends figures, but there is a lot of room left over. Are they meant to be used on their own, or on a different sort of base? Does anyone know? Thanks, ~ CEG
  13. Thanks everyone - this is very helpful. ~ CEG
  14. Hi, Can anyone point me towards some good guides on taking pictures of miniatures? Like - what kinds of lights to use and all that jazz. :) Thanks! ~ CEG
  15. I call the big one Bitey. Oh and I dig the model man - esp. the base. Are those little puprle flowers? How did you make those? ~ CEG
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