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  1. Here is one that I took if you can't see Ed's: Tornado (linked for largeness)
  2. I though I might add two additional possible causes for chalky looking paint. The first is brushing wet paint over partially dry areas of paint. There seems to be a sweet spot in drying time that causes paint to "pull" away in a tacky - somewhat gritty way when painted over. So watch to see if this could be your problem and avoid it by allowing areas to fully dry before adding more paint. (even while applying the same coat this can happen if you are not methodical about your coverage) The second is very thin paint mixtures without enough medium to support the suspension of the paint pigment. You can try adding a bit of brush on sealer (contains a medium, but no pigment) to reduce this effect.
  3. Very ambitious indeed. If you do decide to add graffiti to the wall, be careful that it does not take too much attention away from the subject. But it could definitely spice up the scene if it were subtle.
  4. Looks great! My only critique would be that her cheek is looking slightly less saturated than the rest of her skin (I would expect it to be the same or more saturated). I think this is due to the highlight and shadow being so close together, leaving no room for midtone and losing a touch of color identity. It does however give here a nice sharp cheekbone. Fabulous job on the eyes by the way! Can't wait to see it finished.
  5. Thanks, I am glad y'all enjoy it. I intentionally put the area around the sword in very deep shadow. I think it is easiest to make source lighting effects work on dark surfaces.
  6. Hello again folks, I finished this guy up a while back, but had not gotten around to showing him on the Reaper boards until now. Thanks to Bob Ridolfi for a very fun miniature to paint (Though I have to admit I was tired of painting bones by the time I finished). I think I may be developing a love for painting liches...
  7. Nice blends on the skin and NMM. I like how bold the colors are too.
  8. From one delurker to another: Lurien looks great! The white in everything gives a nice ethereal impression. I like the detail you get in faces. They look very nice.
  9. Yes, I have been very fortunate in my location and chances to paint at the Asylum. I am sorry Hadier, but I honestly can not remember what I used for my gold on the shield. I do all my colors by eye and since I am trying to keep experimenting, I have not been writing any of my choices down. I will try to do that in the future though so I can let people know what I used. Definitely do not be scared to try NMM though, I could not have made any progress at all without trying it. (Several of these miniatures have SEVERAL layers of botched NMM under the tries you see) I will do my best to continue delurking.
  10. Thanks everyone! Yes, the Orc is actually quite a bit darker and less saturated than the others. I need to get some gravel. I have heard that a mix of sizes is a good idea. I have been fighting to keep May 15-18 free! I will definitely be at ReaperCon if at all possible.
  11. Yes, sorry. These are only my first Reaper miniatures. I did four GW space marines a few years ago and got the general hang of blending and stuff (each of my mini's takes me forever to paint and gets multiple "retries" on parts so I get good mileage as far as practice goes. I get a bit obsessive) So they are not my first ever. As for the (non-existent)basing. I know it hurts. I have to try to base something soon!
  12. Perhaps it is time I evolve from lurker to some level of involvement! I discovered Reaper a year ago, and found that I live only a few miles from the Asylum in Denton. So I went there and bought miniatures, and have been attending Paint Club as much as I can. As an introduction of sorts, these are my first four Reaper miniatures. My first real try at non-metallic metal, and I really enjoyed attempting wood grain on the bow. Second miniature. I am already officially addicted to NMM at this point, though still not entirely successful. I tried freehand on the cloak too. The temptation of sky-earth non-metallic metal was too great, and ended up pretty much the focus of the third mini. I am particularly proud of the freehand design on the back.. banner.. cloth.. things. After #3, I decided that I was using too many primary colors, and too much saturation. So I toned it down a lot, and this was the result. I have one more finished model as of this post (I can't believe how slow of a painter I am) and I will post a picture as soon as I get a chance to snap one. Also, feel free to praise my amazing base work *sarcasm* (I have not gotten around to learning how to make the base look good, or look anything at all for that matter, though I'll try in the future!). I would love to hear what y'all think!
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