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  1. Okay, I finally got to confirm my pledge. I added the Thank You pack and paid the extra 20$, I have a confirmation of such but the email I got from Reaper did not have the thank you listed... did I or did I not get it?
  2. Yeah they should be getting emailed to you, but you can also check on their Kickstarter page, update 76 was released on November 15th. Well then I will have to go trough all my old email... is there a difference if I went through KS or Reaper or no?
  3. Long time no post, but at least I got in on the Kickstarter..... Where are the updates I have read about? Are they being posted somewhere that I do not know of or are they being emailed? I have not seen anything in my inbox from Reaper as of late... any help would be great...
  4. I like the color very cool, especially for that elf maiden/sorceress type character. I also dig the blue in the black hair... What shade did you use? I had tried that on one of my pieces and it came out OK but not like yours did.
  5. I can NEVER get freehand to look like that!!! Mine always comes out like poop... Freaking AMAZING Darkstar!!
  6. I agree with Mama, but maybe a little more on the shadows and highlights.
  7. Most excellent... I love all of it though my only critique would be more depth on the wings...
  8. I'mmmmm Baaaaaaaack again

  9. Super work, love all of the details, the highlights on the basket are spot on. The hilt of the sword is spectacular.
  10. Awesome Beowulf, love the hair color and the drinking horn. Though the horn needs a little dasrkness toward the tip. Just an observation.
  11. da*n here we go again just as I feel good about my progress. NOW let me get this straight, you won an award with the original, and you still couldn't leave it alone, you had to go and crush my spirits on top of it? Derek she is super I love her , similar to Beowulf that snapping you hear are my brushes.
  12. Good for you, and "Awesome" job combining the elements of his Division flash into the mini. Hope ya win!!!
  13. Looks great love the "flecking", much better than plain brown. The trees look better as well you can also try highlighting with some yellow to give some more variation.
  14. They look great Beowulf. my only thought would be some really sharp highlights on Trinity to make the leather pop.
  15. Looks great!!! I do have to agree about the blades though. Some highlighting would definitely help I think. Keep up the great work.
  16. Great stuff Jabber!!! Like Dargrin your base or prefab?
  17. Dargrin, She looks as great as I would expect from you... Super work as always, almost frustrating for me every time I see it, I slave for days and you pop 'em out and I am not even close. So you are on the jedi warwagon as well huh?
  18. With Dargrin, wow that was a lot of buckles!!! Nice work I did see him in the WIP and the colors in the WIP didseem more vibrant.
  19. I have never done a snow base myself but on the ones I have seen, they have more of a slush base to start with the snow on top. Also a little wash of light blue might help as well. Maybe a little dead field grass peeking out to give it some depth? Just seems like something is missing.
  20. I agree with Fremen, I want one. Unfortunately I cannot do what you did, I can barely paint let alone sculpt. Will have to wait for a production version Let me know when that happens Kelcore. Looks awesome, I love it. Can't wait to see it with paint.
  21. Nice job Fruggs, though the base didn't look complete. Just me.
  22. Thanks Biker, I do too, as matter of fact I have another one of him that may finally get the treatment. Just have to figure out what I want to change other than the obvious "nails and teeth" issues. I may try a heavier OSL on his fireball as well as try a different color ball.
  23. Looks great Meg, details are sick So why did you go back to metallics? Or are you just experimenting? Love the work as always.
  24. That is just sick good!!!! The details on him are outstanding. But then I expect that from Angorak.
  25. Awesome!!! Where did you get the skull from? I like the concept. what is everything made from?
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