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  1. Some of my latest commission work, 15mm is about all I've done now for the last 8 months or so. Going to have to break down soon and start work on a bigger kit for a change, have a 200mm primed and waiting Pics could have come out a bit better IMO though. C and C welcome, Thanx
  2. Nice job on the outfit and highlighting, the color is great. Skin tone looks spot on as well. Love the conversion work!
  3. Very cool work on it! I love the sword and the overall job you did on it. Great looking min!
  4. Excellent job on her, very nicely done and the addition of the arrows really adds a dynamic element to the miniature. Like your colors and NMM on it as well, very realistic looking.
  5. Been a while since I've prolwed the board so I had to revive this for you VV. This guy looks great! I really like how you did his skin and the colors you used. Overall its spot on dude. Excellent work on the base as well, you put a lot of work into it and it shows.
  6. They look very good for some of your first minis. Your brush control seems good and thats a hard one to get over. I wouldn't recommend drinking alot of coffee like I do when I paint. You build up an immunity to it after ten years or so though. I would have to agree with all the comments listed as to things that need practice. If you havn't, check out the painting tips for help in any of these area's. Dry brushing with varying shades is also a good way to start out with getting some of the deffinition and highlights to stand out better. Its a interesting technique that alot of people dont care for but it has its uses. Its a good building block to other techniques IMO. I still use it at times. Nicework
  7. Since u've heard this a hundred times I figured a hundred and one wouldn't hurt. Exceelent job on the pinstripes. The map looks really good as well. You have alot more patients then I do for this kind of stuff. Once again, the mini looks great!
  8. Very cool! Some of the best undead I've seen in awhile. Nice skin tone and the expressions are great! I think you gave a very "alive" look to a miniature thats suppose be undead if that makes sense. Well done!
  9. Very nice work on the NMM, the blending looks great! The face came out looking really good as well. He is a bit cleaner then what I picture a goblin being though
  10. nasty looking little critter Like the expression on his face, very "impish"
  11. Excellent work on all of these and yes, you have a real knack for doing free hand work. It really adds something to the minis. I liked the frog king anf fairy, the basing work on it was great!
  12. Great paint job and basing on a really cool fig! Nice work on it!
  13. You know, I considered doing eyes on them but then I decided my own were more important. I dont even want to think about opening that can of worms, seeing eye dogs can't paint yet Thanks for the comments guys. Hey Josh- you forgot 1/7th, 1/12th, 120mm, 90mm and 80mm. Cant leave them out. 28mm is just to hard for me to do. Cant keep up with the really good painters and dont want to loose face A mans got to know his limitations As I said before, the 15mm is really pretty easy on minis like this. The dark brown wash makes all the detail on this size stand out and its just some re-highliting to bring it out even further. Same with the guns, black and brown washes over base color and some weathering. Quick and easy To bad my FLGS closed down. I think I could get into playing this stuff, All these guys are ebay bound though so I wont ever see them on the table. Thanks again
  14. Very nice work on him. I agree, the cloak looks great and the free hand looks great!
  15. Just got done the last of my Italians today and once again enjoyed painting them up. Will probably pick up some more in the future once I get some of my other projects finished. Standard table top quality stuff, no award winners here. Going to try some tanks and vehicles next I think. Stuff seems to sell good on ebay and pretty easy to paint up IMO. Thanks for looking, C and C wlcome. Have a good one
  16. Really shark work on her and the face looks great! Like the lighting effect as well, cool idea!
  17. Sorry about the long delay Josh, Nice work on it! Like the base, looks excellent. Think the little wolf guy with the pumpkin is pretty neat as well
  18. Think you did a good job on them. Your metal looks really cool and I like the chain armor. Alot of detail showing through on it.
  19. Very nice work on these, and some cool choices of miniatures as well. Have to say you did an excellent job on the tarten? ( think thats the right term) pattern on the Irish warriors kilt. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming! Always nice to see someone else who enjoys working on larger scale stuff like myself.
  20. Have to say I like the diorama as well. Nice clean colors and very good painting. I always liked miniatures that tell a story like this then just stand alone ones.
  21. Thanks guys, Its not as bad as you would think. The scale makes it nearly impossible to put the level of detail into it that a 28mm or larger has. On stuff this small most of the detail blends together but looks good at arms length or on the game table. With these guys it took me alot longer to do the terrain then it did the actual painting on the miniatures. Mostly washes over the base cost then highlighting with a lighter shade to bring it out. Some dry brushing thrown in for good mesasure as well mainly on the equipment or weathering.
  22. Some new stuff I've been working on for a change. Havn't been doing much painting lately, put the shadowforge female football girls on hold after finishing the cheerleaders. Had alot of fun painting these guys up along with doing the base work for them. Pretty easy and quick to turn out in a short amount of time. Figured I would try my hand at something different for ebay before going back to the shadowforge stuff or one of the large minis or resin kits I still have stitting on my shelf of shame ( so many unfinished projects, so little time ) Thanks for looking, C and C welcome
  23. Little bit more on the update. All I did with the skin so far was a light wash of brown. Should be ready to start on the skin and outfits soon, spliting my time working on a Pegeso 54mm as well. Still have some touch up to do on the eyes as well. Thanks
  24. Overall she looks good I think. I like the darker colors you went with. I still have one in the package and the way you painted yours gives me some idea's Maybe dig around in the help section and see if anyone has done an eye tutorial lately. Not my strong point either and usally takes some work on my part to get them right. Looks good though, dont be to hard on yourself, eyes are a pain anyway.
  25. A few more pics with some progress on the cheerleaders. JB- May add some laces to the ball, none were sculped is why I didn't do it at first. Thanks again for any comments or suggestions. Still have alot of touch up to do and dark lining with the skin.
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