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  1. They look alot better in the close ups, the detail really comes out. Once again, excellent job! I think the puss sore/ boils on them and the intergration from armor to flesh is especialy well done. Nice nasty colors as well, these guys have to look cool on the game table
  2. Nice color choice, excellent job on the wings and hair. She looks great all around
  3. These are like very cool looking, you did a great job on them. Any chance of getting some close ups if you get the time?
  4. One thing I allways try to remember and work from is that blond hair usally isnt "yellow" for the most part. Its various shades of brown and thats what I work from and sometimes hightlight up to yellow mixed with white and a bit of light green for a sheen effect. As for the skin I work with brown, white and a touch of red mixed together. Seems to get a better tone than the stock flesh colors. Just vary the amounts to get your base, shadows and highlights. Sorry I cant give you amounts but I work oils most the time and everything has to me mixed from the base colors. I would experiment with a spare mini as well like Doug suggested Chris
  5. Think I have the first two done. Did alot of work on the nurse and got her to look half way normal, or at least like she is mad as hell and not some kind of big lipped mutant. My free hand is terrible so I had to use micro pens for the lettering on the QB's base and the red cross. I'm going to give the whole team numbers similer to actual NFL positions for a bit of realisim. Next group of minis is going to be the cheerleaders. I like these guys, neat looking I think except for the goofy faces again. I'll try and do better with the wip pictures and updates this time. In total, it's going to be around 20 minis once I'm done with the whole team and the extras. Thanks again for all the help with the first two and any suggestions with the next set.
  6. Excellent work! You really captured the look with these guys. Love them!
  7. Very cool work. I really like the skin tone and what you did with it. Interesting look for the blades as well.
  8. That will work with the cross having a white back ground. Dont know why I didn't think of that. Brain fart Thanks guys.
  9. Thank you everyone for the advice and comments. I'll try as you suggested with some work on the face, Just what I needed to know. Not a bad idea to accent the armor some more as well to make it stand out a little better. Yeah, I know my Photo-Fu really bites. Still need to take the time to set up a better area for it. Just havn't gotten around to doing it yet. For anyone interested he is done up using a combination of RMS acrylics and cheap student grade oil paints. Thanks again
  10. Hey, This one was a real pain to do. Typical Andrea stuff with getting the jigsaw peices to all fit together. Came out all right, face was another part that didnt come out as well as I had hoped. Just doesn't look pissed off enough I think. The swords are almost paper thin as well. Everything is to scale with Andrea minatures. Caused some trouble working around them because the would bend every time you bumped them. Still might do a bit more on the swords later though with the blood. This is also the first time I've tried doing a samuari type of a miniature. The armor was different to do getting the look I wanted for it. Thanks for looking.
  11. A little bit more work on them. Decided to go with the purple silkie look to the panties. Thanks JB, think it looks better. Going to stay with the black garters though to match the rest of the team outfits. My next problem I've run across is the nurses hat. Want to stay with a black but you cant see the red very well if I put a cross on it. Suggestions? Could leave it just as it is, or maybe go for a very bright, almost neon one to make it stand out better was what I was thinking. Still dont like the faces on them, just wierd sculpting. Think they are looking ok so far, have to remember these are the first 25mm figs I've done in along time. Any other suggestions as far as how things are going so far? In the end all the black on the outfits is going to be patent leather as well courtsy of future floor wax Thanks for looking and any help you can give. Chris
  12. I have to agree with WN brand are much better quality for doing minis, and have some myself, I would still stick with some cheaper stuff to get started. You can get a starter kit of 8-10 tubes for around $12 compared to $4 to $6 for each tube of the WN if I remember correctly. You may change your mind and decide that you dont like using them. Kind of a lot of cash to throw down just to try something out I think. On a smaller mini the poorer quality pigment isnt really that noticable IMO. The Georgian brand works fine unless you want to start getting into 150mm plus size resin kits, thats where I use the better quality oils. Just my thoughts on this and a suggestion as far as what to pick up.
  13. Hi Sam, I've been painting with oils now for around 5 years or so. If your just starting out I would pick up a cheap starter set at some place like Wal Mart of Georgian brand. They still work pretty good and your going to go through alot of it until you get the blending and consistancy down. Strip- redo-strip, ect.. You can also pick up a good low odor thinner there as well, some brand made in France I beleive. As far a primer goes you can still use about anything that works with acrylics. The key with oils through is getting a smooth base coat. Any little imperfections or what ever are going to show through with the oils once you start working with them. I still even have a problem with this at times. I still use the same brushes as with acrylics, most are going to be a bit bigger or the flate tipped ones. The oils seem to work best with larger minis since it gives you some more room to work with blending. Havn't used them a whole lot on 28mm but am trying it on some Shadow Forge female football minis right now, have a wip going if your intersted in checking it out. Need to get to work in a bit so I you can think of any more questions let me know and I'll get back to you. Not many people on here that work with oils, myself and acouple others is all I can think of. Later, Chris
  14. Hey JB, Was planning on leaving them black but purple is an option. I hadn't really considered it. Think it would look better that way? Could try it and see how it turns out with the next one to compare them side by side. Thanks
  15. Excellent work!! Very cool free hand on it. I like what you did with the staff as well, simple yet really stands out
  16. Hi everyone, bee nawhile since I posted a wip. This is the first instalment of some new minis I just got in the other day. I picked up the whole team plus some of the extra figs that will give me a total of around 20 when I'm finished with them. I know I'm pretty far along on one of them but this is what the team as a whole will look like and would like some input on the team colors, ect. They are still wet since I'm trying to use oils on them as well. One thing I don't care for is the faces on them. The mouth's remind me of a squid or fish. Something along those lines. Was thinking of switching to black lip stick to go more along with the whole darker look to them. Still have some work to do on them and touch up. Still plan on doing the whole basing thing with grass, yard markers and team numbers but that will come last. These two are the experiment to see how everything turns out as far as colors, ect. and using the oils on a smaller mini. Thanks for any input you might have Chris
  17. You did an outstanding job on him! Looks great. Really like the colors and the NMM is right on IMO. You should be posting alot more than what you do to share work like this with the rest of us.
  18. With all the stuff I've painted and sold I've noticed a couple things. Most of my sales go to Europe due in part to the good exchange rate for them, bad for us. Gaming miniatures in general, not collector items seem to do better over there as well. Historicals do well in the U.S but the economy as of late has taken a chunk out of sales in that area. Sold off my WWII and Viking army some time back but at maybe 1/2 to 3/4 what I think they should have gotten. Example, almost the whole line of Mascot 90mm sold last week to two people overseas, one in France the other in the UK. I let these go cheap for the most part looking to just get out of them what I put in for the cost of lead plus a little extra and pulled in close to $700 for them. Would have done better I think but someone got the link from CMON to ebay pulled. Guess they didnt care for naked girls tied up or something. 15mm Historical Prussans went to a guy here in the states for $155, about $50 less than I had hoped because he was the only bidder but had 10 watches on it almost the whole time. They wern't over priced, people just didnt want to fork out the cash in that amount right now with pulling their belts tighter. So what I've started to do is tailor my painting to what sells in Europe now since they seem to be into table top gaming in fantasy and sci fi areas more. Also nudity pulls big prices there whether its game peices or stand alone minis. Sad really but one of the old maxims of life applies here- You have to go where the moneys at.
  19. Thing to remember about old glory minis is that they supply an average quality cast at a cheap price. There stuff is manily for the guys looking to put alot of troops on the table in the most economical way possible. Bag of 50 infantry runs $15. Another thing to keep in mind that from a few feet away you at this scale you cant really tell the difference on the game table. I had to make the detailing, ie trim on the jackets and unit marking, bigger just so they could be seen and give them some color variation.These guys are only about as tall as your fingernail is long so not alot of space to work with. Thanks for the comment on the basing
  20. Looks like its coming out very well. Good job on it. Think maybe some more white and a touch of blue on the steel might be what you need for the hightlighting and refelective shine.
  21. Thank you for the links and team pics everyone, they proved to be very informative and gave me so interesting ideas. Froggy- I have yet to see a copy of the shadow forge game for female football. Probabily what I need to track down before doing this.
  22. Something a little milder than the naked girls I usally paint. This is a portion of my army that I decided put up for auction off on ebay as well. Alot of detail for minis this size and a bit of eye strain involved during painting Recently flocked all the bases and really adds something to them I think, should have been doing this along time ago. Thanks for looking and comments welcome
  23. Thanks Anvil, was kind of along the lines I was thinking. Any other insite by current players with more specific info would be appreciated
  24. Painted this up long time ago and is done with standard acrylics. Stuff looks much better in oils and have been meaning to strip these and redo them but I dont see that happening anytime soon. Decided to go ahead and auction off the entire collection if anyone is interested, just hit the link below. Finally starting to get the time again to start painting. Still have a Pegaso 80mm and 200mm that I started as WIP's to finish up and get posted. Thanks, comments welcome for those brave enough to look Warning!- Link contains nudity and female miniature in bondage Mascot Model 90mm - Jungle Jilly
  25. Hey, Back from my long excile from painting and the reaper board. Was wondering if anyone has any experience painting teams up? Looking to pick one up (thinking of the wicked elves) Is there any set colors or ways of marking team members? Seen some pictures but was wondering if someone had some more insite on this. Also thinking of a bunny team. Is one better than the other? What would be a good one to pick up if so. Dont have a rule book as of yet. If anyone has some pics that would be cool as well to help with ideas. Thanks
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