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  1. I see what your talking about with the eyes. I gave her a top lash but no bottom one. I guess I was trying to avoid the raccoon look. I used a very light shade of blue for the iris. It didn't show up very well. The original hair had black and red highlights. My wife liked it but I didn't think it came out how I had envisioned it, so the hair is a paint over. Shading and color was better the first time. Oh well, live and learn. Here's a back shot for you. I know I need to work on my lighting
  2. Like the color you used on him, looks good. I agree with the teeth and nails. A little to white, maybe a good dark brown wash or blend dark to light. A floresent yellow or red would make the eyes stand out better. I play around a lot with different colors to see how they turn out. Looks better than it sounds. Fire looks good as well. I've done acouple off LoTR's Balrogs for some people. Fire can be tricky getting the right look with the blending.
  3. Ok, finally got the link set up with a lot of help from vv. Enjoy! Warning-contains nudity UL Sophie UL Sophie2 Can anyone tell me how to post multiple pics on the same link?
  4. I did'nt do anything with the face paint. When I was doing it there was a natural shadow and highlight that looked ok. Guess the close-up got rid of it. This mini was also done in artist oil's
  5. Good job with the detailing. There is alot of stuff on this one. There's something about the little dragon thing I don't care for. Not sure what it is. Maybe it's just alittle plain for me with all the work you put in on the guy, it did'nt seem to fit. Checked out your website-very nice.
  6. Thanks guys. I dont do face paint normally, but I started with the intent of having a goth look to her and it just kinda turned into this. I used to do alot of plastic model kits as a kid, hence the battle damage, blood, ect. Just perfer a look of realism. Thought about naming it "Reaper Customer Service- please take a number" but not everyone has a sense of humor as warpped as I do.
  7. Thanks for the warning on the content. I checked with the web master before posting and they said it was not a problem as log as I had it marked as nude. Sorry, figured marking the titel on this one was enough. I've got kids too so I know where your coming from. How would I go about setting up a link? I found the Insert link but I'm not sure what to put for the post ID Thanks for the comments. It took me about 6 months of playing with oils brfore I got to alevel where I was satisfied with the results. I did sophies skin blending in about an hour and touched up a little bit the next day on the wings. Once you get the hang of it, its not bad at all. Thanks again and sorry. chris
  8. Thought this was a cool idea for painting her. I did it almost completly using oil's except for the base coat and detailing. The tribal band on her leg did not come out quit as well as I had hoped, but still looks ok.
  9. Had alot of fun with this one. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  10. I'm new to reaper mini's and the first thing I noticed was the skin. Overall nice work. I have alot of experience painting 80 and 90mm stuff from other companies. Have you ever tried working with oils before? They are kinda a pain until you get used to them, but you can do amazing skin blending. I know, shame on me for for even thinking of it. Another thing I like doing is once you get your mini dullcoted, is going back over the nail and lips with with a little white, in this case red, thinned down, neon red and then a gloss varnish. It stands out and gives it a shinny wet look. Once I get a digital camera I'll post some pictures. Nice work!
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