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  1. Very nice work on her, the colors are very cool indeed. The base looks excellent, very realistic. Of course nemo looks great
  2. She came out very cool indeed, like the colors as well. nice work!
  3. Excellent job on her, she is really nice looking. I love the skin and the effects on the shield. At last another oil painter! Yep, hard to beat the blending and tones once you get it down pretty good. I really like this mini, may have to pick it up sometime. I have some new found insperation now. Keep'em coming!
  4. Same here with the photo Stub, very nice layout but it doesn't do the work you put into it the justice you deserve. Congrats again on your placing
  5. Sure some of you remember the old AD&D cartoon that came out in the early eighties. You'll see it ever once in awhile now but not often. That had alot more potential to be pretty cool but I guess they were trying to apeal to the younger crowd and kept it tame. Even came out with a D&D movie a few years back if I remember correctly. And yes, I've seen that Dexter as well, Great episode. Reminds me of some of my old games What a group I used to play with!
  6. The top two look really good, nice highlighting on the armor and weapons. With the bottom guy, the brighter colors for the undergarments seem a bit out of place to go along with the dark cloak and mask though, assuming he is some sort of assassin or thief. Nice expression on his face, eyes look really good as well.
  7. I like this expansion as well. Was alot of fun playing the SoB with all the new powers and units but I have to say that I think the marines overall are still the best to play for me at least. But a group of Imperial Guard Armor ( Doomblade and 3-4 Leman Russ ) can pretty much roll over anything with a bit of infantry support as a meat shield
  8. Very cool looking so far, cant wait to see how she turns out. As LCS said, it does have a 40ish picture look to it, nice! Think you have another WIP to start working on as well dont you that should prove to be interesting? Thanks for showing it, it gives some needed motivation to start on my stuff again as well
  9. Yup, nice work indeed. She looks great, the reds and the trim on her dress are outstanding. Neat idea for the base as well. Good luck dude, glad I'm not going up against your work
  10. I've only had an experience acouple times with the spay on Testors Dull coat were it did this and it was also becuase of a wash not being completly dry dry as mentioned above. Other than that I've had pretty good luck with it. Never tried the brush on lacqure before. High humidity might be an issue as well in the drying? Not sure just, a thought
  11. Very nice work all around! Excellent job on the faces and eyes, alot of expression in them. Love the colors you used as well, something different then the normal tones and you made it look very cool the way you did it.
  12. Wow! Very cool and neat colors, really different. I agree as well, excellent work on the free hand
  13. Excellent work as always and nice color use. Very nice work Something about he bird takes away from it though IMO. Kind of just looks like a quick job on it with dry brushing next to a outstanding looking Elf mini. Not sure what else you could of done, just an observasion from my view
  14. Either way its a cool looking mini with an excellent paint job.
  15. I love it! Very nice conversion and colors on her. Hair looks great as well
  16. Really cool work John, I like the color you did him up in and the dirty rust look on his weapons is spot on! Nice weathering on the leather and cloths as well.
  17. Very, very cool work dude! I really like the effect you got on him. You should do more work like this in the future, you have a good knack for it
  18. I have to agree that caution is probibly the best rout to go when considering the service, especially with the current situation. I joined in early 89 and served for about 12 years in the Army. My first duty station was within long range artillery fire of east Germany. If warshaw pact forces crossed the border my life expectancy in a tank was less than five minites In a combat situation. This never happened so for the most part Germany for me was one big party and drinking fest. Desert Storm for the most part wasnt that bad either, we knew who and where the bad guys where, it was just a matter of being better than they were and faster on the trigger, and back then we were. After the gutting and librializing of the mid 90's the Army took under the Clinton administration? Cant say I was really impressed by the quality of recuits and active duty people when I left in 01'. The current situation will put you in this enviroment but worse IMO. Alot of it is reactionary and ambushes and occassional search and destroy missions, at least in the ground forces anyway. Not something I would recommend unless you are prepared mentaly to go into this kind of enviroment. It can be very stressfull and hard on you knowing that at any moment you can die but you learn to tune this kind of thing out after awhile and not think about it, at least I did. You dont have a choice to think like that, if not it will eat you up inside and then you become a liability to everyone around you. Overall I liked it in the service, but for everything I liked there was 2 or 3 I didn't. Your are not only giving up your freedom for X number of years but a way of life and everything that you take for granted like sleep, comfort, or what ever else you are used to right now. It will prepare you better for the real world just out of school and give you alot of skills for later in life I think. Leadership, respondsibility and accountability for your actions, self esteem and a sense of pride in yourself for what you have not only endured but what you know you are capible of doing. You will find out what your limitations are and exceed them when the need arises. Not a decission to be taken lightly at all though.
  19. Finished these two up today, still acouple little things on Wyatt that I didnt notice until after I took the Pic's to fix up before they are ebay bound, base mainly and some more dull coat on him. He still has a shine on the jacket, also needs a bit more highlighitng on it I think as well. Neo looks pretty good I think for what there is to work with, all black is a bit of a pain. Thanks for the suggestions on the Wip section, they helped out. Thanks again for looking and comments welcome Chris
  20. No problem Rodnik, I am by no means an expert having only worked in the field for acouple years before switching to boilers ( better pay ) and its been a good 4 years since I've done anything much with HVAC stuff. In regards to Caps though, I have used the screwdriver to release the charge but this isnt the method of choice ( old school tech stuff ). There is a chance of damaging the internals on it (rare but does happen). You can pick up a bleed resistor that is specialy made for this now if you do this kind of thing alot and is probibly the way to go with someone elses stuff unless you want to chance putting a new one in at your cost. Just trying to give some helpfull advice on it. Alot of the duel Caps on residential units do run higher voltage though, 330v/ 440v unless I'm mistaking. Thats what I was working on when I got zapped was a compressor. Still dont know exactly how I did it, the top of my hand was resting on the underside of the metal covering and I must have crossed leads with my screwdriver when I was putting it back in. Next thing I know I'm on my butt about 10ft back with a numb hand and arm
  21. Nice work with alot of detail. As already said, the base is very cool and well doen, like the vine as well. Didnt even notice the bowstring until Morganm mentioned it, nice job on that. The one thing that stands out that could use some work on future minis is the eyes. I think a narrower, more squinted look would have gone better. Maybe try not using such a bright white as well, more of a cream color or a pinkish base with a thinned down white over it. Personnal preference on my part I suppose Thanks for sharing it
  22. haldier- If I remember right from the movie Tombstone, with Kurt Russell as Wyatt ( One of the few westerns I like) He was in entirely black as well, same as the box art on him. I think a Doc Holliday Fig would be neat to do, havn't seen one of those yet. Have taken your guys advice though and started doing some more weathering on his jacket bringing out a more dusty brown look. It does look better, thanks. Will try and get a bit more contrast on the pants as well. Not much I can do with Neos guns though, all his stuff as a coat of blueing on it or was dark black from what I could tell. Can try to bring some it it out, just have to play around some with it. Still bringing out a bit of highlighting on the leather in Neo as well, thanks Chris
  23. Not necessarily, your control power all goes through the T-stat regardles of heat or cold. You also have your relay at the furnace with the three wire coming from the condeser that controls the blower for both as well. Your T-stat is going to send your signal to the furnace when it gets a call for either heat or cool. Only difference is the speed the blower is going to run at, High speed for cool and low/med for heat. I keep my blower running year round in the On position to circulate air in the house, havnt shut it down at all in the last 5 years except to service it twice a year. You can switch between heat and cool and the only thing it will do is change the speed on it but will continue to run regardless of it calling for heat / cool or nothing at all. If his blower and furnace are in the attic as he stated that still explains the heat overload and nothing happening on either heat/ cool until the motor cooled down. There again as kristof stated it could just be something eaisy like a loose wire for all we know, alot of little things that could be going on. Has he had this problem before?, how old is the unit?, mice even chewing at the wires causing a short, seen that as well. Alot of variables without being able to put hands on it and trouble shoot. Your right though, alot of guys are turning into just parts changers that I've seen. I'm in a rental and my garbage disposal goes out. I call the land lord and they send a repair man over. He looks things over and decides in about 5 min. that the disposal itself is bad. I already know what the probelm is haveing checked it. I ask him if he had checked to see if it had power at the outlet. I get the deer in the head lights look as he goes about doing this after I said something. Nothing there. Breaker is fine and its just the outlet had a old wire that grounded out. Lesson learned- these guys mark up parts usally 100 to 150%, thats were the money is at. If I hadnt of had the back ground I do I doubt I would of caught that oversite on his part and would of had a new disposal that still didnt work.
  24. Nice work so far Anthony, very vibrant colors- red, white and blue. No wonder I feel so patriotic right now looking at him Skin looks great, reminds me how crappy mine looks at the moment on my Wip. Always enjoy checking out your work
  25. Thanks everyone, had alot of fun painting these guys up even though it doesnt look loke alot to them, with all black everything has to be subtle yet still stand out. JW- where do you think it needs some more weathering? Believe it or not I've put alot more on it then the concept art. It was much darker, more black. He isnt all that colse to being doen so I'm open to suggestions. Maybe darker on his actual clothes and more wear on the jacket type of thing? Thanks, Chris
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