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  1. Acouple other things I just rememberd for general info in regards to capacitors. Most are oil filled, it you see any leaks its bad. Also the tend to get a large buldge on the top or side aslo meaning they are bad. Something to look at as any easy way to identify a problem. Another couple things I ran accross that you can do for yourself to save a service call. Easy stuff. If you have a digital T-stat and there is not display could be this. On your furnace there is a power switch to the control voltage, make sure it is one. Also most have a plug fuse with it, check to make sure it isnt blown. This will also cause your unit not to run on the inside. Very easy fixes you can do yourself and save a $60 service call for a guy to come out and flip a switch, yes I've had to do it before
  2. I worked heating and air for a few years before getting into stationary engineering. Could be alot of diferent things ranging from yor T-stat to relays and capacitors. Most these are easy fixes and the service call will cost more than the parts to fix it. As for comming back on after letting it sit for awhile does sound like the thermal overload on the blower motor. Most have an internal one that measure temps accross the motor windings, older ones have external ones and can go bad or a wiring problem. You usally see these on the outside on the compresor on the condeser though. has me wondering though if its been running fine since then that the motor isnt the problem. I am not a big fan of attic systems since they are hotter, this could also be the problem. How is the ventalation up there? Dirt build up and excessive heat can cause it to trip on that as well. Living in florida this isnt the set up od choice as far as I'm concerned. Another thing that hurts you if the system is old the blower fins get build up with gunk and slow air flow causing the motor to work harder, would advice you to get someone in there to pull the whole squirrl cage and have it cleaned. Duct work is another thig that cuts down on air flow causing to to run longer, should be cleaned within a few years if its a new house or at least every 10 years IMO. Yes filters are a big issue, I dont know how many calls I went on for people not changing or having filter in place that caused proplems, The cheaper ons shouyld be changed monthy at least. I have 6 mo ones in mine and change them every three months if I can. This keeps all the junk from building up on your evap coil. A frozen evaporator usally means restricted air flow if your freon level is good, a change in filter and cleaning usally fixes the probelm. If its still doing it after filter change your low on freon to the point that the system will run dry which now you risk compressor problems. It is a sealed system and should not lose anything, dont let these jokers keep comming out and adding freon to your system over and over, its to expensive over time. Have them do a leak check with dye or an electronic sniffer, most leaks are out on the condesser coil anyways I've found or at the connections to the evaporator inside. Clean your condenser acouple times a year if its running alot! I cant stress this enough. If the fins are all plugged up your not getting heat transfer so your system has to run longer and harder to keep it cool in your house also increasing your bill and leading to more serious problems. Shut everything down inside and just pull the breaker, should be outside buy the unit. Use a med. pressure narrow stream hose, your not going to hurnt anything as long as your not spraying it directly into the electrial components. Let it dry for about 15 min then power it back up. Trust me, this is a good thing to do if your not in the habit of it. If your condeser fan and compressor are running fine outside but no air flow in the house the problem is inside. More often then not if your having a problem and everything is ok inside, your fan lost a capacitor on the condenser. No air blowing out the top is a sure thing 8 out of 10 times this is your probelm. Just shut everything down so the compressor isnt damaged, this is the most expensive piece of equipment to replace, take care of it. You would be looking in the range of at least $500 to put a new one in. A capaciter usally runs in the area of about $15-25 if I remember correctly. If I was to guess though, it sound like you have a heat problem in the attic and things need to be cleaned as well. Dust, dirt, ect traps heat and that is a bad place for it. Hope that helps, any other questions dont hesitate to ask Oh, I would not recomend checking your capacitor as Rodik suggested, unless you know what your doing, this is a bad thing. Although they do go out often this is an easy fix and the motor wouldnt have restarted more than likely. They hold a charge that needs to be removed first. I took 440 volts through my hand one time that left a nice scar when I first started, not fun. Leave stuff like that to the people that know how to do it. Also if the switch in the motor is going out your going to need a new motor anyways eventually, hitting it isnt my first choice unless an emergeny. May void warrenty as well if the damage is noticed. Sorry Rodnik, didnt mean to bust on you Chris
  3. Got these two just about done but wanted to see if anyone had some imput or something I missed on them. Neo is about 90% I guess, still needs a bit of touch up on the base and a few other minor things like the reflective look on his glasses. Thought this was a really cool idea for a mini with him running along the wall like this in the move. Wyatt is about 70% done. Still needs work on the base and his hat finished. Also will probably do a bit more on his skin as well as his hair, highlighting stuff mainly. Was a bit more challenging to do minis almost entirely in black and still keep the right look but also have different shades of it so things stand out. Decided to do them both together since they are similer in color anyways. Had to put the 200mm on hold to work on these, needed a break from it and was getting painters block anyways Used blue for highlighting Neo's trench and acouple different shades of brown and white for Wyatt given the dusty enviroment. Both these are done in oils as well, I really like how thinned down oils gives you a good wash or galze, used it quit a bit on these two unlike most of my others Wanted to try branching into some other areas to test the water so to speak on sales other than nekkid chicks or fantasy on ebay for a change, still have a few good ones of those coming down the pipe though Thanks for looking and any comments or suggestions Chris
  4. Very cool concept for a miniature but your right, the big round head on this guy doesnt look right. Reminds me of something and cant quit place it, like a muppet or something. Nice job on the painting though and the base looks great.
  5. Awsome work Froggy! It still amazes me some of the things that you come up with.
  6. Very nice job on her, she looks great. Have to say I like the freckles as well. Very cool web site also, very professional looking
  7. Very nice work, I like them both. The girl does look really good though, nice subtle colors and a "Elmor" painted kind of look to her
  8. Yep, I remember these days using enamels, not cleaning up mold lines and very colorfull LOL! I started doing ceramics with my grandmother when I stayed with them in the summer, must of been about 6 or so. After that it was plastic models and at a book fair in the late 70's I came accross a old TSR D&D monster mannual. After talking my parents into getting it for me it opened a whole new world as I started into RP gaming and Ral Partha, Grenadier and Heritage miniatures. I still dont do much basing though, so your still way ahead of me there MJ I think a thread for people to show off there "really" old stuff would be intertaining, to bad I recently got rid of most of mine though.
  9. Thanks guys, always did like this one, but I think it only fair we keep comments on the model at a minimum. I only posted the pics to give Antnol a different look at weathering ideas, not for my own feedback. It is his WiP after all Good point about the sponson guns Epicenter, should have some more shine in it though. g\Guess I was looking at it like greese and grey primed metal areas.
  10. This guy is looking great so far, very realistic feel to it. Something to keep in mind with heavy weathering though. Usally with military hardware your going to have at least several layers of paint and primer. It might not hurt to take this into consideration with these guys. Your down to bear metal if you have rust so the metallic shine will be there unless you go heavy on the mud and other weathering. You can the darker rust look if its pitted and built up enough with little wear to expose the "base metal" under it. Going to post acouple pics of this tank I did several years ago, not trying to steal your thunder or anything Anthony Just easier to explain this way what I mean. Was around armor for alot of years so I saw first had how this stuff weathered in a heavy field enviroment. As far as the battle damage its cool but.... I noticed they all look like bladed slashing type weapons and are more vertical in odd places and not horizontal as if he was standing there recieving fire. I would go with more glancing blows from projectile weapons or some slagged ones from high energy hits. A few could look older while the newer ones could have more of a "base metal" metallic look with scorch marks. You will see alot of rust around the older ones from the exposed metal, even in a desert enviroment metal rusts, just not as fast as a damp one. I dont go for the cartoony GW look either so You might want to check with your client before doing to much, there is a distinct differece in the way they it looks and he may want to stick to a particular WH 40K look. Hope that helps Chris
  11. I'll only be putting in one this year. Guess I get to see how my oils compare against all you acrylic painters <shudders> Thing that is going to kill me is a base, I have no idea yet for it and my base fu is about non- existant as it is. oh well
  12. Very nice, I really like how she came out. Nice color choice, the facial expression looks great and NMM is done very well. Very cool exchange mini, think they will be most pleased by it. This is one that I wouldnt mind getting or painting up my self one day.
  13. Have to agree, excellent tanned look on the skin tone on the one girl, still early to comment on the other. Like the Ghast as well, nice weathering on it and the base is great. Like how you did the cockpit as well, realistic look to it.
  14. Very cool, glad I have one coming Now all I need is a tanker sophie for next year in tight Nomax. It does have a zipper all the way down the front by the way - hint, hint a good choice for W. Klocke to do
  15. Guess that answered my question, thought she was bigger than that initialy. Have to say after looking at the sight I like some of the Hasselfree stuff, different. Still, excellent job on her Dargrin, she looks great
  16. This is a cool little diorama you did, I didn't notice the orc looking guy holding the book for him at first. Nice work on the book shelf as well, alot of detail. Overall very neat work and nicely done
  17. Looks great dargrin, very nice job sculpting the suit by the way. Like your skin tone as well, nice tanned look to her. What scale is she?
  18. Nice work on them so far, the fur is looking really good. I always liked these minis in the first place, cool sculpts
  19. Very cool job all around and nice work on the base. I remember having this one years back along with a bunch of his buddies
  20. Started doing some of the work with the oilsd. Having a bit of trouble though. Using a different brand than I normaly do and it isnt mixing well so I'm going to have to let this layer dry I think before I start on the rest of the highlighting and shading. This is about what the main skin tone will be, the shine is from them still being wet. I'll wait to do some more on the stocking once I get done with the skin, the micro pen should work I think. As for the color on the jacket, I was thinking of a dark purple almost like a deep plum color. What do you think? To dark to go along with the black? Hows this look so far? Linked for nudity Natasha
  21. Looking good so far HT, I just got up for work so I'm ready to watch another 8 or so hours of painting, where did you go?
  22. Thanks for the kick in the head VV I have micro pens and didnt think of that. This cold I have has been giving me painters block lately. The pens should work I would think, time consuming but better than doing it with a brush I would think. Just trying to get up the motivation to start on the skin now. Thanks dude
  23. Now that I have the 90mm Andrea done i can start working on this one a bit more. have been feeling a little under the weather as of late and havn't gotten as much done as I would like but did make some progress on her last night. How are the colors looking? About ready to start in on some oils, just havn't really felt like taking the time yet Been kind of messing around with the fishnet on the stockings and think they are going to give me some trouble once I go at them in for real. Seem to bleed over alot and getting the crisp neat look on something this size might be an issue. Suggestions on this? Linked for nudity Natasha Thanks, Chris
  24. Been thinking about this some. Looking at it from a corperate stand point, if I was them and started recieving calls like this from someone other than a supervisor or manager I would be on the phone with the store mangager to find out what the hell is going on and why he isnt handling the problem "in house". If I had to guess I would go with the ex-supervisor stirring up the trouble then. At least he could justify a call downtown more than the "Average no name employee". Corperate establishments tend to lean heavy on the whole chain of command thing and proper reporting procedures from my experience. Its obvious that your ex has some issues with not only you but your current manager as well and your caught in the middle of a power struggle. Not a good place to be in your case. Could be the both of them ( ex manager/ employee) teaming up on you as well? Not only does it make you look bad but the current manager with all the calls to corperate and the pissed off customers complaining as well. Could be he is using you to get to him? Corperate is going to get tired of it soon enough and start coming down on the current manager to fix this stuff before they intervine which wont be good.
  25. Very nice Stubb! The skin on the frost giant almost seems to glow. Cool job on them both
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