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  1. One thing I might try to help this guy look like he is comming out of the ground is go with a darker color on the top, like loose dirt, maybe even add some basing stuff on him on the shoulders, head, ect.. like static grass. Try and get away from the standard cast shape. Then the same at the bottom with his legs, go for a darker earthy look. Piles of dirt around his legs kind of like big goffer hole Think this one would take some playing around with to get the look right. Just thought of something, remember that old wip that was done up awhile back with the dripping saliva? what about trying that with dirt cascading down from his upper body with mounds of the loose stuff piled on top of him? Not sure if that would work or not but might be worth a try?
  2. Have to agree, very sharp clean painting on it and good colors, a real manga look as stated earlier. Face looks very good as well and an excellent job on the base, like the snow effect
  3. Nice job on this guy, really like the deep red look on the cape thing. Nice clean work on the shield as well. Overall have to say two thumbs up!
  4. Thanks again guys, appreciate the commlements. I agree, nice quote ixminis, but a but on the depressing side from thier point of view I would suppose. Sarcasim at its best. Chris
  5. Finished him up the other night and have him posted on show off, thanks for following along and the input, Hope you enjoy him. Was a very cool peice to paint up and plan on working on some more historical stuff in the future I think. Thank, Chris
  6. Yes you did, very creepy looking fella. Nice work on it and like how the eyes stand out
  7. Have him done at last and came out looking pretty cool IMO. Went heavy on the weathering to give the proper feel to the miniature of the two day battle as it must have transpired. Really think the picture perfect clean display look wouldn't have done him much justice. Was painted using a combination of acrylics and artist oils Added a standard 28mm to one of the photos to give an idea of the size and scale of him. Thanks for all your comments and to anyone follwing the WIP. To anyone interested he will be going up on ebay tomorrow as well Comments welcome and thanks for looking
  8. Very evil looking little dude, nice work. I like the base, think you did a good job on it
  9. Just got this in the mail today from fruggs and think she looks great! Very good job on her since this is Fruggs first large mini and a nude on top of that. Very good job on the bear rug as well, good shading on it Note tha excellent job she did on the face and eyes, very nice looking work. Thanks again Fruggs, she is proudly diplayed with the rest of my neckid girls now Warning- Linked for nudity Ingrid
  10. Very cool work, interesting color choice with her as well. Really breaks away from the norm of the dark evil look. Mounted is always is better than unmounted, thats not a tough choice
  11. Nice job on it, this another gift for someone?
  12. Was digging around looking for some info for when I post this guy for sale and thought I would put a link up for anyone that doesnt know about the actual battle and what happened there. Very good reading if you are into this sort of thing. From the movie it gives the impression of alot more dead Zulu's than the number listed, but that isnt counting wounded who usally out number KIA's about 3 or 4 to one. Very impressive for only 104 troops when you think about the numbers and the situation. Thanks asnd enjoy, Chris Rorke's drift battle site
  13. Got some more work done on him tonight. Now he he starting to look like the A** kicking NCO I expected he would. The glossy look is the wet oils, that will be gone once I get the dull coat on him. Still a bit of touch up to do on the paints and boots, minor stuff now after he dries for a day or so. I like that one as well PTF, have to admit I like the whole line of those Karnstein vampire girls. Thanks for all your comments
  14. WOW! Very nice work on the Ogre, he looks great. I like the skin, has a real earthy look to him. Excellent job on the shield as well
  15. Thank you! Sold her to a guy in Germany a couple weeks ago. I like both of those that you picked up Citrine, was considering picking up Alayne myself. I think you may have a bit of trouble doing some stuff that big unless you use an air brush or oils. Might want to experiment around with something before trying them, the bigger kits like this are a whole different ball game. If you have any questions feel free to ask, no problem at all. Went to the site and found this baby, man I'm in love! This is definatly my next purchase once I finsihd a few things going on right now. Friggin awsome babe! yeah, wasnt to happy about starting over but is coming out better in the long run I think, he is still rough around the edges but will shape up nicely I think. Thanks again
  16. Had a fight with the epoxy I was using to glue him to the base and some other parts, the epoxy won. This is a complete redo from the other posted pics I was working on. I get really picky with my work at times and thought it was best just to start over from scratch then try and cover stuff up, especialy since this hero is going on ebay when he is done. Still have some work to do, the pants mainly and weathering on the boots and pack. Will go back and hightlight a few things as well to bring out the color after the oils washes he got to give the grungy look he has. I really going for the haggard worn look on him to give the feel of the battle he was in. Will throw in a bit of blood as well in some areas. Still some work to do on the skin as well, but overall he his getting close to being done, another day or so depending on my schedual. Comments or suggestions? Thanks.
  17. Very cool, I like it. Cant beat the naughtygoth faries, thought you would of gone with some darker colors for the "Goth" look. Excellent job on the base as well
  18. Thanks HT, Kind of getting the hang of this selling stuff now. I currently stand at 9 sales to two unsold. Not bad for a new seller I think. I always get the shipping conformation when I send stuff and thud far customs hasnt been a problem. Did a bit of shipping before I started selling on my own. I think my rates have been fair if not a little under priced. Took a bit of a hit on shippment to Greece this last time. Charged $20 and it was $21 something so not that bad. I have a sale going out to Japan on Monday and I only set the shipping cost at $15. It is some unpainted stuff so it wont require all the double boxing and fluff that painted ones would. Should be ok. I'm going to have to go with an unspecified price for international until I see where it is going. On average it has been running about $25 for a well packaged med box to Europe. I currently get insurence on it for stateside shipping but not sure on international, have to looking into it some. Depends on how much it cost I suppose. If it is a real high end mini then yes. I offer a 7 day return policy though ebay right now but thats all. I am still getting the hang of this some so I'll so some thinking on it. Doing some market research I hate to say it doesnt look like Reaper stuff sells all that good. Maybe the market is flooded and the international buyers can just get local minis cheaper. I've seen some stuff go for stupid cheap prices so far unless it is a real work of art. I've found that old Ral Parth and Grenadier stuff unpainted sells realy well, better than the painted Reaper stuff. Historicals, which I currently have 3 listings for also seem to go well. Just put them up and have a bid on one and several watches on the others already. May have to explore that area some more.
  19. Even with the pics he still came out looking really good Stub, nice colors on him, very cool! I like the bluish tint to the armor, its different
  20. Nice!!! I love the guy riding the frog thing going on. Good job on it
  21. I like these miniatures, very cool looking. Nice job on them as well, very clean painting and the face looks great as well
  22. I have to agree, the Giant drew me with the facial expression and painiting first. They all look great, nice work
  23. A little bit of an update here. This is more for concept art so you can see where I'm going with her. This represents quiet a bit of work all ready though. Figure since the casting was so bad I spent mayby 4-5 hours on clean up and pinning everything. Then getting the smooth base for the skin took about anouth 2-3. Once again the problem with following up with oils is the base needs to be as smooth as possible or it will show up really bad once I start with them. This had a pretty rough suface and alot of pits even after I took the dremel to it. Decided to go with the purple/ black look for her instead of the standard cover art. This is by no means close to cleaned up or anything, just giving you an idea odf what she will look like. Think I'll go with a dark brown/black for the gloves and boots. If not still leaning twords the purple for her boots at least. Ideas or suggestions? She is going to be a light blond as well with a lighter skin tone leaning on a pinkish side for the showdows I think. The leather is going to be patent I think with a shine on the corset and the boots. Thanks for looking and comments welcome Chris natasha
  24. Thanks for the concern guys Given the circumstances I would have to say she is about as safe as she could get, just wish she had 62 tons of steel aroound her like I did though, at least gives you the feeling of security with the ability to hit back if you need too. keep your head down sethohman and watch yourself I think the OPSEC thing is manily concerned with specific troop movements and time lines from what I reacall, vauge comment like I'm seeing here or what she said shouldnt be an issue. The bad guys know where they are and how to get at them if they want to, OPSEC just makes it a bit more difficult and doesnt give them the ability to prepaln strikes on unit movements. Last time I was over there we didnt have internet, just phone centers and they were free. Was a bit surprised as well she has to pay to use it. One thing I always thought was strange was the contract works in the mess hall, seems like a pretty easy access point to get at alot of troops at the same time. We had them as well back in kuwait at Dohah, most the time out in the boonies we had the pleasure of dinning on MRE's and T-rats though. The joys of combat arms Things are lot more built up now than when I was there. We had to build our own tent city cabbal in the middle of the desert in '97 complete with double berms, gaurd towers and gates Take it easy guys and thanks
  25. Excellent work! Very nice viberant colors One thing you could do with the red is a wash of reddish brown to darken the recesses up. That would bring out your highlights more. Even the reaper brown ink thined down works well for that. Used it on the 90mm WIP I have going on the guys jacket. Just a suggestion from what I have done in the past
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