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  1. Thanks for the help with these CS So if I understand everything correctly none of the newer ones are grey knights then, just regular terminators basically with an inquisiter thown in based off a pic in the last link? or is that the libraian your referring to? So as least its safe to say I can list the older ones as rare or early version terminators then Thanks for the selling tip Epicenter, I'll just soak these guys down some more to get more of the paint off, carb cleaner does wonders, this was only about a 5 min strip on each ok, after looking at the guy in the lower left I see what you are talking about with him being a librarian, got all that extra stuff all over his armor
  2. Excellent work as usual VL! I really liked what you did with Anduriel with the white hair and red/green outfit. Looks pretty sharp IMO The Darksword female mage is very cool as well, nice free hand on her.
  3. striped these guys this morning and have some better pics for detail, there must have beenfive layers of paint on the old ones couldnt even see the detail until now. Actually very impressed with the amount on the newer ones as well, didnt really look at them that close until now. CS- thanks for the info, very informative. Yes the one guy did have a plastic arm so I guess I'm one short I assume the cyclone ones have the targeters, this is a better pic to be able to tell since I dont know for sure what I am looking at. Why do you suggest listing them in pairs though? Guess I should look to see how the blisters are normally sold. Once agina thanks to every for for you suggestions and help in this great mystery Chris Holy crap batman! I just got on the GW site and the normal terminators sell for between 5 and 8 pounds a peice! These things arnt cheap at all are they? I think I'm in the wrong buisness
  4. Looks like alot of fun, and of course the driving around in a tank and running over people sold me, havnt done that in a long time
  5. Very cool looking and nice work! I agree, the purple looks awsome IMO
  6. One thing I'll do on occassion is use some dark blue on my chainmail. Gives it kind of a neat look, then go over it with a real light dry brushing of metalic pearl or aluminum. I'm not a big fan of NMM so I tend to stick with metallics, could be that I'm not that good at it is why If done properly they can still look pretty good, depends on the look your going for I guess.
  7. Thats what I was going to suggest as well was some work on the armor and metallics. It needs some depth to it, same thing that has been mentioned now already. One other thing that cought my eye though was the bottom of her skirt thing hanging down in the first pic. It looks like you were trying to go with a silver type trim, but it appears like bear metal, unpainted. Could just be the pic though and the angle, been awhile since I painted her. Btw- the hair does look good and nice clean lines with color seperation, oh yeah, cant forget the nail polish and lip stick. Makes her look sexier Nice work
  8. Really like this mini and you did a good job on her, nice smooth look to her, especialy on the face. Colors are different as well, not something you normaly see. Are open to some constructive critiqes?
  9. SR- No they are all metal in the first pic, going to try and get them stripped today if I have the time. I'll look for any markings or a stamp on the base when I do this. All it says on the base is "Terminator" on one side and "GW 1980" on the other. Nothing on the mini itself as far as imperial markings or the stuff that is normaly there
  10. This is a really cool idea Froggy, I like them! I dont think I have ever seen someone come up with some of the crazy ideas you do you must just look at a mini and sit and think of what you can do to to change it into something else entirely As for color I think I would stay away from the classic green alien look and go for a ruddier dark look with them. Black and browns, mayby dark red/brown beards. A grayish white for the armor my be neat though IMO. Just thinking of a more military look was all.
  11. Thanks again everyone, having done some 15mm historical stuff 6mm is pretty small but I can see the use for it. Interesting idea with the travel game though, that would be pretty cool I think. Any idea how I would list these guys as for the actual title, Want to be correct with the listing. I know what they are but anything special I should include like what generation or "classic", ect. Enachantra- thanks, think I'll try them as bare metal first and see what happens, then if that doesnt work go for painting them.
  12. Thanks Antnol, thats what I'm trying for at least Right now the base is all acrylics but for the fig the skin will be oils, still considering using them on the rest of the mini or not. One bad thing here is while I was working on doing the pinning for him, I wont be able to actually pin the mini to the base. His feet have the elongated metal extensions that go into hollow slots of the base, there is nothing to pin to if that makes sense. Just with the wieght of this guy I dont think he would survive shipping since he will be going on ebay when I'm done. Any suggestions? My two options where using a very strong appoxy resin that is made for holding metals and damn near unbreakable, or leaving it in two seperate peices until it arrived at its destination for who ever, if any one, buys it, to affix to the base.
  13. Nice work, like the metallics and the red is great as well
  14. This is my latest work and one big hunk of metal This is actually one of my first true "Historicals" I've done as well. Put a standard size mini next to him to give a feeling of the scale. Also put the pic of him that came with the kit do give an idea of what I'm shooting for with this. What to keep it as historicaly correct as possible. He will have the colors and markings of the unit that actually fought there; 2nd Battalion, 24th Foot Regiment. Have most the base done, just doing some touch up and working on the ammo crate right now Thanks for any imput you might have on it. Chris
  15. Very sharp work on the breast plate as well as the rest of her. I like the whole look to her so far, very cool
  16. Nce work on both, the effect came out nice on the haunt, no easiy job getting that to look good. I really like the grub though, excellent color on it, looks great! Good job with the whole pasty dead appearence
  17. Well you guys lost me with all the WH 40K lingo. I dont even kow how old these minis are, I guess that means they arnt epic what ever that is. I'll check out that site AD, thanks
  18. Thanks Clinton, I just may do that, I would probably mess up the colors or chaper markings anyway.
  19. I cant help with fantasy, but if anyone is interested I have a pretty cool set of modern rules that came out in the eairly 80's called "Total Conflict" that is a one to one scale
  20. Very cool, have to say the teddy bear thing is neat, I'm sure she liked it. Looks a bit small, bet you had fun painting that one
  21. Excellent work on thier part, I enjoyed it overall. The special effects and CGI definatly out did the dialog though, not very military or acurate for a seal team but not bad for a bunch of students. A little more work his could really have potential seeing the crap that Hollywood has been putting out lately
  22. Thanks for the advice everyone. Here is some pics of what I have. As far as outfitting them, I have no idea what they even have, this is what they came like and I havn't done anything to them yet, but I assume big guns are good as in most games. The first pic just looks like older stuff to me, not really sure though but they are all metal. I'll rely on your input and expertise in this area for what you guys think is best or would sell, as I said, I have no desire to keep them for any reason so what ever my best bet is works for me. Thanks again While I'm at it, these are some Cadian heavy infantry I did up some time ago for a generic sci fi RP we were playing. I removed all the imperial markings from them and there isnt much special about them, just for some good table top gaming. I was considering putting them on auction as well in a week or so, what do you think? Would people that play WH be interested in something like this do you think? This was also why I mentioned a cammo pattern for the Terminators, they were going to go along with these guys.
  23. actually they are already assembled and primed for the most part, I dont know how the blisters come but I'll get a pic up later this morning of what I have. I have to take care of come running early then I'll be back. I also have acouple different kinds, some are older ones I ssume because they look different than the assualt terminators. Thanks for the link Kristof, very informative I'm still a bit new to the on line stuff as well so not really sure how or where to find stuff. I do want to get them as accurate as possible. Thanks again, Chris
  24. Hi, This is a little out of my area since I dont play warhammer but I have a group of terminators I got from a friend of mine that I was thinking of painting up and selling. Was wondering if anyone had some good pics of painted stuff already to give me some ideas or links to a detailed site with some suggestions on different types of schemes I can look at. I was actually thinking of doing them up in a generic urban type cammo but I havn't seen anything like this on them at all. Any suggestions? Thanks Chris
  25. havnt seen this before but its great! I watch cops pretty often so this killed me.
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