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  1. I agree, this is a really neat looking mini that I have been eyeing for awhile, nicely done overall. I like everything but the face since you are asking for some critiques. it just seems very two dementional and flat. I think some more color in the high lighting and shadowing would help some, its doesnt do the rest of the mini justice I think. Alot of it could be the low light as well in the pic, and just isnt picking up what you do have on him. Nice Mini though, very cool. Did it have alot of gap filling as HT said? I know most of the ones I do have that problem as well.
  2. Like the blue wash, I'll have to remember it. It adds a nice touch to it.
  3. Very nice, excellent job on the free hand, the cloak and standard look great. I like the skin tone as well, very ruddy look to him. Your base came out good as well metallics on the armor?
  4. Very Cool dude! I love the cat, I'm sure your friend will as well, a very nice thought on your part. Very nice job on her BTW, her eyes look Great, alot of expression in them.
  5. I think she looks really good, I like the green and light yellow of her wings, goes really well together IMO. Blending looks good to me as well, nice work.
  6. Nt being any kind of p[hoto expert myself I dont know how good this will be, but the back ground seems to blend with the mini some, maybe that is a problem. Go with a more natural look and not the pasted back ground, that would get rid of the white line. If people like the work they will buy it regardless of the photo meg, you now that. It looks great, I'm sure you will have no problem selling it, its only a matter of finding the right person.
  7. This going to be good I plan on watching very closly seeing as how I like doing larger minis anyways. Would you consider doing her in white armor with black trim? I had tried this once thinking it would look cool with some flaming red hair but I couldnt get the contrast down right so I didn't do it. NMM is my weak point, I would like some on this as well as her sword blade, the light reflecting look is pretty neat but I'm not very good at it. Thanks
  8. I like the face, he is a very creepy looking dude. Nice job!
  9. He came out really good,I like him. Also has a nice "dead" look to him. Welcome, and look forward to checking out some more of your work
  10. Very nice Antnol, excellent job on it. The wood grain looks great as well. Knowing how these Andrea minis go together I bet he was a pain Get the impression you didnt enjoy it as much as the smaller ones. I would have to agree he looks a bit to clean though, have to get away from the GW style for doing some these.
  11. Nice job on the Hobbit, very fitting color choice and an excellent job on the garden base.
  12. I thoughit was very cool and an imaginative concept. Excellent job all around on it
  13. Very nice dude, excellent colors and a really nice job on the free hand. The guitar is awsome!
  14. Sorry to hear about your lose meg, both you and your family have my most heart felt condolences.
  15. Thank you everyone, I'm glad you all enjoy her. It was alot of fun doing a larger kit like this, I think I'm hooked now. May be a bit on the 200mm Pegaso kit, the resin is alot harder and will require quiet a lot of clean up so I will need to get a dremel I think. Was kind of surprised, have to admit the solorwind was alot better in this sense, with as much as Pegaso charges I was expecting better qality I suppose.
  16. We'll her she is at last. Was alot of first times on this one for me but was really a lot of fun to do and like how she came out. Of course everything is done in oils except the detailing. Have to say I like doing the larger Resin kits and plan on a few more in the future. I'll do another Wip as soon as I get the 200mm Pegaso kit in from Germany,hopefully it will arrive in a few days. Thanks again, Chris
  17. Yes Ma'am, I'm going to dull coat her this morning and throw the gloss on her lips and the gems and call her done at last. Next pics will be on show off then I suppose. When I get that 200mm Pegaso in from Yvonne I do another Wip up, that one should be neat to see Just recieved it today as a matter of fact, I'll throw some pics of her up once I get it together and cleaned up, man is she a big one Once again, thanks to everyone for following and any suggestions and comments you might have given. Chris
  18. Very cool mod to her and nice colors as well. Excellent work!
  19. Very nice! Like the color your doing her outfit in. You know, I've seen quiet a few of these painted up recently and I think everyone I can remember has had red hair :) Not sure about the skin tone though, looks a bit off to me
  20. We actually made up our own set of rules for it. Friend og mine ordered a set I cant remember the name, and we modified it pretty heavily. It was a action point turned based game, really neat and alot of fun. Most of us were all prior service so we went really heavy into realism. Used the same system for our WWII as well. The ancients we used old Chainmail rules from the 70's. the only 15mm stuff I have is 1870's Franco-Prussian war. Most he gaming I did was 25mm though I agree, we did the same thing. I had a bunch of orcs I used just for chainmail stuff. GW did copy pretty heavily off historical periods. We did a lot of LoTR gaming for quiet awhile but the rules wernt really set up for the large scale gaming we did. Still, some of the guys had huge GW armies that we gamed with and just played Chainmail. The vikings kick butt! :) I used alot of Berserkers/ barbarians and they just ripped through everything if you could get them in close, that was the trick though.
  21. I've been out of it for about 3 years. We did alot of WWII, Vietnam and Sci Fi before that. With the LoTR movies out it got us in the mood to do older stuff so I painted up a Viking/ Barbarian Army then. I guess some of the others I hadnt seen in anything other than 6 or 15mm was what I should of said.
  22. Up till now I usally stuck with old glory or battle honors, but I'm going to have to pick some of these up as well. Looks like are branching in to a lot of neat time periods you dont see very often and the price is great as well.
  23. Very nice! I've alwayes liked this mini and you did a great job on her.
  24. Really nice work on her, crisp colors and deffinition on her. Excellent job on the eyes as well and the shading on her mugs looks very realistic. Only thing is I may have added a bit of red to the cheeks, think it would of fit the mini and her name very well
  25. I think rounds 2, 5 and 6 were my favorite. The stained glass was amazing with the effect it had and the mini fits really well. Nice job with the lighting on 5, really adds alot to the peice andnumber six is just cool all the way around I think. Excellent job on them all and in such a short amount of time!
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