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  1. Thanks for all of the work Vil! It's appreciated and will get used!
  2. Yea, that would have been a lot of fun! Might have to figure a way to do that some time, add a mech into one of my tactical games.
  3. Yep! Then again, I was never a big fan of infantry in a mecha game. For infantry to be effective against a giant walking tank, they'd have to limit the movement of the vehicle to be able to engage. Otherwise they'd get one shot to attack before either being squashed/vaporized or bypassed. Sure, you can drop them on the mech but without battle armor to keep their speed up and enhance their strength, they would be worthless. How often does infantry defeat or even engage tanks in open areas in close combat? Exceedingly rarely. Infantry against infantry is fine, using a mech as support but that's best modeled in a squad on squad, tactical type format IMO. That's why we have games like Combat Commander! :)
  4. Yep, as DA they were useful and yes, grenades are area effect weapons. Best when used indoors, except in your own house as they have a tendency to mess with your furniture and small pets. Not to mention any other living soul within the blast radius. :)
  5. Thanks for keeping this going!
  6. Just from the sound of it (not knowing the rules, don't have them) it sounds like TAG works along the same principles as TAG in Battletech, which works with special munitions (ie artillery) Just my .02...
  7. Responding to your related comment in another thread since it's more on topic here--I think you'll enjoy the Starhawk VI's newfound capacity for collateral damage thanks to the Burst SA: optional doubled attack rolls on the GGCs Yep, my UTMC units need to be able to spread the love with the Hawk Vi's! :)
  8. The Starhawk V is the first CAV I ever bought, and I still have it - easily one of my favorite models! I'd mention that I've always thought that the missile launcher looked a bit at odds with the rest of the design (same goes for the Talon) and the cockpit is a bit small, but I love it all the same. Yep, Starhawk's were phenomenal. Mine will be getting used again 'soon' now that there's been work done to consolidate and update the CAV 2 rules, I may pull my models out of mothballs and play again. :)
  9. Cool deal! Now maybe I can take my CAV models out of mothballs and get them back on the field! :)
  10. Glad I still have my Starhawk's in metal. :) Could never give up those beautiful beasts, even without the game I'll have a use for them. lol
  11. Which sounds similar to how I felt it should have been. Linked vehicles, not forced to stay together but if the EW unit goes bye-bye, so does your cover. makes maneuver and cover vital to winning.
  12. Great to see the CAV 2 rules still kicking about, the one thing that I wished could have been eliminated from them was the huddle. EW stuff is good and thematic but man, seeing a bunch of walking tanks being so close together always seemed asinine IMO.
  13. Cool, I'd prefer metal over plastic which is good but wanted to see if there was a cheaper plastic alternative. The small scale are better, still have some of mine but not many and need more for the new system I'm involved in. Thanks!
  14. I haven't been keeping up on CAV since the new version came out but was curious if the air units were being made in Bones and if so, were they true scale or the old smaller scale? Still have a decent amount of my old metal mini's from the good old CAV 2 (Soon) days but could use some of those old smaller air units if they're still around. Have another system in mind for them. Thanks!
  15. Only the 222nd was planned to be a reserve unit for the UTMC, they're smaller than the other branches of the Terran forces but still kick the most elf. So one active legion and one reserve, The Few, The Proud. ;)
  16. A lot of the people on that list haven't been on these forums in years. Also, SOldcorn passed away a few years ago. I'd suggest giving him ownership of the 1st Legion. He was an extremely active player back in the CAV 1 days and deserves the honor. Absolutely, a fitting tribute!
  17. Not sure if there's anyone playing up at the Asylum anymore, we've not played there in years. We had a pretty active group here then.
  18. Yea, the fluff in CAV1, the JOR's and the CAV2 books are a lot of fun. Wish we could have added more but what is out there will give you a great look into the CAV2 universe.
  19. Yea, for any sort of tournament play you'd need to use base models because checking the legality of construction becomes a time drain and a real pain in the rear grill doors.
  20. Yep, further reading through the rules (in between other rules I was reading and playing games with today) makes this feel more like bastardized Battletech than CAV, just missing the color in the circle dots. lol
  21. One of the best parts of CAV 2 IMO was no vehicle construction, you could change some things in a limited fashion but no min/max crunch with the CAVs. It was a much more tactical feel, as it should be. Once you have construction rules, it becomes a min/maxer paradise for munchkins and there goes the fun.
  22. You can also download Shards and War For Sale which gives you more fluff and unit backgrounds.
  23. References to references to references is what lost my interest in Battletech, it got bogged down in the rules so much that you spent hours fighting lance on lance and it was tedious along with the rules lawyering. CAV was a major departure from that, a combined arms game allowing a LOT of models on the table at one time to fight major, pitched battles you could never do with Battletech. That's why they made Alpha Strike, to try to speed things up and cut down on the references to references to references.
  24. You can find more fluff at the Mil-Net site, the two supplements we did are for download on the front page. :)
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