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  1. I'd love to see a Dictator, Emporer, Butcher, Mantis and a Hawk 6. :)
  2. Yea, a Rhino or Emporer would be awesome along with my Hawk 6. ;) I'm all for the large ones as they'd make great display pieces, true scale aircraft and tanks too would make good models for other games so I'm hoping to see those as well but really want the large models more for paint and display. :)
  3. Cool, one big one? Make it an add-on so it can be bought with the $1 pledge. I could use a big sized Dictator, Emporer or Hawk 6 in my UTMC scheme. lol
  4. I am hoping for large Bones CAV's, like possibly a Bigtator again or even a couple of other 'big' models as I'd jump on those. I have no interest in the rules for SO, the docs that were initially released when SO was announced years ago made my eyes glaze over. It sounded very much like Battletech and that means bye-bye large battles like we had in 2E, unless you have an entire day to resolve things or you run out of ammo in the first round. lol I would be interested in models but it wouldn't be high on my priority list for Bones as I have a boatload of Bones 2 mini's headed my way in the first wave. But if there were some of the tanks and aircraft at true scale along with some CAV models I've always loved, I'd like them for painting/display purposes and for regular sized models to use for other gaming systems and CAV 2 games if I can talk Mad Pat into playing again this summer. ;)
  5. Yea, I could grab some of the plastics to fill out for proxies in other games or if I ever play CAV 2 again, if we get interest going in this area again. Mainly would want the larger models, tanks/afv's and aircraft for use with other mini systems I can convert things to for play. All depends on what is offered and funding levels.
  6. Good to see someone used my Terran Marine Corps idea. ;)
  7. Yea, construction in BT is very popular but one of my biggest turnoffs to it as it ends up being munchkin games always, aside from the rules lawyering that also kills the fun of it and I found to be rampant in my experiences with BT. That's where CAV2 had it light years over BT, it was fast and fun and you fought what ya brung, just like on a battlefield. It should be about tactics, not min/maxing your designs. I wouldn't have a problem with limited changes that made sense, like swapping out a different gun or ammo rack etc but the building design thing opens a whole other nightmare that creates headaches for everyone IMO. I need to break out CAV2 and meet up with MadPat and play soon. lol Neither of which were/are legal for tournament/official play. CAV 1 had tournament-legal rules that allowed you to modify your CAV (or gunship, tank, etc) with different weapons, ECM, motors, etc, but that came with a cost padded on top of the new equipment, so hardly anyone used it. But the build-your own construction rules were strictly for fun. CAVBoss stated somewhere that the CAV3 construction rules weren't for official use either. Your opinion will obviously vary, but IMO the whole reason why BT's system is so popular is b/c you can build/mod whatever you like and use it at any game.
  8. Again, we need a Bigtator Bones release. Hell, we need a few large scale CAV Bones releases. If for nothing else other than to paint, I would LOVE a Bigtator! :)
  9. Yea, if we can have DDS and KJ, why not a BIGtator? :)
  10. I was up at the store today for the first time in a looong time and picked up a few Bones mini's to try out, was going to grab a Pathfinder Red Dragon but none was on the shelf. :( So I came home and placed an order for a bunch of other things that I didn't see in the store and forgot to add the Red Dragon! lol Ugh! Might have to see if I can call in the AM and have that added into the existing order, not sure if it's already been picked or not tho.
  11. Running out of ammo would be only appropriate for campaign rules, meaning you're out of resupplied ammo so you'e not able to use your slug cannon's but energy weapons are fine. If you want to have a run out of ammo due to a poor dice roll as a house rule/optional rule then that's up to you, having it as a core rule is pointless. Ammo check boxes aren't a concern in CAV as Chrome pointed out, so adding in an ammo rule and one where you can run out of ammo on your first trigger pull is truly pointless for standard play.
  12. Morale checks would be nice but you have to be careful in adding too many checks because they could spiral out of control and bog the game down and soon, you end up with another stompy robot game that takes hours to resolve a simple combat. Seriously though, a roll of 1 when you shoot causes you to run out of ammo? Wow, that's just..... wow. As I said before, if having rolls like this is supposed to add variety or something to a new rules system (when the original was fine to begin with), then just throw in a roll of whatever gives you "run away" or "I win" and be done with it. EW was a sticking point in CAV 2 for people because of the huddle and I would have loved to see it just go away and allow units to do it on their own only or use some sort of tied in system for targeting but no protection bubble. Infantry was another one I was never fond of but was getting corrected with the RCON update, I could never wrap my head around infantry taking on a CAV in melee. Stand off and pick at them and maybe get a lucky or good shot but not go headfirst into a CAV and go H2H with it. lol Been a while since I've played CAV but soon I'm hoping to get playing again locally, now that we've got a new place to do so. :)
  13. Running out of ammo on the first turn? How the hell did that happen? Is this some sort of oddball random roll that gives that? Might as well throw in a random roll of "run away" while you're at it. lol
  14. Without a doubt, the original mini's are fantastic looking. Not so keen on the newer ones I was seeing though being introduced, seemed rather bland in comparison.
  15. Yea, we have that now with CAV 2 rules as they are streamlined but could use support. ;)
  16. The only thing that draws me to Battletech is the fluff, it has one of the best universe's out there that is fleshed out which is what draws a person to play their favorite factions mech. Add to that how there are so many 'historical' battles you can play out and you have a canonical storyline to draw from, it's easy to get sucked in and want to play. Until you play however, then you find volumes of rules that require study time to remember, otherwise you'll fall prey to a rules lawyer who also happens to be a mech lab munchkin whore, taking a vehicle onto the field that is legal by the rules but when you look at it in reality (yes, I know it's a sci-fi game but still) it shouldn't last a second under fire. CAV2 was fine IMO, it had some issues that the errata fixed for the most part with other items being discussed. Personally, the one thing I disliked the most was the electronics. They served a good purpose but also created other problems as well. The one thing CAV was lacking, but was being addressed, was adding more 'fluff' and fleshing out the universe a little more. As I said before, Battletech has such a huge and rich universe that it makes you want to play as players can attach more easily to a faction based on characters and situations they've read about and know the "why we fight" backstory becomes as important as the "how to fight" rules that comes with a game. It's a true shame that CAV is sitting in the state that it has been, when it could be and should be, widely supported and played. BONES would be a nice help but without a rules system in place that is not overly complicated but streamlined and fun, with great support, well then things will stay as they are now.
  17. Construction can be fun and nice, to a point. Then it delves into munchkinism, which just kills a game IMO. I like the option to possibly swap out a weapon or two or a device or two on a vehicle but generally a vehicle should be left alone save for a couple of minor tweaks as variants. Just like on the battlefield now, a tank is generally a tank (yes, there are variants but the changes are not on par with munchkinism) so a CAV should be a CAV. Construction can be fun but that's better left for other stompy robot games with volumes of rules that takes hours to play with a few models on the board. Funny how even Battletech now is looking to streamline their system, faster gameplay leads to more models on the table which leads to actual tactics which leads to a ton of fun. It's not about the construction but about the combined arms element, that has always been the biggest strength of CAV IMO, that other games missed out on.
  18. So is CAV now officially dead? Again? Well, at least CSO, CAV2 is still very playable.
  19. I may see you there if you're there on Friday Keith. I'll be stopping by only for a brief time to trade in some metal before heading off to Squadron for their open house. I'll also be bringing my Sabol Division case if anyone's interested in buying a new home for their armies. It's in great shape and has the foam inserts, although used but in great shape. I don't use it anymore and won't be needing it.
  20. I have been waiting for this for a couple of years now, since the project was first announced. The books that this series is based on are excellent (With the Old Breed and Helmet For My Pillow) and I'm excited to see how well they translate to screen. Of course, it's about the Marine Corps, so I'm more than happy to see some of our legends be brought to life on screen, Chesty and Gunny Basilone for example. :)
  21. Same here, the series started decent (aside from some silliness and annoyances with Apollo and Starbuck) and started hitting its stride and then got pulled off into love triangle mania. It felt like a FOX reality show after a while and lost me, although the wife stuck with it a bit longer but even she lost interest. Heard how it ended, the whole going native thing and the supernatural stuff and glad I got out when I did. Last good thing I saw from BSG was Razor, loved Admiral Cain's character.
  22. Not a problem appreciate the assist and the heads up on the game system!
  23. Cool, I appreciate it. It's kind of hard to get a group together for zombie play, everyone just wants to play WH and I have zero interest in that. lol Also, it's nice to be able to play solo so that you can test out scenario/campaign setups on your own easier for when you can bring in people to play.
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