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  1. Sounds good. I like the whole zombie, horror/survival style which fits with a zombie apocalypse flavor much better than having smart zombies which goes against what zombies are. Doing that, you're just playing a D&D style game and IMO the whole fun with fighting zombies is making choices on what to kill and how to kill them without bringing more Z's to your door, so you can stay alive. I'll have to check that one out too. Does it allow for solo play, which to me is very important.
  2. Sounds good, will check it out! Definitely happy the zombie genre is getting the love it deserves, we need more survival horror zombie games!
  3. Lots of zombie fiction nowadays is blending the traditional Romero style Z's with the NAZ or New Age Zombie's as I call them. lol Some zombie's are 'shamblers', the stilted, slow walking zombie's Romero created, while others are 'sprinters' or fast movers like the Dawn of the Dead remake had them be. I'd say make it a mix, have initial encounters with newly infected be sprinters. Your players kill them and within xx amount of time or turns they come back from the dead, maybe just next turn, as shamblers. Unless of course you kill the sprinter with a head shot, then they cannot reanimate. Anyone (NPC's) nearby that get attacked, become infected and are sprinters, until killed then they reanimate into shamblers unless headshot. This way you get a steady stream of a mix of Z's to deal with, nice nasty stuff to throw at your playing group. Oh and sprinters are just like us, they take damage and die like a regular human being. Only difference with them is they run wildly after their prey as the infection turns them psycho, but they're fragile enough to drop easy. Reanimated ones need a headshot or decap to kill. I'd also recommend taking a look at All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames. Has a great way to play out scenario's or even whole campaigns in the book and best part is, you can play solo and leave the zombie's to the game system. Nice way to test out a scenario or campaign before throwing a group into the mix and the GM can control the zombies if he wants. The Chain Reaction rule book this game is based on before they made this, is available for free download.
  4. Now this is exactly why I got away from BT and into CAV. First let me state that I was never the biggest BT fan, but I did like the game. But unlike a lot of people that I met online, I was into BT for the rules and playing games, not for the fluff (that was just a nice thing to have). So anyways, back on topic - I had prolly 50 'Mechs at one point, my problem was that I could only ever play with 4 of them at a time. And when we did play, my 4 mechs usually came from a range of 6-10 models, which were the only ones I ever used. The small # of models in a game and the relative lack of tactics in BT meant that there really wasn't ever much need to use different models from one game to the next. So I had around 40 'mechs that I'd bought, assembled and based, but never used. I'm not trying to knock BT, just explaining why I never saw the sense in buying anymore BT minis after that point. I wasn't using what I had, so why buy more? Of course in Stuart's defense, he is mad, so that's understandable. Yeah I know where you are coming from. My evil scheme is to eventually make a bastardized version of the CAV rules for use with Btech. I've always liked how the maneuver of the Btech system affected the difficulty to hit but the damage resolution of Btech is sloooooooow. So I'm hoping to come up with a best of both worlds type thing. Probably start with the 3025 models and move on from there. Anyway, let me know about those minis. The new product they are coming out with called Strategic Operations might be something to look into. It appears to be a newer version of Battleforce, allowing simplified engagements with large, combined arms forces. It definitely caught my eye, good thing is I won't need all the Mechs that I dumped on E-Bay and traded. lol
  5. Moezilla


    I have to say I hated the original movies, except for B89 as Keaton and Nicholson did do a great job in it. I always expected we'd never see a 'real' Batman movie as his stories are always much more dark and adult than the other superhero story's and since that would exclude the kiddie toy market, I didn't think it'd happen. Along comes Chris Nolan to make my day with Begins and then comes out with the DEFINITIVE (IMO) Batman franchise sequel, showing how Batman should be done. Can't even put into words how much I loved TDK, cannot wait to be a mega fanboy and see it a few more times in the theater before the DVD release. :)
  6. Saw it this morning and it met all my expectations and even exceeded them. I was very surprised by Ledger's performance (and Nolan's writing), definitely the RIGHT way to do Joker IMO. His pencil disappearing act is not to be missed!
  7. Did they say what nights were gaming nights? I gathered it was only to be Friday nights now? Are they doing Thursdays? Also, if we're going to have our bi-weekly games again, I'd really like to see a little more effort from everyone to show up. Aside from Keith and I, no one else really made it out on a regular basis.
  8. Actually, Wednesday could be wet, loud and windy if things go as projected. The convective outlook is slated for a possible severe day, according to the SPC http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/exper/day4-8/ this IS May in Texas after all. Thursday is looks like it could be a little bit further east, so we might be good there.
  9. Mine's been either, The Imperial March from ESB or the '24' ringtone for the longest time but recently since I replaced a lost phone I've been using the theme to the TV show 'The Unit'.
  10. Saw the movie with the wife today, I agree it is a good movie but didn't think it was better than Spider-Man or even X-Men. Don't get me wrong, was a good movie just didn't come off as a blockbuster for me or the wife. It's an origins movie (and I love origins movies that give the backstory) but we both felt it went a bit long in the backstory area and didn't get much into the action until later in the movie. It had action but the scenes were a bit spread out, a little trimming and this would have been tighter and flowed better I think. Loved those pre-movie trailers tho! Hulk looks really good and Indy of course looks FANTASTIC! Best part for me was seeing the new Dark Knight trailer, each piece I see of the new movie has me drooling more than I normally would for a Batman movie. lol
  11. Nice! Can't wait to get this one, she's looking awesome! :)
  12. I won't be around tonight until later, heading to an arena football game tonight.
  13. Just stopped in but no one was home, anyone going to be playing tonight?
  14. I was able to connect via the console, jumped on the server but no one was around. Will try later.
  15. Is the IP still the same? I tried manually adding it to see if I could see the server and got nothing.
  16. It's not a biggie Kit, everyone can just hang on to those battle reports before submitting them for the next year. Everyone here knows how busy you are so no worries.
  17. Quite the opposite, I think it's become a rather heated subject regarding the burning questions we all have. :)
  18. An enthusiastic "Zippooooooo"! Will work too. :)
  19. Just remember, when using the Flamers you MUST use the proper phrase when engaging... "flame on"! :)
  20. We know you want to cap those fangs and become a REAL warrior. :)
  21. Some creative stuff on You Tube, one of my all time faves has to be this one.
  22. Friggin hilarious, especially the last one. "Comm scan has detected a..." WHOOSH lol
  23. I'm not going to be able to make it, we have too many contractors coming to discuss some work we're getting done in the backyard. My wife just told me this morning she has more people coming today, one of them is on his way. :(
  24. Woo-hoo! My t-shirt came in yesterday!! All this time I thought it fell through the cracks, thanks Bryan! :)
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