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  1. Smoke strikes are your friends. Buy a couple of smokes per missile, shoot the missile and drop smoke in front of it and for 10 points you're covered. :)
  2. Wow, I like the way it's setup. Nice work Kit!
  3. Don't forget the Harpy's if you're looking for some soft target killers. Using the Air Superiority Doctrine, you can field 2 air sections for every Primary section. That allows you to throw in a section of say two Tsuiseki's with another section of 2 Harpy's, giving you a balance of hard and soft killers.
  4. Welcome to CAV and to the only faction that really matters, everyone else is just a target. :)
  5. Yea, it was the only amusing part but Diane Lane in that outfit was more entertaining. :)
  6. I'll add my .02 to this one since I've played both as and against Adonese forces fielded by Pat more than once. As Chrome correctly stated, the "Aggressive Electronic Warfare" Doctrine for the Adonese gives them a 2x multiplier on their EW coverage and they field the only 4 TC model in the game (the Recluse). It provides greater protection in allowing the breakup of the huddle as Pat has pointed out, instead of a spread of 6" as most other bubbles are, you're now at 16" diameter. Put them inside good terrain and they're tough buggers to reach out and touch. Add on top of that the extra ECM point as well as the extra EST point and the Recluse when paired with other models proves itself to be a huge benefit. Playing as the Terran'as as I normally do, this plays havoc with my airstrikes. Other factional doctrines don't make the bubble larger so most players stick together nicely allowing air strikes to have a greater chance at hitting more than one target. When playing against an Adonese force, you're going to find many of the models staggered in such a way that you won't be able to get many in one strikes plus some of them may be outside the strikes 12" range. After Pat kicked me around the table once with the Recluse I hated them so much I went and bought me a pack and they've served me well as both Adonese and Independent roles. We'll be playing Saturday for Soonday at the Asylum, come on down and join the fun! Bring whomever you want along and if you want us to show it on the board, we'll be more than happy to diagram it out for you so you can understand it better. I think once you actually play it and see it in action it will make more sense to you, I think you're not fully understanding how the models play within the faction doctrines. Plus it's Soonday, so you HAVE to be there. It's mandatory for all CAV players. ;)
  7. Range bands are determined by your weapon ranges, for example a GGC with a range of (20) will be in the first range (short range) band when it is within 20" of the target he is firing at. If he's 21", he's then in the second range band and the -2 penalty is applied. Apply another -2 for each successive range band out to the 4th range band (beyond long range), the same for missiles and IFM's. If the DFM has 'smart' then the penalty is only a -1 rather than -2. Point blank range (inside 12") gives you the +1, except for IFM's which cannot be fired point blank.
  8. As long as we get Rob Schneider in it to say "I am the law" in his Stallone accent and more Diane Lane in the tight Judge's outfit. :)
  9. Hmm, maybe I will find a use for the Battletech mini's I have left. lol
  10. I've been one of those voices but I only pop up occassionally to check on the status of my t-shirt. lol Seems XL CAV shirts are never in. :)
  11. For anyone who has been following it, Chapters 6 & 7 of my Interdiction story are now available to read on CAVHQ fan fic area. Thanks for reading! CAV HQ Fiction Archive
  12. Whatever you were reading is incorrect, I've almost always played Terran and have never done this. This is directly from the Core CAV 2 rules with regards to Terran air and arty support. It specifically states one free strike per turn. Air Superiority Doctrine Dedicated Air Support You receive one free Air Strike per game turn. All normal rules apply. If not used by the end of the turn, it is lost. And Air Power You may take up to two Secondary Flight Sections per Primary Section. Artillery Superiority Doctrine Dedicated Artillery Support You receive one free Artillery Strike per game turn. All normal rules apply. If not used by the end of the turn, it is lost. And Networked All Infantry Models receive the FiST SA.
  13. Yea, larger points games are something that we've been doing and it does work very well. Allows a good balance to be brought, big enough size and games can be either quick or a bit longer. Either way we get through our games within 2-3 hours max, sometimes quicker. A couple of other ideas I had thrown around in the rattle trap I call a brain would be to limit the amount of units an EW model can cover. Maybe base it on their TC value, so a TC value 3 Panther or Talon can cover 3 other models in its 'network' as it would no longer be a bubble per se. Yes, that would mean adding tokens to the CAV's covered and could become a pain in the posterior, so that's probably not a good one but it's one I thought I'd throw out there. Possibly make an EW upgrade, if you want to upgrade your model to cover more model's pay xx amount of points per TC value to a max of 4 or something. Another option was similar, yet a bit different but again a bit complex for tracking in the CAV system. Pay upgrade points per model to add in a network module so it could be covered by the EW CAV, you have to decide if you want to trade off points for attack to gain defense sort of thinking. I've got some other ideas I think I scratched down somewhere, will have to go looking for them as I'm brain dead right now getting ready for a party tomorrow here at the house.
  14. One way I've thought of for altering the huddle would work but in the process, would kill the Adon Fire and Fury Warfare doctine unless that was 'upped' to adjust to the changes. Spreading the distance of the bubble would break the huddle, spreading forces out but they would still be under the ECM bonus. The good thing there is that while spread out, they may make easier solitary targets to gang up on chipping away at the section. With the rules changes and use of some of the IA models as mentioned above, it will help.
  15. I've dealt with PC's my whole computing life after getting started on an Apple IIe. Back when I was working at Toys R Us corporate, our advertising department used MAC's and I absolutely hated working on them, from a support standpoint they made no sense. After working on them enough I was able to get around but found the interface (forget which OS it was at the time, this was back in 2002 and before) very confusing and was always getting lost. We didn't get many calls for support from them so I worked on them only every so often, so that added to a lack of familiarity. I'll always be a PC person, as much flak as Windows receives and PC hardware receives, you can't beat the price and flexibility in my opinion. Good luck with your MAC if you get one!
  16. Not sure what will happen with the origin story of Joker, not sure if they'll do flashbacks or just leave it up in the air. I'm thinking we'll definitely see Two faces origin though. lol
  17. For my fellow Batman fans, you can now enjoy the official full trailer at thedarkknight.com. Saw it the other night before I Am Legend and was BLOWN away! I had my doubts about Ledger playing Joker, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised on his take. Nolan is definitely grounding him in the real world as he did with Begins, he still has the makeup but his smile is not the graphic novel or '89 Batman Nicholson grin. It's more of a scar really, seems the makeup is more to hide or maybe even amplify it. He's wearing the proper clothes but he's dirty and ragged looking and it really seems to work. Only concern I have now is that Nolan doesn't get carried away with that stupid shakey cam for the fight scenes like he did with Begins. That really ruined the fight scenes I thought, only one place did it work and that was at the dock. Other than that it should not have been the frenetic movement it was throughout all the others. Can't wait til July!
  18. Talons, don't leave home without 'em. Another good model to have is the Nomad, it can fit into several different roles from EW to FiST to a harasser. Unless of course you're me, then everyone picks on my little Nomad! lol
  19. Don't forget the Ronin, it has 2 GC's with a RAV 2 and Piercing 5 and an IFM with RAV 2 and 40" range. It can also soak up a lot of damage too, making it a fairly tough model to shield your ECM models.
  20. We were saying the same thing when we watched it at work one day! lol It does look just like that.
  21. Pretty cool stuff, an easy way for us non drawers to make some decent looking work. :)
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