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  1. Glad you liked it, I lose it every time I watch it. That kid is just too funny. lol
  2. This is a must see, this kid is not only adorable but the evil eye the kid gives on command is absolutely hilarious. I can't believe a child this young can respond as well as he did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hTxGmvUo_0
  3. Ronin and Hawk 6 are all ya need. :) Semper Fi there Devil Dog, I was with D Co. 1st Tanks. Check the fan fic area of CAVHQ, you might like the UTMC story I have been putting up there.
  4. Love Jeff Dunham. lol Silence! I kill you! :)
  5. It was painful to watch, still is after all the times I've seen it but I can never turn myself away from it. I just die laughing every time I see it. lol
  6. This is an oldie but one of the funniest video's I've ever seen, it never gets old. Your heart goes out to the poor guy but you still cannot stop watching this absolute TRAIN WRECK of a weather report. lol Do NOT watch this video while eating or drinking, you've been warned! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDVePgwBiqA
  7. I just finished cleaning off my monitor, I think I spit half a cups worth of Coke on it. Hilarious. lol
  8. I had blocked that entire decade from my memory and now I know why. lol
  9. Will Reaper be putting out a paint and take set with these I wonder? lol I think Reaper needs to get hold of these, would make for a great speed painting contest at the next ReaperCon. :)
  10. Despise football?! HEATHEN! lol 3 games to watch today and plenty of chow to eat, the best day of the year! Especially since I no longer work for a retail company any longer, now those days sucked!
  11. Each card represents you as a player, it's your choice which unit to activate for each card pulled. That's one of the areas where the tactical depth and flexibility really shine through, you choose who goes when not the cards. The cards only choose which player gets the chance to activate a unit.
  12. You'll create a Task Force based on points and the task force creation rules. For example let's say you have an Armor Section and a Specialist Section, you have two sections that will be represented by two playing cards (poker cards). Your opponent will have the same amount of cards as he fields sections, you put them in a pile and shuffle. Draw a card and whomevers card it is can activate a section, you place your section anywhere in the area you designate as a deployment zone no further than 6 inches from the tables edge. Each card is drawn until you place all of your sections, then you shuffle the cards again and draw. Now you will activate those sections you have placed on the board based on card draws, this gives you the initiative. Do this for each section until you've completed activations and repeat. Hope that makes sense.
  13. Yep, no more feeling like you're taking an SAT test. lol
  14. The JOR's are pretty similar to the TRO's you're familiar with in CBT, the fluff that's in them is for each model and is very interesting. :) The rule additions you will find are for CAV 1 so you don't need to worry about those but you can read them to see how the game was in its early years. I'd also recommend getting hold of a CAV 1 rule book as it also has a good amount of fluff, background stuff in it to flesh out more of the storyline for you as well.
  15. By the way, love your sig line! Love them big damn heroes! :)
  16. Common point size is around 2,000 to 3,000, usually averaging around a 2,500 point game a lot of the time. You can play smaller games if time is an issue (want to get done in one to two hours or so) but 2,500 points can play fast also, or it can take a little time depending on terrain and how each player plays their forces. Air units function as normal units, they move, shoot etc the same as other models for the most part. There are dropships, warships in some of the fluff and over at Mil-Net there's even directions to build your own Herc dropship if you want. :) Hex bases are not a requirement in the core rules (if memory serves) but almost all of the models are best served on a base, keeps them nice and flat without the chance of tipping over and ruining your paint job. The defensive value is shown on the data cards, for example look at the Dictator 60 from the Open Market cards. It's DV is 11, that means its defensive number is 11, we'll use the Despot right next to it in the Data Cards as the opponent. It has a DV of 13 but you want to look at the RAV (Range Attack Value) for each, that's found by looking at each weapons system. For the Dictator, it has a RAV of 1 for each of its GC (Gauss Cannons). On the data card they are shown as GC and next to it says DA which means Direct Attack, you can only fire either direct attack or indirect not both at the same time (IFM is indirect fire missile system). You also has a modifier called 'piercing' which is used against hard targets like the Despot. So the RAV is 1 and you add the piercing modifier bringing your adjusted attack value to 6 against the Despots 13, you have to roll a 7 or better to inflict damage for each weapon. I forgot to add that you are 18 inches from the Despot, so you are within the first range band (your range is located on the weapon slot next to range. In the Dictators case, the GC's range is (20) meaning 20 inches. We'll not worry about range modifiers right now. So you roll a pair of D10's and one rolls a 2 and another rolls an 8, you would inflict 1 point of damage on the Despot. Damage is tracked with damage dice (use a d6) to show how many points you have taken. So that Despot you inflicted one point of damage on is on DT1 (everyone starts at DT0) which will effect his movement and DV values after the section that is attacking him is done. Best part of CAV is now that you inflicted a point of damage, your opponent gets to shoot back at you! Defensive fire can be taken whether you are hit or not, the fact that you were shot at is what triggers defensive fire in a CAV. To go further with that same example let's say you declare you will fire all your direct weapons at the Despot, so you have a pair of GC's and a Direct Fire Missile pack aimed at him. You roll 3 D10's and get a 1, a 0 and an 8. That means you missed with one GC shot, hit the second with a possible crit and hit with the DFM. You roll again for crit and again roll a 0 (man, you're on a roll!) so that means you give the Despot 2 points of damage for your original rolls and another 3 points for the crit. He's now suffered 5 points of total damage bringing him to his 4th DT (the 0 track is where you start from), you've almost toasted him in your first go 'round. :) That's a very basic breakdown of how it works without any ECM defensive values or EST targeting assistance being brought to bear. The data cards may seem a bit weird to look at for the beginning but it makes a lot of sense after you play a little and what seems like a bunch of weird numbers really paints a very simple and easy to understand picture. Is there anyone close to you who plays or is a Black Lightning member that could give you a demo? Hope that helps and isn't too confusing, don't hesitate to ask any questions you have! :)
  17. One of the best parts of the whole CAV universe (at least IMO) aside from the game is the huge sandbox we have as gamers and dreamers to play in. There's lots of room to create units and their background fluff to help shape the fans view of the universe aside from the canon stuff. So get that creative mind flowing and put together some fluff! :)
  18. I appreciate it! It's nice to truly feel welcomed somewhere, and if people had any clue what they are missing with this game universe, well I think it would blow their minds! Thanks again! That's where each CAV player comes in, word of mouth and pointing people to this site and to Mil-Net. Tell all your friends, get them playing with you and before long you'll have a mighty nice regular crew to play CAV with and go to cons with. :)
  19. What did you order and where are you located? Hostility is saved for the battlefield to let the CAV's do the 'battling', here we all just chill and shoot the breeze and make tons of cool new friends. :) Welcome aboard!
  20. You'll find this group to be one of the best of any Merc, seriously this is a really great group of people and gamers.
  21. I'm up for it. New players eh? Why not bring them down to Hobby Annex tonight or in two weeks, let them get a demo and some play time before heading to the Reaper monthly tournament so they are a bit more familiar with the game. We're more than happy to get some new players to join the group! :)
  22. The CAV game page here at Reaper has been updated with that information you are looking for, you can check it out here http://www.reapermini.com/Games/CAV. Hope that answers your questions, any others feel free to ask here.
  23. Yea, was wondering if the December CAV tourney was still on. Was there a November tourney?
  24. I'm worried that the only thing it will have in common with the book is the title and very basic storyline of being the last human on Earth. I love Will Smith as an actor and he could pull it off, my concern is more with the writing and how they may have 'reimagined' it. For those wanting to see the original which is very much like the book with Vincent Price, you can either pick it up on DVD in a dollar store or you can freely (and LEGALLY) download it as it is in the Public Domain here
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