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  1. Longest 'trance' I ever had myself in like that was back in the day playing Wasteland on my old Apple IIe. I was home on leave and decided to sit down and play a game after eating dinner with the family, around 6:30ish or so. Next thing I know my dad comes in and says I should go get some sleep and give the game a rest, it was around noon the next day. lol Didn't hit me til I shut the game down that I was playing for almost 18 hours, then it hit me like a ton of bricks and I crashed only to wake up and pick up where I left off. :)
  2. If it's this weekend I won't be able to make it. :( Was able to make last month's tho. lol
  3. I'm in the same boat as Qwyksilver, I love my Opti Visors. Have been using them for a couple of years now for model building, the wife always gets a kick out of me wearing them too because I always forget their still on. One day I answered the house phone while they were on and the wife walked in and asked me why I was wearing them. Forgot they were on! lol
  4. The movie rights have been bought and the screenplay is being written already, if they stick to the book and make it a 'documentary' style movie it'll be awesome. Only concern I have is that if they do go with the documentary feel/look, they severely limit the shaky handheld camera. THAT is utterly annoying and highly overused in movies anymore. Good to see some fellow zombie enthusiasts here. :) I have to recommend two other excellent reads, Plague of the Dead by ZA Recht and Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. Both of them are outstanding books, the first is a novel and the second is written in a diary format but don't let that fool you. I think DBDA is even better than POD, DBDA has traditional 'Romero' zombies in it but some of them can move a little quicker. The reason for it is in the book and it's plausible, grab it!
  5. Dangit! Was looking forward to playing this month, especially since I can't make it the first weekend next month. :( Why do you think it was cancelled? lol J/K Sorry, couldn't resist Jason. :)
  6. We should definitely plan on trying to get some CAV going there next year, that's one thing they're sorely missing is some good mecha action! :)
  7. Nice job on some nice mini's! Then again, they're Marines so I'm biased. lol The leggings were canvas and were generally either tan or mustard color, tan was WWI era and mustard color was WWII into Korea which was where the Marines were given the nickname 'yellow legs' by the Chinese.
  8. I'm so sorry for your loss, I sympathize with you as I too lost my dog earlier this year from that tainted pet food mess. The hurt feelings will ease with time and you'll be able to look back on all the wonderful times you shared with your friend. Dogs truly are wonderful animals and we are fortunate to be able to have them in our lives.
  9. I've not played Warlord yet myself but since it's a RAGE game, I understand it flows very similar to CAV. Having seen several WH games played and knowing how Warlord plays similar to CAV, I have to say the RAGE setup is far better to play especially for newer players. It has the right balance of speed, fun and complexity. Not to mention Reaper bases their prices on material to create the mini, not point values in game which really makes me like a game system and the developer/manufacturer.
  10. Moezilla


    Damn, troop level CAV? Any chance that may come back into play someday? THAT would be cool!
  11. Moezilla


    Sorry for sounding like an idiot but what exactly is AICOM?
  12. Moezilla


    Say it ain't so?! I thought you were working on the American Idol CCG, not the Paris one! I am SO disappointed now, I wanted to be Ryan Seacrest. :)
  13. The one thing to keep in mind is that Reaper is offering the 'SWAG' points and Asylum SWAG gear as a bonus to buying a mini, box set or other item. It's a way for us to get something a little extra and pretty neat for a discount as a thanks for supporting the company and our favorite game system.
  14. Sounds very fair and reasonable Matt. TJB I think that should satisfy any concerns you had don't you?
  15. I don't see why people would complain about the change in SWAG? Getting a t-shirt for 20 points plus $12 is actually a cheaper alternative to the older 40 plus $5 shipping. I think the new SWAG system is actually better, you can use your SWAG points quicker now to attain stuff rather than having to wait and keep collecting points. I've had no issues with getting stuff via points but then again I've gotten stuff at Reaper HQ in person than through mail so that helps. lol I've only had one problem and that was with an order, a CAV t-shirt that I'm still waiting on that wasn't shipped before Gen Con as there are no XL shirts in yet. I'll probably use my other SWAG points for getting a Reaper shirt itself, I'm more than happy to advertise for a company I support. Relax people, change is something that has to happen from time to time. Btw, how do you use the points at ReaperCon?
  16. Family is much more important than playing a game, get that sorted first and then be sure to come out and join us!
  17. Sorry to hear that, hope all goes as well as it can in the situation.
  18. Thanks go out to Shaun for hosting this month's tourney, had lots of fun again and look forward to the next one! Also a big thanks for taking the time after the games to give me some painting tips with Reaper paints, learned some neat new tricks from him as well as Anne. Very appreciated! Thanks go to Pat for playing great games and continuing to help me have a ton of fun playing CAV! Missed you today Deguello, shoulda been there!
  19. Yea, any idea on point structure and game types?
  20. You can see which mini's are effected in the latest Casket Works.
  21. For the quality of the sculpts I've seen of the CAV and Warlord mini's, I think Reaper has been VERY fair on their prices. So they now need to boost some prices due to rising costs, this is to be expected. It will effect everyone in different ways, some will curtail their purchases and others will just cut back or adjust. I don't think it'll (and it shouldn't) hurt Reaper, they're in business to make money and they need to do what they need to do.
  22. I've not tried this on a metal mini so I'm not sure if it'll work but give a little white out a try, the stuff you use to correct errors on paper. You can probably snag a bottle of it at work, give it a shot and see if it works for ya. If it doesn't, you didn't spend any money. I've used this with good success on styrene models but for small areas, not large. A couple things to keep in mind with white out, it will dry fast but can easily be removed if you don't like the outcome. It also shrinks, so add more than you think is needed. Any excess can easily be trimmed out and then lightly sanded, hope that helps!
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