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  1. Ply her with toys, clothes and jewelry and you'll have no problem. :)
  2. I was up at The Asylum today and got a good look at the LE mini's in person and I have to say they look really nice. The pictures don't do them justice at all, they're pretty darned sweet.
  3. Had a blast at my first CAV tourney, the scenarios were great and I learned a VERY painful yet valuable lesson on section activation in the second scenario. Recluses are evil, they must be killed! lol Thanks to Pat for playing and again assisting me with questions, props to Shaun for some interesting and fun scenarios. That last one looked painful just on paper let alone putting units on the field! Looking forward to the next one! :)
  4. Sorry to hear about the car Jason, glad tho to hear you're ok. Hope you can get the car fixed fine and it isn't as expensive as a Thunderbird in a 2k point game. :)
  5. So then the transport case UPC code would count for SWAG points? Good thing I kept it then. lol
  6. I will try to get out to this one, so you all might have a newbie to beat up on. :) Need to get out there one of these months to play and swap out my Starhawk torso that's cracked. While I'm there, can I trade in my product codes for SWAG?
  7. I saw a place offering 'painters notes' with mini purchases the other day, was wondering what exactly the notes were like. Is it a pamphlet or a 2 sided sheet of paper with examples of what was done etc?
  8. Well, it's been approved by Reaper for inclusion in the fan fiction area, yeeha!
  9. Yup, that's how I understood the fluff military setup as well. That's why I wrote the other Legions as being reserve ones and the 8th as Terran borne for training and ceremonial/real guard duty.
  10. Sorry, didn't see that post over at Mil-Net. I caught your original one when I was doing a read through the older posts (past 6 months) and saw you were talking about making an 82 Airborne one. Was trying to see if there was a Marine Corps one, if not then I need to make one cuz Marines only fight as Marines. :)
  11. I was a bit bored earlier having taken care of a few things I had to around the house and decided to sit down and write up an idea I've had running in my head since I just started into this wonderful world of CAV. Since there's so much room for expanding and allowing fans to create parts of the overall story of CAV, I decided to write up a new Legion. Let me know what you guys think about this idea, I may be off on some aspects as I'm still learning the existing universe. UNITED TERRAN MARINE CORPS - 22nd LEGION Drawing on it’s lineage to the famed United States Marine Corps of old Earth, the UTMC continues to carry the fight to the enemy as one of the most stalwart Legions in the United Terran Federation Military Forces. Following the Rach assault of Earth in 2181, the countries of the world formed a new government and new military structure. With the Terran military headquarters based near Dallas, Texas there was a strong call for some semblance to the old military order by those living in the United States. Needing a ‘shock force’ for planetary assaults to establish secure beach heads where follow-on forces could safely land, the decision was made to formally create a ‘Corps of Marines’ under the Department of the Terran Space Navy and this was done on the symbolic day of November 10, 2183 the birthdate of the original US Marine Corps. Steeped in established history of the US Marine Corps, the newly formed UTMC decided to keep many of the existing traditions in place. The emblem of the Marine Corps has stayed the same; the Eagle, Globe and Anchor represent the cornerstones of the new Federation. The Eagle represents security, the Globe for the home planet Terra under which the Federation was formed and that the Marine Corps protects and the Anchor for its naval traditions in both wet and space navies. The UTMC has proven itself a vital part of Terran security and military might on numerous occasions, being the tip of the spear on many operations fighting in any “clime or place”. The new Legion structure of the United Terran Military Forces has brought about the formation of almost 300 legions, with two thirds of them being reserve training units. The UTMC comprises four of those legions. The active Fleet Marine Force (FMF) unit being the 22nd Legion, the “Double Deuce” as they are more familiarly known headquartered in Quantico, VA USA with two main camps and several other smaller support and air/space stations located throughout the United States. The 222nd and 333rd Legions are the reserve training units and the fourth and final legion is the 8th Legion, which is one of the “Praetorian Guard” units of Earth. The 8th Legion serves the dual purpose of hosting recruit training for prospective new Marines as well as selecting the cream of the crop to serve as part of their famed honor guard which stands watch over the Terran Supreme Councilor. Known as the “Councilors Own”; the 8th Legion, I Company Detachment (known as ‘8th and I’) not only serves as an honor guard for ceremonies and parades but provide daily secure transportation and stands guard to protect the office of the Councilor on a daily basis. It is one of the highest honors to serve in this detachment where promotions come quick and visibility is high. The recruit training portion of the 8th Legion is handled in the traditional locations of the former United States Marine Corps at San Diego, California and Parris Island, South Carolina USA. Recruit training is a rigorous 13 month ordeal that covers all facets of military life such as close order drill, rifle marksmanship, zero-g combat and planetary invasion exercises among others to ensure a newly trained Marine can operate in “any clime or place”. Once a recruit has earned the Eagle, Globe and Anchor they are assigned duty to a camp Earthside or may be shipped out to one of the many outposts in the Terran Federation. There are also contingents of Marines on every Terran Naval vessel forming MTF’s (Marine Task Forces), which are smaller parts of the overall MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) for that sector. Each MTF is equipped and supplied to carry out offensive strikes wherever called to project power by the Terran Government and protect its interests. Here's a look at a couple of logo's I came up with for it: http://s106.photobucket.com/albums/m241/Mo...=UTMCLegend.jpg http://s106.photobucket.com/albums/m241/Mo...t=UTMCBadge.jpg
  12. What goes on at the paint club meets every week? Classes or just general chit chat?
  13. Hmm, I kinda like the Terran military doctrine. lol
  14. Ahh, so THAT'S why I couldn't find some of those listed in the data cards. Makes sense now!
  15. Thanks for the explanations guys, I appreciate it. Both doctrines suit my tastes, although I do mainly like having stand off capability as the Terrans seem to have and use to their best capabilities. It follows our modern military doctrine, which is probably why I find it 'comfortable' to understand easy enough. Ritterlich's seems to go for the brawler mentality, which I also like too. All depends on my mood I suppose but both of those sound interesting and fun to play. Have a couple deals in the works to get more CAV's, then I can sit down and work up some units. Might even work up an Independent unit as well, it allows a little more flexibility in using units from different factions. Templars also looked cool too, man there's just so much to enjoy in this game. :) Btw, has the mini list over at Mil-Net been updated to the latest list of mini's available or is there a new list elsewhere? Reason I ask is I've found some mentions of other mini's I didn't find in that list. That's a great list, I have spent a little time getting to know the mini's through this list and even worked up a little spreadsheet with some breakdowns in it if anyone would find that useful. Can I add attachments to these posts, I could put it here if so. If there's an updated list of models, I could use that to keep the spreadsheet updated. Gotta go run and take the wife out for our anniversary. :)
  16. Btw, as I've stated above I'm new to the CAV 'verse and am looking at both Ritterlich and the Terrans as possible factions. Any reason to go either way? Or even both? lol
  17. While I've not played CAV yet, I did get to play my first MW game yesterday and I did get a similar feel from the rules that I'm just starting to get a feel for in MW and those I've read in CAV, While some people may look down on MW and even some on CAV due to a presumed 'simplicity' (meaning you don't need to actually study the rules as a second job lol), I think both games sound really fun and play fast which are the big keys. MW is now about combined arms, similar to the way CAV is setup but 'mechs in MW aren't the main point of attention as they are in CBT. Having played CBT years ago, I find the MW game is a LOT better as it's faster and the games are bigger. CAV from what I've been told and have been learning is the same way, it's meant for bigger games. We played a 3 on 4 last night, each player had 600 points (with an extra 600 for the 3 man team) running a total of 4800 points over all. We started late so we ran late but the game was pretty much decided in about 2-2.5 hours, you couldn't get a lance on lance battle done in CBT in that time frame. I could be way off here but the biggest differences I am getting is that CAV (and even the new MW) are more about tactics, teamwork and more fun versus accounting and munchkinism. Not knocking that for those who are heavy CBT players but for me, I want to go somewhere, meet with people and play the game through to its conclusion (real or logical if you call the game a bit early) rather than spending several hours to get only a few rounds in. The great thing is that there are all these games out there that appeal to various tastes, have a loyal following of gamers and we can keep them going hopefully for many years to come.
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