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  1. So here are grumpy Grimr's three rules for new painters: Rule #1: Coverage, coverage, coverage. Don't even think about drybrushing, washes, blending, highlights, or NMM until you consistantly put down all of your chosen colors onto every miniature so that not one molecule of primer or metal is showing. Nothing breaks the illusion like primer or pewter showing through. White primer is terrible for this. I'm serious, do nothing else until you cover everything. Yes, that often means two or three thin coats. Go back and clean up sloppy lines as many times as needed. Rule #2: Proper preperation prevents poor paintjobs. Clean it, file it, scrape it until the mold lines are gone. Prime it with quality paint (I miss GW black primer, but Army Paitner black is good) and stay away from Armory it is TERRIBLE). Neglect these steps at your discretion, but know in advance that your lack of preparation will be ovious in the final result. Rule #3 Drybrushing and washes are a crutch. If you want an army painted so that you can go play, use washes and paints. If you want to improve your painting, avoid these shortcuts. Learn to blend, learn to highlight manually, learn to use a palate. Are there amazing wash masters? Sure. Are there appropriate times to dry brush? Chainmail. Not hair, ever. It just looks bad and clumpy and it is fundamentally incompatible with painting realistic hair. Grump grump!
  2. I use GW figures for D&D (right now we're doing 3.5 in the Mordheim setting) so I just buy a little here and there. I love failcast because every time I buy it I get two miniatures (one flawed off the shelf model, and one free replacement). Never had a bad experience with their customer service, but we can't know how you are approaching them, explaining the problem, etc. We also don't know if they had a newb or disgruntled worker on the line. In the last ten years I've gotten at least 20 replacements from them for miscasts, including the ENTIRE fortified manor because one peice was badly baked. Hate their diabolical price scheme, love thier replacement policy.
  3. Reaper employees wish list: A nap. Another nap. A nap-oriented vacation. At least, that's my guess.
  4. I'm glad you clarified that none of the bones minis are negotiable; I was cornfuzed and thought they might all be swapable.
  5. Aye, I told my boss I'd have teh project completed within two stretch goals.
  6. We knew the end would be frantic, but this is bloody unreal.
  7. Am I missing something? I show 42 hours to go and am sitting in the same time zone as Denton, TX... so...ten minutes till what?
  8. Reaper is a cut above the rest; proving that you can be in it for the money, and keep your humanity. I seem to recall a few years ago when they had to raise prices and Ed wrote a full page apology in the calatogue. I knew right then that I'd be buying minis from them for a long time, and this whole Bones kickstarter has just cemented that feeling. I'm having way too much fun here.
  9. I wonder if Reaper will have to expand their facility and/or hire a gaggle of new people to handle the suddenly extensive Bones line. That is a load of minis to deliver on the initial crunch...how will this affect production of existing lines? Surely they can't divert all of their people to producing Bones... thoughts?
  10. Don't get me wrong; I like the Fobs, and I understand the difficulties of shipping. I'm not a hat/t-shirt guy, so that limits my selection. Not Reaper's fault in any way. I think it would be nice if we could trade points for minis, or a discount on minis. That would be a good motivator for me, and I'd be likely to purchase a mini or two while I was at it. Just a thought. BTW how great is Reaper as a company? I can remember being stunned a few years ago when they wrote a long apology for raising the prices of thier models. Most companies would just do it and not say aword, but the folks at reaper (as evidenced by Reaperbryan's post) actually care about and seem to genuinely care about thier customers. That's pretty rare.
  11. Ok maybe not a rant, but a general malaise. One thing that I had been looking forward to for years was getting my hands on that reaper paint rack. It's pretty much the only reason I ever bothered saving PoPs. I have just over a hundred bottles of paint in circulation, and it's a devil keeping them all straight. So I dutifully saved my Proofs, waiting for the day when I could get that woofin' paint rack. I have about 55 proofs currently mouldering in a drawer in the paint room. I'm sure if I cleaned out my car I could find at least five more. I probably have at least 70 scattered around my house. Of course they changed the program; apparently it was costing them a little too much. Well they are a business after all and not a charity. BUT THEY GOT RID OF THE PAINT RACK!!! What the heck man? I like the key fobs, they are well designed and pretty slick. Just not enough to justify buying a $5 chunk of metal for exactly what I consider to be it's actual value, plus shipping that costs just as much as the bloody fob. At that rate I don't see the use of bothering to cut out Proofs on roughly $64 worth of minis. Just sell the swag and call it good. The Rack was 90 Reaper points, which comes to $630 worth of brand loyalty, which I think is a good deal for both parties if I pay shipping. SO if I'm not willing to pay for the swag, should I just toss the proofs? I don't know why I'm sitting on them but I can't bring myself to throw them away. Maybe I'm hoping for the return of the rack.
  12. The ONLY thing I might look at would be a matte varnish for his hair, unless you want hit to look wet, but then it wouldn't be flowing like that. His skin looks fine a little glossy, as he might be sweating, but dirty hair (not greasy, but actually dirty) tends to be very flat. Look at pictures of a sloth to see what I mean. Vallejo makes a good matte varnish that would work nicely. Other than that, it's really spot on. The color transitions and blending are top notch.
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