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    small lil nowhere place in nowhereland south of nothingsville. But mostly just in my own little mind =]
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    Well wargames obviously or else I wouldn't be here, right? But mostly I'm into anime and manga - my fav anime is Ghost in the Shell. I love videogames and my fav series there is Kingdom Hearts ^__^ My fav kind of music is anything that's not rap or country and my fav band is Breaking Benjamin! I like meeting new people and having a good conversation. <br /><br />Right now I'm working on becoming a writer of gothic fantasy and I'm already working of some stories.

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  1. Well basically I was looking for a place where I might be able to introduce myself since I wouldn't feel right just posting willy nilly without first doing so. Basically my name's Armadio and as far as I can guess I'm probably the youngest member on this site. That's it so see you!
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