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  1. I feel the best thing anyone can do is diversify. If we only have a handful of companies, then we only have a handful of games. Try out new games that might just be at the 'indy' stage of development. You never know, it could be the next big thing. Look up types of games you have never tried like.... spaceship combat modern and WW2 combat American Civil War Napoleonic Ancient Civilizations There are tons of scales and tons of games, many of which don't require more monetarily than half of the bigger companies.
  2. Ooh rah. I tried to figure some way to make IG less 'army' and more 'Marine Corp' and the only thing I could come up with was to make them drop troops. It is more akin to amphibious assault and relies more on infantry and walkers. I also thought about an inquisitorial force based around stormtroopers which would be more specialized. 1345 Heavy Junker...
  3. Well there used to be non 'sisters of battle' space marines back in the early early days. Sisters of battle arent really space marines as they arent genetically altered per the fluff. They are more like inquisitors, just combat folks in power armor.
  4. At one point all my terminators were the ones from the space hulk game.
  5. If that's the case then I would almost try to start a new CAV group again than be limited to GW. Thats me though and I feel for your plight. Lots of other games out there too, its a pity that some folks that go down that GW alley cant seem to get out of the 'there is only GW' mentality. Between GW or clix is like trying to pick the lesser of two evils... not sure there is a winner.
  6. You might want to see if anyone in your area plays Flames of War as well, I know around here it has as large a following as the GW products do, if not bigger. It might not be your thing since it is WW2 based but it will keep you from the GW insanity lol.
  7. Simple Green is too, they use it on US Navy Ships and it is fine to flush down the drain.
  8. Does Z and Me have a US distributor? Really looking more for a micro armor scale.
  9. I am looking for some 1/285 - 1/300th (micro armor) scale construction equipment models. Specifically I am looking for a front loader, bulldozer and backhoe. If anyone knows where to find these or something similar I would appreciate it. Thanks
  10. I second John Paul Jones and raise you a Presley O'Bannon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presley_O'Bannon Second person to raise the stars and stripes on foreign soil (first was 3 months previous by his commander William Eaton) during the United States first real fight after the Revolution, the Barbary Pirates War. It is a really understudied piece of American history.
  11. To me, near future isnt sci fi as it usually consists of things that are known to be in the works or could be done with our current level of tech. Sci fi to me is stuff like warp drives, super hover tanks, man portable rail guns, etc.
  12. If you just want to paint them with no intention of selling then go nuts and try out different things. If you want to sell them on ebay then you should probably paint them like whatever latest codex is coming out soon, I believe that the dark angels (dark green, bone color robes) just got re released and the blood angels (blood red and black) will be somewhere in the near future. Picking the more popular chapters of the space marines will render a better chance of a sale than just random colors. If you want ones with a bit more detail then I would go with Cybershadow's advice and get grey knights or bit out some deathwatch as these can be useful to most generic space marine armies. For Cadians you would either want to model them more as veterans so that they can look a bit different from someones main force, or go with some of the more standard paint schemes found on the GW site for them. You might want to try the stormtroopers as most Imperial Guard players I used to play only had one of these units but the detail in them is better than the standard troopers. I believe stormtroopers can be used by other armies now as well, so this might sell a bit better on ebay. Perhaps you could throw a reaper model in with the sale and try to convert the buyers?
  13. Thought this would be interesting to a few folks here. A friend gave me the plasticard dimensions of one he made and I made a card stock version.
  14. My daughter and I made these for a game of Full Thrust we wanted to try before buying starship minis, it turned out being as much fun making them as it was playing the game.
  15. When I saw it I remember the owner telling me that he had the wire spaced about the same spacing as his minis bases, in his case 40k. If you can imagine a topographical map of a hillside and replace the elevation lines with wire, I think you get the picture. I don't think it was perfect, but it at least gave some use to the hill instead of the normal 'terraced' type.
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