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  1. What are the sprue options for him? It looks like right hand can be sword mace or axe, and elft can be sword or shield? Is that accurate?
  2. 1. What is the scale on those? Are they consistent with the DHL line? 2. Are the crescent bases integral to the models? Or are they on smaller DHL-style bases that then place on the crescents? Thanks.
  3. More minotaurs - Females - Robed/spellcasters More "battle golems" - Casters - Various weapons Also more minis with choices of weapos included.
  4. I want that minotaur so bad I can taste it. WANT. When is it available?
  5. DHL isn't getting a whole lot of love lately.
  6. Huh. I have had the opposite experience. My group is almost at 10th level, and there respource management skills are now such that they almost never forgo their at-wills during an encounter. In fact, lately they have been taking extended rests not because they have no dailies left (as they did in the early levels), but because they were completely out of healing surges.
  7. This is good news for me. I'm getting ready to ebay my entire 3.5 collection.
  8. Any chance Platypod will be available to get in hand by Christmas?
  9. (Sorry. Didn't notice it was my turn.) Rolf summons the primal power of the Wildblood Frenzy, his blood boiling as he makes two powerful attacls against the ogre. He then yells at the beast as he carefully shifts backwards. "Come on then, you ugly mutt! Let's have a chase!" Rolf's hope is to set his paladin ally up for an attack on their foe. Free action: Mark the ogre Standard Action: Wildblood Frenzy First attack: 1d20+7 → [18,7] = (25) vs. AC. If it hits, 1d10+7 → [9,7] = (16) points of damage. Second Attack: 1d20+7 → [15,7] = (22) vs. AC. If it hits, 1d10+7 → [2,7] = (9) points of damage. Move Action: Shift to L16.
  10. I'm pretty monogomous with D&D 4th Edition. So if Reaper could continue to put out thinly veiled analogues of D&D 4e races/classes, I would be deply appreciative and give you many of my dollars.
  11. Can somebody explain to me what a "bummet" is? :)
  12. Most folks I know use charge because it keys to powers they have, or because the bad guy is far enough out that they couldn't move and hit if they didn't. I know that Wardens can use their mark as part of a charge, according to WOTC. So they mark essentially mid-charge. Since the response to a missed mark is an immediate reaction, what would be the point of specifying that if they couldn't take that reaction? Same with AOO. It's up to Randy in the context of this game, I just haven't seen anyone in any of the games I've played interpret a charge as rendering the PC helpless until their next turn.
  13. I think you're going overboard with it.
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