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  1. Your zombie shark looks awesome.
  2. I received my town council pledge yesterday. They are so cute!
  3. The Citrine household here in East Iowa is doing good. I have been working from home since before it became mandatory. My company has actually been very good in handling the Pandemic, and I don't expect to have to go to the office until after there is a vaccine that has been distributed. No riots or protests near me yet. I understand the protesters, there is a lot to be frustrated about. I expect there will be bad inflation in late fall or winter, possibly preceded by the opposite for a bit. If you can afford it, buy larger items on your list soon. We just replaced our furnace and ac. Planting a garden is also a great thing to do now, if you have the opportunity. Like @Lord of the Dish Pit said, getting to know your neighbors and building a strong local community is very important in uncertain times like these.
  4. I finished 12 this month, so totally smashed thru the goal for the month. I am now at 52 for the year, which means I have already reached my yearly goal of finishing 50.
  5. The dark body with the yellow mane is very striking, I really like it!
  6. That's a neat mini and a cool paint job!
  7. It is beautiful, and that base is awesome!
  8. This dragon looks great as a green dragon. Beautiful shading on the scales, and nice base too. This mini is very versatile. I have one painted up as a black swamp dragon, and intend to paint one up as a red as well.
  9. Reaper doctor and nurse: Show-off thread here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91716-citrine-paints-reaper-doctor-and-nurse/
  10. The right oxen was painted with craft paints, I wanted to see how it compared. it turned out fine, but its for sure shinier than the Reaper paint I used on the left one.
  11. In my quest to paint up every race class combination, I tackled this fun mini from Oathsworn Miniatures. One bad thing about pre-painting dragonborn is that they have unique powers based on their dragon color, so how likely is it that someone want to pick this mini in blue for the character? Oh well, another one down!
  12. She looks great, I really like that white stripe in her hair.
  13. My son's girlfriend stayed with us a week in the middle of May and I ran a Savage World WW2 horror one-shot. These two american soldiers here was choices for one of the pre-generated characters I had ready, but he was not picked by any of the 3 players (my husband, my son and girlfriend). American Sniper, Reaper SKU 37008, also available in the multi-pack of American Soldiers SKU 50075. Pvt Tim Hernandez, Reaper SKU 37016
  14. My son's girlfriend stayed with us a week in the middle of May and I ran a Savage World WW2 horror one-shot for my husband, my son and the girlfriend. The nurse and doctor where the identical male and female versions of the same was one of the pre-generated character I had ready, and my son's girlfriend played the nurse. Probably the most challenging character to play, since the character was a pacifist. She did awesome though, came up with alternate ways to help in combat. Here is a photo of the 3 characters together, my son played the War Correspondent, represented by previously painted Max Decker, Private Eye (SKU 50051), my husband played the Guerrilla, represented by Ernesto, Revolutionary (SKU 50043) Links to the other show off threads: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63252-max-decker-private-eye-reaper-chronoscope-50051/&tab=comments#comment-1186875 https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91715-citrine-paints-ernesto-the-revolutionary-reaper/ Nurse Ann Foster, Reaper SKU 500528 Dr Thomas Welby, Reaper SKU 50257
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