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  1. I still have not gotten the minis for this Kickstarter. Are there others in the same boat?
  2. I went all out on reading this weekend, finished all 3 of the Manticore Ascended series. Looking forward to the 4th one coming out soon. Very enjoyable space opera.
  3. I was not told I had to stop my immune suppressant medication for any of the shots, which was just as well. I would have balked at that idea. No thank you, I do not want a colitis flare-up.
  4. Shot 3 after-effects are about as bad as number 2 I would say. Body aches this morning, and fatigue now. Glad I took the day off, I tried sitting at my home pc earlier today and I just got super tired after just 5 minutes.
  5. Since I am on the immune compromised category, I just got my third Pfizer jab this afternoon. Still feeling OK, but I did tell work I am taking a sick day tomorrow.
  6. These are really great! I might have to steal this idea!
  7. Hubby and I backed, the sculpts look good, they are made in the US, and the video with the dwarf sealed the deal.
  8. Hoping to at least paint something in September, and keep doing Bones 5 inventory.
  9. I did finish 4 in August, despite not painting or touching minis at all in the last 2 weeks. Just been too tired and stressed from work, and having a touch of depression sneak in as well. Hoping to at least paint something in September, and keep doing Bones 5 inventory.
  10. 31st wedding anniversary today. Going to celebrate with pizza and ice cream later. And watch a movie with hubby and offspring.
  11. Thanks guys! Celebrating with pizza and ice cream tonight! Also I am taking the next week off work, so my stress level is already way down.
  12. So August looks better for painting, since I am taking next week as vacation. I am starting up a new Savage Worlds campaign, so need to paint up some player characters for that.
  13. I did terrible in July, only finished the Wizkids Gelatinous Cube, and there was not much paint needed on that one.... Work has been crazy busy and stressful. Today I got on at 5am, and logged a 12 hour day which put me at 50 for the week. At least I am taking next week off mostly (just going to log in Monday morning to do some financial reportingšŸ™„ ). Ah the life of an engineer stuck doing boring non-engineering stuff.
  14. Great job on the conversion and the paint slinging!
  15. I am still doing inventory, I have gotten through the core set and the dungeon dwellers expansion. The minis look great, really impressed. In the dungeon dwellers set there was only 2 minis with any significant mold lines, the succubus and one of the goblins. Found one error so far, my smallest dragon in the core set had 2 base+head sprues and no wings.
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