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  1. Completed my March 2023 goal with: Fantasy Series 1 Giant Fire Beetle Fantasy Series 1: Female Elf Monk Reaper Bones Black Owlbear (Large - counts as 2)
  2. I got some bad news about my knee last week. The X-ray had shown only minimal damage, but the knee kept hurting after months of treatment. I got the results from my recent MRI, and the cartilage is apparently mostly gone. So a knee replacement is in my future. Have an appointment March 30 to talk to the doc about it. In more fun work news, I got approved to attend a Cyber class all next week and I am looking forward to that. I declined travel, and instead I will attend remotely from home. I figure staying home will be more conducive to learning than being at work and getting physically interrupted.
  3. Same goal as every month, finish 4. Already doing good, finished a fire beetle today.
  4. I finished 5 so exceeded my goal of 4. Another good month of painting.
  5. Got a big box from this Kickstarter yesterday, have not had time to look at anything in detail yet, just admired the box art on a few.
  6. Goal is again finishing 4, which should be doable, since I have 3 that are 1 painting session from being done. I am not adding any extra to my goal as I am going to Portugal next week with friends, and then on to Norway to visit family for 4 days at the tail end of the trip.
  7. I finished 4, one of which where large, so exceded my January goal Wizkids Griffon Reaper Pack Reindeer Wizkids Red Dragon Wyrmling Reaper Bones 5 Witch
  8. Just watched Narvik: Hitler's First Defeat on Netflix, thought it was well done. As a bonus, my dad's lovingly restored Mercedes Benz is in the movie, near the end when the Norwegians are celebrating. Here is my dad's pic of the car:
  9. We will likely back this, as we are big fans of Savage Worlds.
  10. I felt super productive today on the hobby front. I finished entering all the Blacklist minis into my tracking spreadsheet, I then started and finished a speed painted Wizkids baby dragon, and I also finished the Bones 5 witch. This brings me up to 5 minis finished in January, so surpassed my goal!
  11. I did get a couple of hobgoblins as part of my most recent order, but we splurged on metal, so I cannot say anything about resin hobgobs.
  12. We got our 2 boxes yesterday, and the minis look very good.
  13. I just got the minis I ordered from Tomb Guardians today, and both the metal and the resin minis look good. I am not seeing any issues with the resin ones.
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