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  1. Last night we watched Grabbers, it was a very enjoyable horror comedy set on an island off Ireland. The monsters have an unusual weakness our heroes exploit to its fullest and hilarity ensues.
  2. Personally, I favor black with red trim, so that is why I painted my cultists that way.
  3. Midlam Miniatures has a cute new Kickstarter with kid and teen miniatures: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1662635043/junior-townsfolk-and-villagers?ref=checkout_rewards_page Of course I backed, I have backed almost all of Midlam's Kickstarters, I am definitely a fan of their style.
  4. We watched the original Pumpkin head movie last night. Great movie, great monster by Stan Winston.
  5. This is very cool and well done, and you definately need to enter it into the yearly diorama contest on the Reaper boards!
  6. We watched Generation War on Amazon Prime, it was very good, but also sad. It's in German, about 5 young friends at the beginning of WW2, and what happens to them during the war.
  7. I decided to order some of the paints going away: 9073 Chestnut Gold 9093 Golden Highlight 9142 Stained Ivory 9230 Soft Blue 9232 Bright Skin Shadow 9234 Bright Skin Highlight 9236 Black Green 9237 Violet Shadow 9249 Sandy Brown 9268 Volcano Brown 9270 Shadow Green 9285 Denim Blue 9291 IMEF Olive 9293 Alien Flesh 9295 Rach Red 9297 Adonese Green 1031 Ghoulie Bag Promotion FREE 4011 Maskarr Stoneskin, Half-Giant Warrior FREE
  8. I have to go with paint more, since I only had 2 painting sessions last month. Work has been crazy busy, so I have been completely drained when I finished each work day. But increment planning is now over, so maybe more brush time is in my future.
  9. I didnt get anything finished this month, I only painted twice in September.
  10. The latest update showed some production samples, they look fantastic. I am glad I backed.
  11. Congratulations, this is an exciting journey!
  12. I finally got the refund for the trip to Norway that was canceled back in March. That took a little while...
  13. Residue was an enjoyable little Lovecraftian tale about an evil book. It was super creepy and violent, but they mostly stayed away from jump scares. I liked it even if I am not a horror fan.
  14. Very nice color on the clothing and the face and hair are awesome like normal. The hose looks very good as it is, but it is just slightly too dark right on and above the bent knee I think, hose would be stretched most there, and show more of the original skin color.
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