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  1. Same old boring goal: finish 4 medium or equivalent minis for this month.
  2. This is my physical mini collection versus what I have painted....
  3. Love the transitions on the blue, looks like deep water!
  4. Get better soon @OneBoot, that does not sound like any fun at all!
  5. Mostly used speed paint on this, had to redo the roof, since the blue didnt work for the speed paint, so that is blue undercoat with Army painted blue shade instead. Before I painted it, the mini had already fallen to the floor twice and I had had to re-glue the broken bits. Figured now that it has paint, I will be more careful with it.
  6. This was a Kickstarter Excusive mini I got as part of the 28mm Fantasy Dwarven Miniature Collection II Kickstarter. Solid matt Black basecoat with heavy outlining using Reaper Copper Verdigris paint. Looks rather menacing in hand, and I am happy with how it turned out.
  7. Some speed painted bones minis: 1. Reaper Bones 77723 Harrowgate Shrines - Angel with Scythe Painted this with Army painters speed paint, with just some light touch ups. 2. Bones 5 Pirate Shrine to Meriwyn Painted this by base coating with different colors, then drybrushing light gray.
  8. This is the metal version of the Giant Cave Sloth (SKU 3672) painted with the face pattern of a 3 fingered sloth. Tried to go for a greenish gray fur color, to allude to the eco-system that is sloth fur.
  9. Little Red Riding Hood dwarf (SKU 77072) was part of my Christmas 2023 Painting binge. She might get some grass or flowers on her base sometime. I actually painted her before, back in 2015:
  10. This Bones lizard man (SKU 77155) lingered on my paint bench for years, as I could not decide on a color scheme I liked. Finally powered through and finished him late November last year.
  11. I based the color scheme for the Bones Black Cave Spider (SKU 44057) on a picture I found of a spiky spider (which I was not able to find again to post my reference pic). The shapes and colors for spiky spiders are really amazingly diverse. Great mini and fun to paint.
  12. I finished paining this last spring, but didnt get good pictures until now. I didnt consciously paint it as a snowy owlbear because of the D&D movie, but had seen the trailer so that is portably why I choose that color scheme. Very happy with how it came out.
  13. I painted these last spring, but did not get good enough pictures until today.
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