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  1. Another plain goal of finishing 4 medium equivalent minis for me.
  2. I finished 2 medium and 1 large figure, so that means I did succeed at my goal for November.
  3. Did some retail therapy at Noble Knight Games: Ghora Condition: MINT/New $6.26 1 Sunbringer Condition: MINT/New $6.26 1 Sword of Vidunar Condition: MINT/New $6.26 1 Human Female Barbarian #2 Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Tiefling Female Sorcerer #2 Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Neanderthal Bods #1 Condition: MINT/New $9.44 1 Male Verrik Magister Villain Condition: MINT/New $1.76 1 Lioness Condition: MINT/New $6.26 1 Female Cleric w/Mace & Shield Condition: MINT/New $8.06 1 Cultist & Devil Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Arianne Martell Condition: MINT/New $8.06 1 Wereboar & Werebear Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Hyena Pack Condition: MINT/New $6.26 1 Elf Female Wizard #2 Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Drow Mage & Drow Priestess Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Strong Tone Condition: MINT/New $22.46 1 Necromancers Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Water Elemental Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Tortle Male Monk Condition: MINT/New $6.26 1 Wight & Ghast Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Wererat & Weretiger Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Sea Hag & Bheur Hag Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Koblod Inventor, Dragonshield & Sorcerer Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Behir Condition: MINT/New $11.66 1 Black Pudding Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Bugbears Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Ogre Zombie Condition: MINT/New $7.16 1 Nightmare Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Sahuagin Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Attack Dogs Condition: MINT/New $9.44 1 Giant Eagle Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Drider Condition: MINT/New $4.04 1 Aiko & Gorilla Condition: MINT/New $9.44 1 Tortoise Monk w/Bo Staff
  4. Last night hubby bought 2 new gaming monitors from Best Buy at a really good price, like 25% off.
  5. Wow that looks so real, I was almost expecting a pin holding it down!
  6. Here in eastern Iowa, cases are still increasing, but not in the exponential rate they have been for the list month. I have been working from home since last February and we hardly ever leave the house. I miss walking over to my co-workers desks and just chatting. Some of them have even moved out of state, since it's doubtful we will go back to the office until middle of July or later. Since I am on immune supresant drugs hubby and I are always super careful when we venture forth from our lair, which only happens every 2 weeks or so. My son might have been exposed to Covid when he turned in his senior project, so he has decided to not come home for Thanksgiving. He will also not visit his grandparents in the same so he will just stay in his apartment. We won't see him until sometime in December. I miss him.
  7. I second the awesomeness of roller blade wheels, they are worth it. Also, this week I found out work will reimburse me for the office chair I bought to work from home.
  8. I deleted Twitter off my phone a few years back, I have not been trapped there since...
  9. We watched Killing Gunther on Netflix last night. Hubby and I would say it is not worth watching, skip that one. Arnold is only in it for the very last part, and the main character is very unlikable. The movie was a real mess, and the humor didn't really land most of the time.
  10. I just got the Lucifer volume 2 comic book compilation from hubby today and I look forward to perusing it.
  11. Hope to finish at least 4, but the last 2 months have not been good for painting. Hopefully I can break the trend.
  12. Another terrible month for painting goals, I only finished 1. Overall for the year I am still doing great however, since I have finished 73 so far.
  13. Whenever I saw Sean Connery, it made me think of my uncle Sabba, who looked so very much like him. My uncle lost his leg as a child when the kids at the school in Tana in northern Norway found a German mine and messed with it. It did not end well, my dad's cousin was killed and my uncle lost his leg. My grandfather had the only truck in town and drove 4 hours to the nearest hospital in Kirkenes. Loved seeing mister Connery in any movie he was in, he had a great run!
  14. The Honest Trailer Reaction video with Stahelsk and Leitch is awesome too. We watched Jennifer's Body tonight. I really like that movie, and I think Megan Fox is a better actor than she gets credit for.
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