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  1. The siren Maneater from Antimatter games or her sister might be what you are looking for. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72672-the-evil-little-mermaid/
  2. A big box arrived on Saturday, it was the Savage Pathfinder Kickstarter box of goodies. Beautiful books, lots of cool goodies like power cards, character archetypes cards, dice and more. Even though I have had access to the pdf's for a long time, I was excited enough that I started reading the core book right away. Now I want to DM me some Pathfinder using Savage Worlds!!
  3. Fairly certain the first photo is a wild strawberry plant. Beautiful area!
  4. So this week I decided it was time to go into the office after 2 years and 2 months of working from home. I worked Monday and Tuesday. Very few people there still. On Monday it was just me and our subsystem architect who works parts time in our of area. On Tuesday, 2 more people was there. So on Wednesday, the architect tells me she had been exposed to Covid at her fun job, and tested positive but had no symptoms.... so first day back I was exposed to Covid. Luckily there is a partition wall between us. I tested myself yesterday, and it was negative. But come on what are the odds of this?
  5. I am happy with myself, I painted today and Sunday too, maybe I am out of my slump!!
  6. Hubby and I decided to back this, even though we don't own a printer yet.
  7. My Cardiologist at Mayo Clinic says I am young and healthy, so I will try to listen to him, even if I don't feel that way, being a 67 model, that is both overweight and out of shape...
  8. ISU is a good school, I got both my BS and MS degrees in Aerospace Engineering from there. What is your niece planning to study?
  9. Made it back from Norway just fine late on Friday. I was nervous about the required Covid test, but luckily it was negative, even though my brother and his wife had covid the week before I saw them. It was really great hanging out with my dad for 10 days.
  10. I am on my way to Norway now, currently waiting for my flight to Helsinki here at Chicago Ohare Airport. Should start boarding here in 25 minutes. A minor miracle happened here, there was no line for the security check point. My 3 hour layover was actually not needed!
  11. Hubby and I are watching all of Columbo, and we just watched the TV movie Grand Deceptions from 1989. There was a huge war game setup with Civil War soldiers, that the bad guy used as his alibi (not a spoiler). At the very end it showed a Columbo mini in the diorama, I thought that was very funny.
  12. That Ukrainian mini was just too cute to pass on, and I wanted to do my (very small part) to help. Went pretty old school with this order, filled out some holes in my early Reaper collection. 01650 Kobzar Soloveiko, Nightingale Bard, 2022 Ukrainian Relief Miniature x2 02030 Human Sorcerer, Sarah the Seeress 02041 Human Sorcerer, Erin 02048 Half-Elf Wizard, Elquin the Daring 02052 Dwarf Fighter, Fredrick Ironfist 03970 Human Ranger & Hound, Catalina FREE 30051 Tweed Tincup & Shroomie1 FREE 80073 Pulp Era Professor
  13. I got my very first American passport on Friday, so I am planning on going to Norway in April to visit family. My father in law insists I use his airline miles, so that will be interesting to see how that works. Also, the passport office seems to be caught up, it only took 2.5 weeks for me to get it, not the rumored 10-14 weeks .
  14. March goal is to get somewhere with the mini inventory, so I can get the collection insured. Also hoping to paint a bit and finish a few things.
  15. That is one of your best paint jobs, Glitterwolf! Love the face, the hair, and of course the sheer shirt effect!
  16. I finished 2 minis in February, which is great, since it means I picked up a brush after a few month hiatus. I meant to paint yesterday, but instead I did our taxes. I have also started to put value to all my minis, so I can get an insurance policy on them. The mini collection is the second most valuable thing we own after our home. Once I get to the Ral Partha minis, the estimated value of the mini pile will go up a lot, since we own most of the oop AD&D minis.
  17. Latest update 2/25 mentions that they have secured funding for fulfilling the last regions. Cautiously optimistic minis will arrive at my doorstep this spring.
  18. Just backed this, hope I can run a Western Campaign some time.
  19. I picked up a brush and painted yesterday, and I enjoyed it! Maybe my dry spell is over?
  20. My mom died February 1st, but I did not feel like posting anything here until now. Watched the funeral via streaming this morning at 5am with my husband and son. The servece was at noon Norway time, but very early here in Iowa due to the 7 hour time difference. Beautiful service. In December last year I learned my mother had Alzheimer's. Last week she was at a short-term facility, so my dad could have a break. On Tuesday 1 February, she left the center thinly clad in heavy snow. A large search operation was launched with 2 helicopters, 11-12 police patrols, over 40 volunteers from the Red Cross, Norwegian People's Aid, plus family and friends, as well as 24 dogs from Norwegian Rescue Dogs. About 6 hours later, she was found by a dog patrol 8 km away from the center, severely chilled. Life-saving first aid was given from the time she was found and she was airlifted to Ullevål hospital in Oslo, but her life could not be saved. It still feels unreal.
  21. I was 14, so 7th grade. I was diligently practicing flute, reading a ton of books, and i am not sure if I had started on my ancestor research yet. I delivered papers in the afternoon at this time I think.
  22. We watched the new Dune movie and I thought it was really great, and I am looking forward to the second one in the fall of 2023. Also the ornithopters were super awesome and I want one!!
  23. Yeah, I have not lived in Norway for 24 years, and Norway is not the same country as Britain, and never had mad cows... I am still not allowed to donate blood in the US. I occasionally have to get drained of excess blood to get rid of accumulated iron.
  24. Since I have not felt the desire to paint this last fall, I will set myself the modest goal of finishing 24 this year. I am hoping the painting bug strikes me again in the next few months.
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