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  1. I have not ordered anything in a while, so I figured it was time! Thank you for all the freebies, Reaper! 04054 Piranha Crabs (3) $7.99 30008 Alaedril Starbloom, Elf Wizard $4.99 30009 Fillyjonk, Hellborn Rogue $4.99 30043 Stumpy Dan McGinty and Grog Hog $5.99 30044 Chop and Grub, Halfling Cooks $5.99 30048 Tub, Dwarf Baker $4.99 30049 Skipper and Scuttle $5.99 30010 Berg Ironthorn, Dwarf Crossbowman FREE 77640 Graveyard Entryway FREE 01031 Ghoulie Bag Promotion FREE 49007 Armorback Demolitionist FREE
  2. Excellent all around, especially love the face and the red gem!
  3. R2ed, I shaded then applied the freehand.
  4. Really like your green and purple color scheme!
  5. Helen the Spartan from Polish company Wargamer LLC (SKU HD-28-38) also managed to sneak into my painting queue ahead of my squad of half-painted dark elves. Helen is from the Hot & Dangerous 2 Kickstarter. I attempted a green marble floor, I think it came out ok.
  6. I am planning on running a Savage Worlds Tyrnador campaign. The campaign steals heavily from the new Pathfinder Savage World ruleset. My son created a hallfing commander and he chose the halfling with the torch from the Dungeon Dwellers set as his character. I modified the mini by adding a banner (after watching several tutorial videos). He selected a green 4-leaf clover on an orange background for the banner. Was a fun little project with some neat freehand. His friend created a dwarf ranger/smith as his character and choose the Stonehaven Mecha
  7. I finished some townsfolk recently, they snuck into the queue ahead of my halfpainted drow squad. 😮 Fruit seller in metal (SKU 4023): Farmer and beggar in Bones (SKU 77665):
  8. This is the Reaper Bones Familiar from the Stone and Familiar set (SKU 77390). He will be an important bard NPC in a Savage World game I am hoping to run sometime soon.
  9. Here are 2 Bones 3 ogres I finished in the last few months, Reaper Ogre Matriarch (SKU 77568) and Ogre Chieftain (SKU 77566) . The detail on the goblin was very soft, and my painting progress stopped for a couple of months. But now they are finally ready for some tabletop fun.
  10. So I painted this beholder about 30 years ago with Testors enamel. Then we had a mini storage disaster happen in 1992, a bookshelf made of particle board collapsed and crushed the minis underneath. This guy was one of the casualties. I gathered up all the broken eye tentacles and just put the mini in a box to be repaired later. Well later is now! I glued him together and fixed up all the paint damage while keeping the old paintjob mostly intact. The pole was bent during the disaster, so now he is going places in a hurry!
  11. We tried to attend free rpg day, but our local game store had not even heard of it when we went in. In other news, my 7 month loan out stint at work is over tomorrow, yay! The young woman who had taken over for me in my old position actually decided to transfer and take over my current loan in position. So we are swapping jobs. I am sooo looking forward to actually doing some technical stuff again instead of just project management stuff. Since my loan in position was only temporary it did not seem like a good use of company money for me to learn the tech details. I am leavi
  12. She was also sold alone without the antlers. That is the version I own and painted.
  13. One reason I am not eagerly buying these up like I used to is the absurd amount of plastic they use in their packaging.
  14. Still hoping for 4 finished minis in October. Have to see how that goes.
  15. I had success on the hobby front in September, I finished 4 (1 greek chick and 3 townsfolk). Hopefully pictures this week.
  16. I recently backed a Savage Worlds insect campaign book so now I would love to have some ant adventures, plus other insect people in adventuring gear too.
  17. I still have not gotten the minis for this Kickstarter. Are there others in the same boat?
  18. I went all out on reading this weekend, finished all 3 of the Manticore Ascended series. Looking forward to the 4th one coming out soon. Very enjoyable space opera.
  19. I was not told I had to stop my immune suppressant medication for any of the shots, which was just as well. I would have balked at that idea. No thank you, I do not want a colitis flare-up.
  20. Shot 3 after-effects are about as bad as number 2 I would say. Body aches this morning, and fatigue now. Glad I took the day off, I tried sitting at my home pc earlier today and I just got super tired after just 5 minutes.
  21. Since I am on the immune compromised category, I just got my third Pfizer jab this afternoon. Still feeling OK, but I did tell work I am taking a sick day tomorrow.
  22. These are really great! I might have to steal this idea!
  23. Hubby and I backed, the sculpts look good, they are made in the US, and the video with the dwarf sealed the deal.
  24. Hoping to at least paint something in September, and keep doing Bones 5 inventory.
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