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  1. I did the cook the turkey carcass thing on Saturday, and turned it into broth for soup over 6 hours. Then I removed the bones and other bits, and put in most of the leftover turkey,  along with the leftover mashed potatoes and gravy plus cut up carrots, green onions, corn, snow peas, more potatoes and some diced squash. Turned out great, and the was leftover soup for 6 lunches,  half of which ended up in the freezer. 

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  2. My dad gave me some bad news yesterday, my mom, who is 73, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and he had to put her in a home.  I can't believe he kept this from me, I talked to her on the phone just a few weeks ago, she just didnt seem that far gone.  I know she had some mild dementia, but I had no idea it had gotten this bad.  She does not recognize anyone anymore 😢

    I have a sad. 

    Due to Covid, I dont even know if I will be able to fly over the Atlantic to visit next year.

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  3. I always use a cooking bag made for the purpose to cook the turkey in, works great.   I cook the whole thing in there, but I do remove the gizzard and I don't do stuffing at all. Today I will bake pecan and chocolate pecan pies, and probably also peel the potatoes.  Kinda fun as a Norwegian to successfully make a Thanksgiving meal in the US. 

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  4. I have not ordered anything in a while, so I figured it was time!  Thank you for all the freebies, Reaper!


    04054  Piranha Crabs (3)  $7.99

    30008  Alaedril Starbloom, Elf Wizard  $4.99

    30009  Fillyjonk, Hellborn Rogue  $4.99

    30043  Stumpy Dan McGinty and Grog Hog  $5.99

    30044  Chop and Grub, Halfling Cooks  $5.99

    30048  Tub, Dwarf Baker  $4.99

    30049  Skipper and Scuttle  $5.99

    30010  Berg Ironthorn, Dwarf Crossbowman  FREE

    77640  Graveyard Entryway  FREE

    01031  Ghoulie Bag Promotion  FREE

    49007  Armorback Demolitionist  FREE


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  5. We tried to attend free rpg day, but our local game store had not even heard of it when we went in. 


    In other news, my 7 month loan out stint at work is over tomorrow, yay!  The young woman who had taken over for me in my old position actually decided to transfer and take over my current loan in position.  So we are swapping jobs.   I am sooo looking forward to actually doing some technical stuff again instead of just project management stuff.  Since my loan in position was only temporary it did not seem like a good use of company money for me to learn the tech details.  I am leaving purgatory, I get to go back to helicopter flight guidance systems again. 


    Hopefully I have learned my lesson... When management says, hi we have this great opportunity for you; run the other way...

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  6. 2 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


     Got a box yesterday, three EvilBuy auctions I won from the same seller.


    - The first was the body of the female frost giant from the Grenadier male and female frost giants Dragon Lords Giants Club set. No spear, no antlers.


     - The second was a fairly nice lot of weapons, which contained her spear. (I now have one of her complete and two that are only missing the antlers.) It also contained the spear shaft/hands and spear tip of the Colossal Lords female frost giant, and I needed the spear tip to help complete the box.

    There were also two or three other weapons that I instantly recognized as parts I don't have for some figures that I do have.


    - The third lot was a bunch of bases - including the base for the Colossal Lords female frost giant, which means that I now have one complete box, plus another box only missing the base.





    She was also sold alone without the antlers.  That is the version I own and painted. 

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