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  1. I did terrible in July, only finished the Wizkids Gelatinous Cube, and there was not much paint needed on that one....

    Work has been crazy busy and stressful.  Today I got on at 5am, and logged a 12 hour day which put me at 50 for the week.  At least I am taking next week off mostly (just going to log in Monday morning to do some financial reporting🙄 ).  Ah the life of an engineer stuck doing boring non-engineering stuff.

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  2. I am still doing inventory, I have gotten through the core set and the dungeon dwellers expansion.   The minis look great, really impressed.   In the dungeon dwellers set there was only 2 minis with any significant mold lines, the succubus and one of the goblins. 


    Found one error so far,  my smallest dragon in the core set had 2 base+head sprues and no wings.

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  3. Nobody was awesome, a bit slow to start but Odenkirk really sells both the action and the drama.  If you are an action buff, this is a must see movie. 


    Last night we watched The Tommorrow War on Amazon Prime,  and it was a really fun summer blockbuster action movie.  If you like this type of movie, I think you would like it. 

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  4. And the concert went very well. Started with 76 trombones (I played flute), then America the Beautiful (played oboe on it,  total chop killer), then Marches of the Armed Forces, where the audience was asked to stand if they or a family member had served (played flute,  chops got a break). Then Victory at Sea,  great piece of music and the documentary is great too (played oboe on it), then National Emblem (the only match I play oboe on,  there is a little oboe motif in there that no one can hear, might just play it on piccolo next year...). And the traditional finale, Stars and Stripes Forever (played piccolo on that along with 2 others).  Very fun,  and the weather was pleasant. 

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  5. Here in Iowa, the short term summer community band in town has been back at it the last 3 weeks, it was very weird being in a room full of people without masks. Also my oboe chops were completely shot after not playing for 18 months, glad I have 2 other instruments to such switch it up (flute and piccolo). Last concert is today,  we will play a lot of patriotic music. Last week's concert was cancelled due to a thunderstorm parking itself right over town 30 minutes before the concert. 

    Should be a good time. 

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  6. Woot, vacation!

    Taking tomorrow and next week off, in fact I had enough hours between last week and this week I got permission from my boss to take it as comp time, so no vacation spent on tomorrow's day off.   This was with me leaving at 10 am last Friday.  Ugh, bids on top off increment planning makes for really long days.  One day last week I worked 12 hours, quit at 10 pm, then was back to working at 6 am the next day.   Did I mention I am so very ready for this vacation!!!

    My manager gets to to the monthly budget review with the program where the team is over budget.  I am happy I will miss that...


    Hope to spend a lot of time with minis this next week!


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  7. I finished the Bones Ogre Matriarch and the familiar with bagpipes, which will be a halfling bard NPC in my upcoming Savage World Tyrnador campaign.

    So not quite 4, but pretty happy with that painting progress.


    I have been making inroads into opening mini packages, cataloging and sorting my mini collection.  I have processed at least 2 medium sized cardboard boxes during this last month.

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