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  1. Metalchaos, to be fair, I did not include the initial pass of removing mold lines in my hours above, since I always do that when I open the mini packages. If I spent an hour per mini and painted 7 minis a week, it will still take me 20 years to paint my mountain of minis. This does not include the double vampire coming my way in March.....
  2. A certain goblin has carried away all the tangerine, so there was nothing left for me....
  3. I spent about 10-11 hours on these orcs, which ends up slightly more than an hour each. I was doing great on time until I got to all the fiddly bits . When we are finally done remodeling and I find my basing materials, I will probably rebase them and get some static grass for them to stomp around on. I am really happy with how they look, even if a few of them had some really bad mold lines I left in place. I think they will spent many an encounter getting squished on the gaming table. One of the spearmen is missing in action, I think the cats kidnapped him.
  4. Here is my ogre, with a black basecoat of craft paint Delta Ceramcoat Black and Bette Davis Eyes (Reaper 9033 Golden Blond and Black). I also gave his fangs a golden blond basecoat. I then spent the next hour painting his base skin coat with Reaper High Density 29822 Suntan flesh. Sadly I spent way to long at work today (12 hrs ), so I have to call it a night as far as painting this guy. 1.5 hrs so far.
  5. I dug my bones ogre out of the unfinished pile and got him ready by removing mold lines, and doing a slight repose of the arm. Since I also have the metal one, I might use some green stuff to mod him a bit more. I am exited to join in on Ogrefest 2012!
  6. Husband talked me into playing Guild Wars 2 this last weekend, so bye bye gobs of free time....
  7. The armored cat under the Reaper logo was a unique Special Edition Everquest 2 miniature for one of the EQ2 expansions, it is not for sale via Reaper or in stores. You might be able to get one on Ebay.
  8. They both look great Buglips, now get back to entertaining us here!
  9. I was one of those that started on Testors enamel paints, way back in the day. When we moved to Norway after college, I stopped painting. Son was born, we moved back to the US, we discovered MMRPGs (the bane of free time). We were still collecting miniatures during this time, so the painted percentage was dropping fast. About 6 years ago I started painting again, this time using acrylics. Right now in addition to painting, my other main mini activity is to catalogue all our figures, to know what we own (we own a lot). Lost Mini's wiki has been a great resource. As far as the oldies go, I still regret not getting all the Grenadier Monster Manuscript sets back in the day.
  10. I also had to check when I joined, it was 2007. I had been lurking for at least a year before then. I still mostly lurk and don't post much . I guess I am more shy online than I am in real life . And I don't look like my avatar either.
  11. Count me in as someone who might steal your lovely paint scheme :-)
  12. Thanks all for the compliments Peithetairos, the flower was one I picked up going for a walk in forest nearby. The flower cluster was already dried and a had a light tan color, I glued one flower on the base and colored it with a pink wash. Kevinm, to prepare the models, the only thing I did was to use a knife on the mold lines. I dont remember if I washed the minis or not. I tend to not wash minis, I need to start, since I have had some issues on a few minis in the past. I did not prime either one of the bones, I usually prime black. The first coat on the wyrm was Reaper HD 9653 Deadrose Red straight from the bottle, then I applied thinned layers of purple, blue, pink and so on. The teeth are actually more of a cream color in person, the camera sure turned them pearly white. With 2 votes for keeping the teeth stark (and one of them being the proud owner of the Cybermonkey no less), I will probably keep the teeth as is...
  13. Tried and fail to make him glow green from the inside , but I did get the grave dirt look down I think.
  14. 2 more tabletop paint jobs from the last few months. I bought this Mercenary Thug as part of the 6179 set of nine, so to make him different from the pack, I gave him some hair and a mustache. Once we get our remodeling done, I will get out the basing materials and get him some grass to stand on. The Ice Toad was a really fun 2 hour speed paint
  15. My take on the Purple Wyrm 77006: Speed paint of Ghost 77007, I have bent this guy to heck and back, no damage to the paint job:
  16. She is gorgeous, Paintminion, love the conversion!
  17. Awesome earth elementals. Both have been on my wish list for a long time, just could never justify spending the dollars for the metal versions. /happydance! :bday:
  18. These are the chronoscope figures in the new reveal: 50005 NOVA Corporate Security Sergeant 50236 Dita, Steampunk Witch 50031 Ape-X, Supervillain 50001 Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser 50178 Andre Durand, Time Chaser 50249 Deadeye Slim, Cowboy 50065 Rex, Dark Future Hero 50217 The Black Mist 50016 Rosie, Chronotechnician 50003 Ellen Stone, Cowgirl Kickstarter is pledged under hubby's name, so I cant post the mini list there.
  19. Nice, subtle reference to the Portal game "Still Alive" song there in the latest update... I can't claim credit, my husband and son pointed it out to me. Btw, we have pledged, and we are looking forward to lots of nice bones in our mail in March Going back to following the pledge progress ( i am NOT addicted, no not at all...)
  20. He looks fantastic, and I am really looking forward to you unveiling your future work
  21. I second the sand woman, after seeing your paint job I am putting her on my to buy list!
  22. To go with the pirate theme for the Con, here is the most ferocious pirate of them all.... 3261 Bergo!
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