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  1. Might as well toss 50229 Ishi the Anime heroine into the fray:
  2. Wow, it looked great before, but now it is really a mind-blowing paintjob!
  3. I spent maybe 2 hours on the banshee, not sure on the cat since it sat half-painted for a long time before I decided to just put on some spots and call it done. The cat is about an inch long, so it is isnt tiny. About the size of 32 mm small lioness.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Nice and crisp paintjobs
  5. Two old school Ral Partha miniatures made it to my paint bench for a couple more quickie paint jobs for gaming. Banshee from the 10-511 Ravenloft Denizens set. The cat from the 31-024 Greater Animals set.
  6. Got some more photos of somewhat recent tabletop paintjobs: Reaper 3261 Bergo Ironbelly Black Scorpion miniature Gunman 5 from the Tombstone 4 set for a possible Deadlands campaign. He will get a nice base treatment when I get my basing materials out of storage An old Grenadier beetle, the insect's legs could use a more shiny look, which is something I need to work on: Always looking for input to improve, thanks!
  7. Wow, thats amazing, thanks joshuaslater! Wonder were I got him from, since I am sure i dont have the other 2 of that set.
  8. Yepp, even looked at warriors, barbarians and the talisman miniatures.
  9. I have looked through every Citadel orc/half-orc/goblin/beastman on the Lost Mini's wiki since he is very much sculpted in that same style, to no avail. I painted him in 1990, so he is getting up there in years...
  10. 50229 Ishio, Anime Heroine, I am very happy with this 3 hour paint job... The next 2 have not been properly based, since I put all the basing materials away in preparation for putting in new floor on the first floor. Tabletop 2696 Jade Star, Female Monk 10033 Mousling Pirate
  11. Thanks to your excellent paint jobs and Mr Mason's cool sculpts, I am now the happy owner of 3 sci-fi chicks and 1 dwarf.
  12. Welcome to the forums and to the hobby. As the other have mentioned, that is a really good painjob for your fist attempt. Have fun and happy painting!.
  13. Both figures are very nicely painted, I can see why your client was thrilled. I just wanted to comment on Arael face, I think if you had used darker eyebrows, the face would be a lot more expressive. As it is, the pale eyebrows seems to disappear, and the face seems "unfinished".
  14. Awesome paintjob and conversion! Love the base insert idea, that is so cool.
  15. Congratulations! I am really looking forward to buying one
  16. Good luck everyone! Lots of cool entries. I missed entering by 2 days ( I lost the memory stick thingie I was using to transfer pics from my camera to my pc). Oh well, maybe next contest
  17. Ferox, I wanted the stockings to be "black", so I figured a darker skin color would work out better.
  18. Thanks all! The recipe for the stockings were as follows, using Reaper Master paints: Skin color for the mini was the rosy skin triad. I painted the stockings tanned skin, black wash over the that, then layered tanned skin in the spots were the skin was visible, with tanned highlights at the lightest spots. It was much easier do to than I had feared.
  19. I just adore these little guys, they are so fun and fast to paint. I think I spent 2.5 to 3 hours per mini. I have not put static grass on some of these yet, I put most non-paint stuff away in preparation for getting new flooring in our place. Suggestions for improvement always welcome.
  20. Very nice, I really like the gradient on the dress. Like Mercius I have this one in the pile and I am intimated by her.
  21. Thanks! My friend wanted lightning on the cloak, and pondered for a long time on how to do that, since the folds intimated me from making a bigger lighting bolt.
  22. Finally got off my duff and finished painting a few :-) First Krissy, painted for a friend at work. I am very happy with her stockings, a new first for me. I have also finished Aramil twice, the one with the glass for a friend and the one with the staff for myself. My friend wanted a "Pretty fly for a white guy" color scheme. I admit I scratched my head at that one , hope he is happy with it. Constructive critique always welcome :-)
  23. Burn Notice: Not Michael Weston (male spy) Not Fiona (Chick with dynamite) Not Sam/Bruce Campbell in hawaian shirt with a beer Not Larry the older spy More modern and western civilians would be great too
  24. I just love the little mouselings, they have been a blast to paint. Suggestions for improvement always welcome.
  25. Finally got some photos taken of my not quite so recent tabletop paintjobs. PC games have taken up my available time lately (Civ 5 and WoW). First up is the Moor Hound (2817), that I was inspired to paint after seeing Lyn's awesome blue paintjob. This wind elemental (2252) started blue, but I didn't like how it looked so it got to don the colors of dust instead: Finally I finished this Ral Partha skeleton set (02-938) when I painted this guy:
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