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  1. Finally got off my duff and finished painting a few :-) First Krissy, painted for a friend at work. I am very happy with her stockings, a new first for me. I have also finished Aramil twice, the one with the glass for a friend and the one with the staff for myself. My friend wanted a "Pretty fly for a white guy" color scheme. I admit I scratched my head at that one , hope he is happy with it. Constructive critique always welcome :-)
  2. Burn Notice: Not Michael Weston (male spy) Not Fiona (Chick with dynamite) Not Sam/Bruce Campbell in hawaian shirt with a beer Not Larry the older spy More modern and western civilians would be great too
  3. I just love the little mouselings, they have been a blast to paint. Suggestions for improvement always welcome.
  4. Finally got some photos taken of my not quite so recent tabletop paintjobs. PC games have taken up my available time lately (Civ 5 and WoW). First up is the Moor Hound (2817), that I was inspired to paint after seeing Lyn's awesome blue paintjob. This wind elemental (2252) started blue, but I didn't like how it looked so it got to don the colors of dust instead: Finally I finished this Ral Partha skeleton set (02-938) when I painted this guy:
  5. There were 3 minotaurs in the Grenadier Julie Guthrie personalities line. They are now sold by Mega Miniatures. http://stores.ebay.com/MegaMiniatures/Grenadier-CLASSICS-/_i.html?_fsub=6468313&_sid=2577791&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322. (Deal 0940, Deal 0979 and Deal 0978) They are all about 28 mm. Citrine
  6. Wonderful exection of a themed army. I second the call to see a group shot of them all. And the freckles look great
  7. That is an awesome paintjob and setting!
  8. I had a friend pick up the Mousling Heroes for me at Gen Con. They are so cute ! Happy Dance!
  9. I have Jade Star, the female monk partner to this figure sitting on my workbench. I had been thinking of using a very similar color scheme, and after seeing how nice yours turned out I will use it. About his mishapen face, charisma is a dump stat for monks anyway...
  10. That is a really nice take on that figure. The red armor turned out great and the weapon really suits him.
  11. My friend was very happy I gave her the gift on a day she really needed a pick-me-up. She told me she and her husband had spent their whole weeking ripping up carpet and cleaning their cabin. The cabin was partially underwater Saturday morning in the recordbreaking flood that broke the dam in Iowa.
  12. Not being content with painting just one, I decided to paint up 3 of the frauleins. 2 are gifts and one for us to keep (the redhead). Skaal!
  13. Nice paint jobs and bases. I bet they will look great together on the gaming table.
  14. Good paintjob, the red is especially well done, and the scar was a nice touch.
  15. Created this as a gift for a friend who adores giraffes. For my first display base I am happy with the result. The giraffe needed some greenstuff to fix the neck area.
  16. Jim, they are both great. I especially like Yrsa, I gave her a 9 on CMON as well. I agree with you on the dark elf skin tones, I always paint them gray/violet as well.
  17. Welcome, you are off to a great start! I really like your bases, and your paintjobs look nice and clean. You will be amazed at how much you will improve by reading the posts on this board.
  18. I started posting figures on Coolmini just for linking naughtier figures to here. So that is another possibility.
  19. Beautiful sculpt and paintjob. I usually don't like covered faces, but this figure is the exception.
  20. Beautiful piece, I tried voting on CMON yesterday, but I didnt see the figure up yet. Loosing a beloved pet is very hard, we had to put out 19 year old cat to sleep in February, and we still miss him.
  21. I love the blue cloak on the mage, nice shading and freehand!
  22. Gorgeous figure and paintjob Derek. Definately on my wish list!
  23. All I will admit to is that I made a MS Access database to keep track of the figures we own, so we don't buy duplicates... We no longer attend Con's because we spent way to much of our disposable income buying figures and art the times we went.
  24. Love your paintjob, the colors are perfect and those gems are outstanding!
  25. Thanks all, some great suggestions here. I look forward to trying them out. I painted one of these beetles 20 years ago when I was using testors enamel paint, and that paint had very different properties than the acrylics I am using now. It is much harder for me to get the chitinous look with acrylics.
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