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  1. Reaper SKU 3253 Not 100% happy with this one, I managed to break her arm off twice while painting her. Also I didnt like my first attempt at skin tone so I had to repaint the skin. Thats why she now has way too pale skin for being out and about all day.... ergo the B movie look, complete with painted fingernals. I still might put her and tiger on a nice base. Comments and critique welcome so I can improve
  2. Cookjimijr, I was thinking of painting japanese cranes on the kimono. While I was researching this, I saw some beautiful crane artwork. But with all the folds I think it would be very hard to pull off. I would say that 90% of the kimonos in the pictures I saw had flowers on them, so cherry blossoms is a very good suggestion. Yani, I agree that the mini doesnt really represent the real geisha. Like you mentioned they are really prim and proper and what they sell is not their bodies, but an idealized fantasy of japanese femininity to make their male customers feel more masculine.
  3. Very nice, I love the jacket and the blue jeans especially.
  4. They are both great. I especially like the freehand on Juron, simple, yet elegant :-).
  5. When I saw this figure in the greens section I knew I wanted to paint it. After I spray it with matte sealer I might try some freehand on the kimono if I can find the courage... Changed the title of the post due to controversy.
  6. Happy Birthday! I love the freehand, and good job on the eyes buried way in the cowl on that cloak.
  7. Thanks all for the kind words :-) Maybe I will draw in some scraggly hair on the next bald female ghoul...
  8. Red is really difficult to highlight, I wasnt able to do it untill I read this really awesome tutorial (of course I cant remember where I saw it). the trick is to start with black and then layer on the red untill you are happy with the effect. This thread talkes about it a bit: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/38985-have-you-seen-this-mini/page__p__555918__hl__red%20tutorial__fromsearch__1entry555918. Beautiful figure, nice face and the base is top notch!.
  9. I have finished some more figures. These 2 townsfolk are my first attempts at darklining, and I am very pleased with how they turned out. Now a group shot with the previously painted woman with broom (before darklining): I also finished 2 undead from Ral Partha, a skeleton with bow (02-938) and a Shadowrun ghoul (20-513). And I have to incude a battle shot. What I wonder is, will the adventurers get there in time? I look forward to comments to help me improve.
  10. Spring came early for Olivia: The family is all together for an elemental winter:
  11. Thanks Anne, for the encouragement and advice. I love reading and posting on this board, people here are always so nice and helpful.
  12. Over the holiday we started a d20 pen and paper game using the Everquest d20 system. I finally got the minis painted for it (except for the tiger warder). My son is playing an Erudite wizard, which was my first attempt at painting realistic dark skin. The figure is an old Grenadier Julie Guthrie figure. My husband plays a both a Gnome Magician and a Barbarian Beastlord. The gnome was painted more than 10 years ago and shows some wear. The barbarian chick is an old Ral Partha amazon. I have an Elven cleric, which is represented by Olivia. I tried to paint her potion as sheer, but I dont think I quite succeded. I am very happy with the figure even so. And here is the whole party in a group shot.
  13. Here is a smattering of figures painted over the holiday. As always, comments and critique very welcome ! First off a waitress I believe is an Old Ral Partha figure. Second, the blacksmith from Reaper Townsfolk II. Then I have a small crow of unknown origin. This Reaper Kobold was fun to paint. I finally finished the last of the 4 small elementals, which completes the family. Yay !
  14. Very nice, I especially like the headpiece.
  15. I thought Eldessa would look cool as a dark elf so here she is : Comments and critique welcome so I can improve, thanks !
  16. That is an awesome conversion and a very nice paintjob I bet your brother-in-law was very happy to get his one under the tree.
  17. Always love your stuff Froggy. Trælletøs, that is a very Norwegian name btw, what are your ties to the old country? Citrine, aka the Transplanted Norwegian
  18. Very nice job, and congratulations on your upgrade from lurker status Where is that figure from? I dont recall seeing it before.
  19. I love the white robe best, the whole presentation is awesome thought. Very nice job.
  20. Oracleartist, The earliest Ral Partha catalog we have is from 1991, which has the 11-xxx series of AD&D figure. I don't think those are the figures you are looking for. We own the following catalogs: 1991, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, Winter 98/99. Sorry, Citrine
  21. Prophet, She is a resin kit sculpted by Mike Cusanelli and sold by Solarwind Productions: http://foxfirestudio.com/kits.htm You can find her about 2/3 down the page. Citrine
  22. Ernst, I have visited your site in the past, and it has been a great help to me, since I have been creating an access database of all our figures. Our Ral Partha mini's have been a pain to get straight, since they seem to change the figure number between each catalogue Citrine
  23. Thank you for your kind words. My CMON Gallery: http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/Citrine
  24. First off Lord Goodwin from Legion of Justice Command (02-110), who has been in progress for 15 years or more That must sadly be some sort of record... Next a quick tabletop paintjob on the gypsy dancer from the Ravenloft box set (10-511). Last but not least the Ral Partha AD&D Water Elemental (11-427). Thanks for looking, feedback very welcome!
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