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  1. She is SO cute Definately gets my vote!
  2. Nice armor and axe What company makes her?
  3. Here is my take on the lesser elementals for use at the gaming table. (Except for poor earth, he must have gotten lost on the way to my painting table). Water elemental linked for nudity: http://www.coolminiornot.com/233319 And a water demon too: http://www.coolminiornot.com/233281 Feedback very welcome
  4. I love that color scheme for air elementals, and you pulled it off really well.
  5. Hi Lyn, I liked your Moor Hound paint job so much I had to add the figure to my wishlist for a future figure purchase.
  6. First my halloween entry, 3170 Lurien the ghost, my first attempt at a snow base: Then a couple of treemen of unknown manufacture, if anyone knows who made them that would be great:
  7. Whats Halloween without ghosts. Here is 3170 Lurien. And somewhere there is snow on Halloween.....
  8. That jacket is really well done, and I love the glasses. Have you considered the Reaper battlenuns? http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/nun
  9. He looks great! The red is beautiful, the face is really well done and I think your snowbase is excellent. Tyrion is my favorite Lannister, but not my favorite character, that would be Dany.
  10. Bigger pictures per popular request, with bonus booty shot
  11. This is my take on Solarwinds Dalena, my first large resin kit. She is painted with a mixture of craft paints and Reaper Master paints. Since I painted on her very infrequently I had problems with dust getting on her and threatening to ruin any new coat of paint I was putting on I misplaced her dagger which is why she has not been glued together yet. Feedback welcome
  12. Pirates (both live and undead) without guns please (some of us prefer our fantasy without firearms).
  13. Your stuff always cracks me up, Froggy !
  14. Hi again I painted up 2 of Miss Margara, one for a friends birthday, and one for me to keep. I am giving my friend the one with 2 mushrooms. I am really happy with both, let me know what you think. First time using a wet palette (absolutely love it) and a self made light tent. However, the camera settings still need some work
  15. Thank you for the hints and suggestions. I had originally painted the hood grey, and that really didnt turn out, so I redid it with the same green as the cloak. I also darkened his shirt a bit, and I really think it helped a bunch. Not sure you can really tell from this picture though
  16. I painted up this assassin to practice painting a really dark cloak. I am shooting for high end table top, but I dont think I quite got there with this guy. Looking for feedback, thanks for looking.
  17. Thanks for the kind words The peasant woman with the broom had green on the base first. Then both my husband and son asked, "Why is she sweeping the outdoors?". so I came up with the straw idea which worked a lot better.
  18. These are my first attempts at basing. The pictures are not the greatest, hubby and I need to read the manual methinks. Thanks for looking, and comments welcome. This wizard is an old Lance and Laser figure I think (it is stamped L&L under the base). This was my first attempts at red with a black base coat, and I am very happy about how the red turned out. The blue highlights in his hair are much less pronounced in real life. This lady is from the Reaper Townsfolk set (2825). The straw is a few hairs from a stain brush cut into small pieces. This figure is from Ral Partha I think. The sword actually has a blue-green tinge, the camera ate the color
  19. Finally finished another mini, comments appreciated. http://www.coolminiornot.com/187658
  20. Gorgous like usual Vikinglodge, looking at your paintjobs is like a visual banquet
  21. Ack, can't believe you had to start over, he was coming along so nicely. BTW, my husband and I loved your Carina paintjob so much, we went and bought Alayne and Dalena from Solarwind, plus some Reaper Master paints. I don't feel brave enough to try oils right now :-).
  22. Thank you both for the feedback. I should have made the tail lighter towards the end, I painted it opposite on purpose, but I dont think that worked out . I bought the figure from Paizo.com, I have seen a bunch of Eastern Front Studio figures there, some of which I think are pretty recent.
  23. I am hoping for some constructive critisism on my latest project so that I can improve. The Sea Unicorn from Eastern Front Studios was painted mostly with craft paints, but I think it turned out nice even so. Sorry the picture turned out a bit dark. You all are so inspiring, and I have learned a lot browsing here. Citrine
  24. Thank you all for the encouraging words and tips for improvement. And no they didnt go on the cake Citrine
  25. Hi All, I painted these 2 angels (2428 Angel of peace and 3151 Achiah, Male Angel) as a wedding gift for some friends. Even though I started early I still ended up being rushed at the end. Whats good, bad and ugly? I have been a long time lurker and drooler in these forums. I decided to take the plunge with pics of these angels, which my husband claims is my best work so far. Thanks, Citrine
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