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  1. This is my take on Solarwinds Dalena, my first large resin kit. She is painted with a mixture of craft paints and Reaper Master paints. Since I painted on her very infrequently I had problems with dust getting on her and threatening to ruin any new coat of paint I was putting on ::P:


    I misplaced her dagger which is why she has not been glued together yet.


    Feedback welcome ::):



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  2. Hi again :B):


    I painted up 2 of Miss Margara, one for a friends birthday, and one for me to keep. I am giving my friend the one with 2 mushrooms. I am really happy with both, let me know what you think.


    First time using a wet palette (absolutely love it) and a self made light tent. However, the camera settings still need some work ::P:




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  3. Thank you for the hints and suggestions. I had originally painted the hood grey, and that really didnt turn out, so I redid it with the same green as the cloak. I also darkened his shirt a bit, and I really think it helped a bunch. ::D:


    Not sure you can really tell from this picture though ::P:


  4. These are my first attempts at basing. The pictures are not the greatest, hubby and I need to read the manual methinks. Thanks for looking, and comments welcome. ::):


    This wizard is an old Lance and Laser figure I think (it is stamped L&L under the base). This was my first attempts at red with a black base coat, and I am very happy about how the red turned out. The blue highlights in his hair are much less pronounced in real life. ::P:




    This lady is from the Reaper Townsfolk set (2825). The straw is a few hairs from a stain brush cut into small pieces.




    This figure is from Ral Partha I think. The sword actually has a blue-green tinge, the camera ate the color ::o:



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  5. Thank you both for the feedback. I should have made the tail lighter towards the end, I painted it opposite on purpose, but I dont think that worked out ::P: .


    I bought the figure from Paizo.com, I have seen a bunch of Eastern Front Studio figures there, some of which I think are pretty recent.

  6. I am hoping for some constructive critisism on my latest project so that I can improve. The Sea Unicorn from Eastern Front Studios was painted mostly with craft paints, but I think it turned out nice even so. Sorry the picture turned out a bit dark.


    You all are so inspiring, and I have learned a lot browsing here. ::):







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  7. Hi All,


    I painted these 2 angels (2428 Angel of peace and 3151 Achiah, Male Angel) as a wedding gift for some friends. Even though I started early I still ended up being rushed at the end. :rolleyes:

    Whats good, bad and ugly?


    I have been a long time lurker and drooler in these forums. I decided to take the plunge with pics of these angels, which my husband claims is my best work so far.









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