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  1. I hope to continue my good streak here and finish more dark elves.
  2. I finished both Masaaf and Mudgullet, I call that a win, and I have caught back up on my paint 50 medium mini equivalent this year with that strong May finish.
  3. After finishing Mashaaf, I decided I was on a roll doing big minis, so here is my almost speed paint of Mudgullet from Bones 3 Kickstarter (Reaper Bones SKU 77581). Mudgullet was sculpted by Enos Kline. I started this Friday morning, and I finished it this morning on Memorial day.
  4. This is Reaper Bones Mashaaf (SKU 77375), sculpted by Kevin Williams. I decided I wanted to paint a big mini, and this beastie fit the bill.
  5. This fun little guy is the Halfling Candlestick Maker from Midlam (SKU HTC19). He seems worried due to his candle has going out.
  6. This interesting mini is the Earthdawn Female Orc Beastmaster on Turtle from Hearthbreaker (SKU 323). Not sure I like the red hair, especially in the picture it is quite bright, it is a bit more muted in real life.
  7. This is 3 of the elves from the Grenadier Elves Sinister box set (SKU 3002). The rest are on my painting desk, in various stages of completion. The rightmost swordsman had a miscast, so he got a spider shield from my bit box. He was originally dual wielding. From the back you can tell that his hand is not really there.
  8. This Kickstarter came in the mail today, as usual Midlam delivers adorable minis super quick after their Kickstarter is over.
  9. Hubby and I went over to some friends' house tonight. We had all been vaccinated. Was really weird interacting with people face to face again after 15 months of isolation. We ate burgers, talked about mmrpgs we had all played, then watched Army of Zombies. Was a great time!
  10. They are both great, but I like the brown one best as well!
  11. I feel the same about movies from South Korea.
  12. I am game for having stuff shipped early, I think it will be really big box...
  13. The townsfolk tempted me enough to pledge for the minis.
  14. I am sad they do not have a fish men by themselves pledge, I just see no need for tentacle cultists. The fish guys are perfect for a campaign I am thinking of running.
  15. Hi there, welcome back to the addiction!
  16. I will hopefully finish Mashaf this month, as I have made decent progress on it.
  17. I didn't finish any minis in April, but I did make progress on the big beastie I started, so yay?
  18. Beautiful shading on the white!
  19. Just watched Love and Monsters, we all thought it was awesome. Some great monster paint job ideas in there
  20. On high fructose in pop/soda, I am in the sugar only please category, since I have developed fructose intolerance. We buy Mexican Coke, Mountain Dew with sugar and a locally made cream soda that is amazing. Though I mostly don't drink it anymore, trying to cut down on calories... In other news, getting my 2nd shot of Pfizer on Tuesday afternoon. Already put Wednesday down as vaccine recovery day on my work calendar. Work is also giving hubby and I $75 each for getting vaccinated. I have been super impressed with the corporation that merged with my company early last year.
  21. Work gave me some bonus money, so I decided to spend half of it at Reaper. 😍 03303 Cavegirls (2) 30003 Finn Greenwell, Leprechaun 30030 Brom Grippon, Arko Gadgeteer 50351 Sibyll Tyrrell, Cyberist Hacker 77970 Male Ghosts (2) 77971 Female Ghosts (3) 77976 Lost Souls (5 30004 Romag Davl, Thief FREE 02221 Morrdha Vampire Lord FREE
  22. I emailed Stonehaven Minis and they were kind enough to send me a SKU list. The email also pointed out the the webpage for each mini has the SKU as the last section of the webpage address if anyone else are looking for these SKUs. I am super happy right now! 😍🥰 Thank you Stonehaven!!!!
  23. @TGP, you are correct. I did know this when I wrote it, I debated putting it in, but decided against it at the time since I didn't want it to be more complicated. Either way the risk is ridiculously low, even compared to having this complication from Covid itself.
  24. I mark the bottom of every mini with their SKU, and today I prepped and glued a couple of Stonehaven minis. When I went to their website I became annoyed seeing that the company did not disclose the SKU on their website. So Reaper collective, does anyone have a Stonehaven SKU list they care to share, so I can lay my OCD to rest?
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