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  1. On high fructose in pop/soda, I am in the sugar only please category, since I have developed fructose intolerance.  We buy Mexican Coke, Mountain Dew with sugar and a locally made cream soda that is amazing.   Though I mostly don't drink it anymore, trying to cut down on calories...


    In other news,  getting my 2nd shot of Pfizer on Tuesday afternoon. Already put Wednesday down as vaccine recovery day on my work calendar.   Work is also giving hubby and I $75 each for getting vaccinated.  I have been super impressed with the corporation that merged with my  company early last year.  Their pandemic response has been really great. 



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  2. Work gave me some bonus money, so I decided to spend half of it at Reaper. 😍


    03303  Cavegirls (2)

    30003  Finn Greenwell, Leprechaun

    30030  Brom Grippon, Arko Gadgeteer

    50351  Sibyll Tyrrell, Cyberist Hacker

    77970  Male Ghosts (2)

    77971  Female Ghosts (3)

    77976  Lost Souls (5

    30004  Romag Davl, Thief   FREE

    02221  Morrdha Vampire Lord  FREE



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  3. I emailed Stonehaven Minis and they were kind enough to send me a SKU list.  The email also pointed out the the webpage for each mini has the SKU as the last section of the webpage address if anyone else are looking for these SKUs.


    I am super happy right now!



    Thank you Stonehaven!!!!

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  4. I mark the bottom of every mini with their SKU, and today I prepped and glued a couple of Stonehaven minis.  When I went to their website I became annoyed seeing that the company did not disclose the SKU on their website. 


    So Reaper collective, does anyone have a Stonehaven SKU list they care to share,  so I can lay my OCD to rest?

  5. The blood clot risk from Janssen is less than 1 in a million,  compared to 50 people in a million getting this per year on average.   The risk from this blood clot of you get covid is around 200 in a million, if you are pregnant it is 120 in a million, on birth control pills it is 100-400 in a million.  So no real reason to worry, just be aware of the symptoms and get medical treatment if needed. 

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  6. My husband got a call from our doctor's office on Friday, they had extra vaccines that would go to waste, could be come in?  He asked if son and wife could get them too.  So all three of us got Pfizer in the arm 3 days ago, and second dose scheduled at the end of the month!!!

    And I canceled my vaccine appointment thru my job.

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  7. I am finally on a list so they supposedly will call and get me a vaccine appointment in 7-10 days.  Iowa is opening up vaccines to everyone April 5th, so I sure hope I at least have mine scheduled by then.   I qualify for vaccine now because I am too fat :down:, not because I am on immunosuppressive drugs, have mild asthma, and a afib.

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