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  1. I will second Lucifer as the best show I watched in 2020.  Tom Ellis is a really great actor, and the writing is too notch.  Even when I disagreed with how the characters were behaving I always understood the reason. 

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  2. Plans for the new year includes painting the Grenadier Amazon set, and the Lost Lands Dark Elves, also from Grenadier.  I am thinking of painting up Mashaf as my giant mini of the year, it will be the big bad in a Savage World campaign i an hoping to run when we can socialize again. 

    Other hobby goals include cataloging all my old minis and getting them IDed and sorted.  I got pretty far over the break on that project. 

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  3. On 12/1/2020 at 6:43 AM, Citrine said:

    Another plain goal of finishing 4 medium equivalent minis for me. 

    And I blew this goal out of the water, I finished 15 minis in December, for a total of 79 or 98 medium equivalents.  After I started my holiday break I finished 1 a day, and with some extra effort today, I finished 3.


    Reaper: Weregorilla, Yeti Shaman, Yeti Warrior, Yeti Shredder, Yeti Chieftain, Werebat, Esmeria Half Elf Monk, Werecrocodile, Wereboar
    Midlam: Halfling Baker, Halfling Herald, Halfling Butcher, Halfling Trapper, Halfling Blacksmith
    Grenadier: Female Halfling II


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  4. God Jul!


    In Norway, where I grew up Christmas started at exactly 5pm on Christmas Eve. We would sit down to Christmas dinner in our finest clothing and hear the church bells announce Christmas starting.  After dinner, we would unwrap presents and then after that we would eat cookies and cake.   Christmas has never been the same living here in the US.  For one, my mom would always make smoked lamb ribs (pinnekjøtt), which would steam for hours, that smell really says Christmas to me. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    On the flipside, I have a tank I can work on, a few other things, and my finger has healed enough to allow me to play Sniper Elite 4 (which hubby gifted me today) where it's only the occasional click of theouse button, so I'm calling that a win. 

    @WhiteWulfe, Sniper Elite 4 is a lot of fun,  especially co-op. I love doing the sniper-spotter missions with hubby,  and the survive the waves missions with hubby and son.  

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  6. I needed to help debug something in the lab,  so I went in to the office today for the first time since February.  It was kinda weird, but also nice to actually talk to people instead of using chat.  My office cubicle was not as dusty as I thought it would be. 


    I figured out the problem that had been stumping my team for months, so yay I have not lost all my engineering chops being a subsystem lead for many years.  Sadly I feel like I should have seen the logic error in the requirements sooner,  but 5 other people didn't see it either,  including our architect, so I should not beat myself too much over that. 


    As long as I didn't get exposed to Covid today I call that a win. 

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  7. My husband's niece (21) and nephew (22) graduated as nurses this summer.  She is now working in a nursing home where she was just infected with Covid by one of her coworkers, so she is at home suffering mild symptoms while fretting about the 50 residents who also came down with Covid from this.  Her brother is working in the covid ward in a nearby hospital, and he is really depressed about how most of the people on ventilators just end up dying instead of improving.  I feel so bad for the 2 of them, it's a rough year for medical professionals.


    They also have a 21 year old friend and neighbor who has been sick with Covid for 3 months,  and is just not getting better. 

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