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  1. Whenever I saw Sean Connery, it made me think of my uncle Sabba, who looked so very much like him.  My uncle lost his leg as a child when the kids at the school in Tana in northern Norway found a German mine and messed with it.  It did not end well, my dad's cousin was killed and my uncle lost his leg.   My grandfather had the only truck in town and drove 4 hours to the nearest hospital in Kirkenes.


    Loved seeing mister Connery in any movie he was in, he had a great run!

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  2. On 10/29/2020 at 8:36 AM, Kuroneko said:


    I totally get that, I'm feel the same about the Pitch Meeting videos. The John Wick one is particularly awesome.

    The Honest Trailer Reaction video with Stahelsk and Leitch is awesome too.


    We watched Jennifer's Body tonight. I really like that movie, and I think Megan Fox is a better actor than she gets credit for. 

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  3. I decided to order some of the paints going away:



    9073  Chestnut Gold

    9093  Golden Highlight

    9142  Stained Ivory

    9230  Soft Blue

    9232  Bright Skin Shadow

    9234  Bright Skin Highlight

    9236  Black Green

    9237  Violet Shadow

    9249  Sandy Brown

    9268  Volcano Brown

    9270  Shadow Green

    9285  Denim Blue

    9291  IMEF Olive

    9293  Alien Flesh

    9295  Rach Red

    9297  Adonese Green


    1031  Ghoulie Bag Promotion  FREE


    4011  Maskarr Stoneskin, Half-Giant Warrior  FREE

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