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  1. I feel better about Reaper’s Ma’al, both for the price and quality. I won’t be buying the WizKids
  2. What about the monstrous form of Dagoth the dreaming god from Conan the Destroyer (could even have the statue form/humanoid of the dreaming god… more idols and gods/demigods! And of course Norse!
  3. Ideal class ideas set; ideal time slots set; backup class times set, I am already so pumped for ReaperCon 22 dungeon delving it hurts! Hurry up September!
  4. Already planning class scenarios and schedules, as well as supplies! So ready!
  5. Since this was my first in-person ReaperCon my feedback will just be from a noob perspective. Reaper Staff: Great job for putting on and seeing through a convention during the pandemic. I know it was a massive endeavor. Having a dedicated area in artist alley was great to allow me the opportunity to paint while interacting with attendees, and while not a known name painter it was great; just often light on foot traffic. That being said it was great to be near Hijinks so I could easily paint at the tables and converse with others. The folder could have benefited from an area map (I am happy to create one in a “dungeon delving format for 22), but after getting an initial walk through it was an easy flow. I loved the MSP room. I loved the Brinewind Imports. I loved the Barty setup. I also learned a lot to prep better for next year for classes to offer, as well as ebb and flow times to make the best offerings for attendees. Biggest complaints would primarily be on me: that I didn’t allow my shipped goods ample time to arrive, I didn’t bring enough swag/giveaways and I have laxed too much in the forums! Excited for 2022 ReaperCon!
  6. Too long of a hiatus from the forums!

  7. Missed it this year, but hope everyone has a blast and enjoys! Happy Secret Sophie!
  8. Well received! My parter has done an amazing job on augmenting my game night for the table, thank you, thank you, thank you! In another note, mine is close, details being painted now, will ship on my next payday!
  9. Thanks robinh I appreciate you hosting!
  10. In again, I just can't stay away! I laugh because tomorrow is my mini donation to my FLGS, I donate one a year to them to do with as they please (I offer to let them auction, use as a prize, send to a fan, etc.).
  11. This exchange really got me out of my comfort zone. I will be skipping the Summer exchange (probably) but looking forward to both Fall and Secret Sophie!
  12. I would love to see a war Rhino (armored/plated) and a pack ankylosaur. I know these are pretty one-off pieces, but I think they could be fun challenges to paint and offer something fun for RPG options as well.
  13. So lucky to have received such great minis - the pics hardly do justice! For anyone following this and not peeking at the exchange thread regularly - the orc was such a great job (excellent choice for the orc to paint), that instead of just an orc tribe leader, this bad boy is also going to be the father of our parties half-orc/half-goliath. This will be where he subconsciously received his love of the axe, and his rage! As for the Venger - wonderful! I had been toying with who this campaigns BBG was going to be for some time as I was world building. I struck on the idea as my players are all relatively young and didn't watch D&D cartoons as a kid on Saturday morning. I figured someone obscure that they could look into would be fun. The painting is superb. The package arrived last week and I was blown away. Not only did these minis blow me away with the quality, but they made me want to run and play immediately! Thanks again Clearman! I definitely appreciate it!
  14. Received my exchange last week - just haven't had time to post. WOW is the best term! Received a bonus mini, and both are going to get heavy use in my current 5E campaign. One is my BBG, and has been pulling strings for months with the characters - the reveal is going to be epic! The other is such a great choice - it will be the evil dad to our parties half-orc/half-goliath, who is trying to bring the character "to the dark side" of the world. Thank you so much @Clearman for the excellently painted minis, and thank you Fan and Robinh for hosting yet another wonderful exchange!
  15. Mini is underway, working additionally on the base, trying a couple of new techniques...I really like the idea I have, let's hope all comes out well and the recipient loves it!
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