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    Mini painting, landscape oil painting,
    DnD (started with Basic, advanced, 2E, 3E, now 5E!
    RPG's Star Wars, Star Frontier, Boot Hill, Star Trek, Top Secret, Marvel SH
    movies, cooking,
    Too many to list!

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About Me

Stumbled on Reaper minis in 2003. I had painted minis (roughly; with testers, for gaming) as a kid, and was blown away by the detail of the sculpts. I was re-hooked immediately.

I am always open for one-off mini-exchanges, as well as the Reaper forum mini exchanges and Secret Sophies.

I am an avid RPG gamer (DM and player), and look for opportunities to discuss both painting minis and tabletop RPGs.


Want to exchange info/ideas/tips and tricks? Let's talk! I am constantly watching videos to improve my painting and basing, and would love to share tips and tricks!

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