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  1. Just a point about D&D style kobolds, they have always been reptilian, albeit with dog-like faces. If you look at the army lists for Swords and Spells (OD&D supplement), or Battlesystems (both 1E ad 2E), they are always listed in reptilian armies alongside lizardmen.
  2. I'd like to see more unique monster creations. I love finding a unique monster mini, painting it, then creating statistics for my RPG of choice to go along with it. It always surprises the players and is a nice change of scenery in a game. Also, if a new moster figure is presented in different poses over sveral minis, I will occasionally create a new game race to go along with it.
  3. I'd like to know where these miniatures are being manufactured as I have several moral issues with a specific nation due to certain revalations bout their business practices over the past year, not to mentin human rights abuses. Because of this, I do not eer take a risk of purchasing anything manufactured in this specific nation. If a country of origin is not specified on a product, I must assume that country of origin is the one I take issue with. Any official response would be greatly appreciated as I like the idea of purchaisng many pre-painted miniatures for tabletop role playing.
  4. Way back when the DDM came out, I bought an initial pack and a booster pack. When I saw what kind of plastic was used, I was less than enthused being used to GW plastic. When I found out where they were produced, I was horrified from a moral perspective. When I ran the numbers and calculated how many boosters I'd need to buy to reach a statistical equilibrium where I should probably get a beholder fig, though had no guarantee, I ordered a Reaper Eye Beast. I haven't bought a DDM pack since. I think I'll pass on these, too. I like metal and injected plastics too much to go to these prepaints.
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