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  1. Hmmm. Very sig-worthy. Because it's the truth. I'm from that generation that grew up playing computer games. Though I did play many other rpgs before DnD. I was introduced to DnD as the youngest guy in the group by a solid 5 years and this was in 97 and I was just graduated from High school. So 3ed was a good mechanic to me and 3.5 while irritating in it's compatible but incompatibleness forced me to print out the SRD and Stuff it into a little folder for over a year and a half (until I came across a website I could grab most of the books for $15). Though that's never bothered me o
  2. A couple things for clarity for those who don't feel like sifting through the chaff that is the wizards message boards as the wheat kernels seem few and far between. First and foremost is that DnD will still be a pen and paper game as we know and play it today.(Just different rules) The OGL is going to be there so there will be other companies continuing their own setting using the same ruleset. The online stuff will be a monthly($ TBD) fee and is going to entail the following: an electronic form of Dragon and Dungeon magazines A character creator so that you can make a pretty pi
  3. Make sure to remember the rule of "4 and 24" when selecting saw blades. at least 4 teeth must be on the project through the cut, but no more than 24 teeth. This is almost as important as ensuring that you get the right type blade and has a major effect on the speed and quality of the cut, something I've found to be useful in mini work as it reduces on not just cutting time but elliminates the time it takes to resculpt a hack job.
  4. Add some red fingernail polish to help deter from the "man hands". Ghetto booty and man hands, damn that is a burly girl. I think you go the blonde hair spot on; well thought, putting the seam up the back of her stockings.
  5. Never say never. Could've had a curse/geas/effect placed upon 'em that effectively made 'em lawful good... It'd be odd (and I too would probably not allow it in a game) but who are we to say it'd never happen? I Agree. Never say never. You did give me a great idea though for an NPC. My players are going to flip trying to figure out why this paladin has a wagon with no supplies but a good sized tree growing out of it. This'll be fun. Alisandra, Paladins are supposed to be LG, taking vows to uphold both lawfulness and goodness. TN like the number 5 is right out. But of course, your ga
  6. Don't like the realms so I couldn't even identify the FRCS if it wasn't labeled. Sage advice usually answers in core rules frame of mind if it's not referring to a specific setting. I just remember it explaining that in the PHB there was no alignment requirement for worship of a diety for anyone except clerics, and that you can be any alignment and worship any diety you want, just not be a cleric. Thanks, Have FF just don't really read it much. Was aware Fey subtype had no requirement, I just hadn't recognized any lawful fey. Franciscan's took vows of chastity, poverty, and charity liv
  7. Requirements of the cleric are one step, paladins not so. Sage advice and then FAQ'd. But as always up to DM. I'm just very hands off with my players, as long as they can justify it and it coincides with both class and religion. This actually makes a tighter rope for them to walk when there is a divergence of such. They have 2 seemingly different rules that they have to try to merge without violating either. Which makes being the DM more fun when I get to put them into those moral dilemmas. I do however have a keen eye for cheesemonkies, as I have played with a guy referred to as "Broken
  8. Chuck the hammer's paladins? They might have been religious followers, but they were in know way Franciscan Monks. They were still warriors, and work hard-play hard has been the addage of soldiers since forever.
  9. I like the purple one. Not so much for the color, I just like how that little sob has already taken one chunk out of the shield and is working on doing another. Purple is NOT the tame color people may think it is.
  10. Dryads can't be paladins, "Usually chaotic good". The fey subtype, would never buy that any fey is not chaotic, even neutral on the law/chaos scale would be hard to convince this judge. And to answer what Toad originally asked, I think piety doesn't have anything to do with paladin hood. Friend plays Pal of Wee Jas, he just makes sure they (the women he uhhh... entertains) understand he has no relationship interest in the women, just a "nice evening". He counts that as being Lawful Good, that he makes sure he doesn't possibly mislead them. Lawful by having structure to the arrangement
  11. I hope you got my PM, I know it's last minute and all but I'm just a noob here. See it even says so here <-- see noob.
  12. Who won't be using the powder monkey as their Fire keg. It's just too damn perfect! Mine is supposed to be here this weekend. I'm still holding the jury on the orc warboss as a narg though untill I see it in hand.
  13. But keeping the dogs behind the lancers makes an efficient clean up crew even if you give the lancers their head. Maybe They will bring back Garr's Sgt SA in the future. One can be left to hope.
  14. Reven- There is safety in numbers. The Orcs are numerous and numerous are the Orcs. That is the advantage to the Reven faction. When using a grand reven, every game except maybe against a skeleton heavy Necro company you will have at least 3 to 2 odds on the field. The bull orcs are pretty cheap for being decently tough but if you really want to overwhelm your opponent take advantage of the Noghra(Goblin) sublist. You can start cramming 12-16 goblin troops out on the field and back them up with the Hill Giants add a couple of troops of (up to 13) beastriders that go from adept to grunt
  15. lesser devil is quite freaky looking, I was looking at it for a good minute going WTF? THat's probably the best bugbear todate, might pick a couple of that one up. I was ambivalent about the Maria Roseblade after finding the concept was based on he drawing from the old copy of CasketWorks but actually seeing it in green makes me think it is actually looking very nice. Mighthave to make a point to get to reapercon next year if only to try to snag a UL version.
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