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  1. Hmmm. Very sig-worthy. Because it's the truth. I'm from that generation that grew up playing computer games. Though I did play many other rpgs before DnD. I was introduced to DnD as the youngest guy in the group by a solid 5 years and this was in 97 and I was just graduated from High school. So 3ed was a good mechanic to me and 3.5 while irritating in it's compatible but incompatibleness forced me to print out the SRD and Stuff it into a little folder for over a year and a half (until I came across a website I could grab most of the books for $15). Though that's never bothered me one bit, despite the looks from people when I would show up for the Living Greyhawk game days with it. No one would say anything negative it was more of a "this guy must be really broke" kinda look. In fact I still have it in my stack of convention stuff just so I can hand it to a new guy (usually it's a returning old hat), and say here's the rules for you to read over and give it back when you're done. Then they don't feel like they're bothering someone by having to borrow someones rule book. Now the fact is though DnD has to compete with World of Warcraft. Where people can log in and wander around and slay some stuff 24-7 and gain instant gratification with a pretty dynamic gameplay system. Quite frankly I think their attempt at a buisness model for DnD is a good one as far as being able to continue the sustainability of the game by bringing in the new future market and trying to revive interest from past players. Remember that whenever DnD has fallen on hard time so has the whole industry. One of the few things that I feel they have realized is that they can't really crap this down peoples throats. The attitude seems to be one of we're going to try and offer all this additional content but there's no inherent tie to it.
  2. A couple things for clarity for those who don't feel like sifting through the chaff that is the wizards message boards as the wheat kernels seem few and far between. First and foremost is that DnD will still be a pen and paper game as we know and play it today.(Just different rules) The OGL is going to be there so there will be other companies continuing their own setting using the same ruleset. The online stuff will be a monthly($ TBD) fee and is going to entail the following: an electronic form of Dragon and Dungeon magazines A character creator so that you can make a pretty picture and 3d rendering of your character A digital table top. Where A DM will go and build an adventure and then you get to join the adventure with friends and the aforementioned character. This is not a video game it is just your kitchen table digitized. Your group logs in and there are chat functions... it's works like DnD via teleconference but you're all logged into the video representation too. So all that being said. What little tid bits and snippets of info that I could find about the mechanics makes it interesting. They are based off of two major sources. Tome of Battle:the Book of Nine Swords, and the new Star Wars Saga Edition Rule set. Here's somethings: Racial modifiers seem to take play up too tenth level. Epic level play will be in the PHB this time.(there's a stream of questions about so is Epic core now? Epic was core in 3.5 when they tossed it into the DMG, and I remember the Epic Handbook from second) The gap of power curve between a fighter being the is all master at low level and the Wizard being it at higher levels is being closed with a high fighter being able to do cinematic level type stuff at the higher levels and low wizards not doing the whoops out of spells here's my trusty cross bow and shoot at the kobold. They keep talking about smoother flow of the encounter and gameplay, but I'm not exactly sure as the specifics are really spotty. There's mention of a shakeup to action progression of the round and attack / damage resolution. Now the stuff at the top of this post is all fact. I've checked it twice and from different sources. The mechanics part is only speculation from what they have put out in some FAQ's and the Design and Development articles.
  3. Make sure to remember the rule of "4 and 24" when selecting saw blades. at least 4 teeth must be on the project through the cut, but no more than 24 teeth. This is almost as important as ensuring that you get the right type blade and has a major effect on the speed and quality of the cut, something I've found to be useful in mini work as it reduces on not just cutting time but elliminates the time it takes to resculpt a hack job.
  4. Add some red fingernail polish to help deter from the "man hands". Ghetto booty and man hands, damn that is a burly girl. I think you go the blonde hair spot on; well thought, putting the seam up the back of her stockings.
  5. Never say never. Could've had a curse/geas/effect placed upon 'em that effectively made 'em lawful good... It'd be odd (and I too would probably not allow it in a game) but who are we to say it'd never happen? I Agree. Never say never. You did give me a great idea though for an NPC. My players are going to flip trying to figure out why this paladin has a wagon with no supplies but a good sized tree growing out of it. This'll be fun. Alisandra, Paladins are supposed to be LG, taking vows to uphold both lawfulness and goodness. TN like the number 5 is right out. But of course, your game your rules. I've never been too keen on the whole alignment dependent classing system anyways. I only keep it because I'm in the military and so don't always have the benefit of a constant group of players the same players so I always just play the rules as written. If I got someone coming into the game who knows the rules there's nothing to have to clarify to him, and if it's a noob I can just hand him the PHB and say here read this, and not have to give further guidance. Plus I forget half the crap I make up anyways. Oh and it's not really "taking" liberties if said liberties are freely given.
  6. Don't like the realms so I couldn't even identify the FRCS if it wasn't labeled. Sage advice usually answers in core rules frame of mind if it's not referring to a specific setting. I just remember it explaining that in the PHB there was no alignment requirement for worship of a diety for anyone except clerics, and that you can be any alignment and worship any diety you want, just not be a cleric. Thanks, Have FF just don't really read it much. Was aware Fey subtype had no requirement, I just hadn't recognized any lawful fey. Franciscan's took vows of chastity, poverty, and charity living life as beggars and travelers. They beg for money then give it to someone else when they thought they needed it. The road did require that they did learn some martial skill, but they weren't fighters by any discipline that I know of. The beer and craft image came a couple hundred years after their founding. The 12 paladins of Charlemagne though were a pretty rough and tumble lot. Think Arthurian legend though ending in success not tragedy.
  7. Requirements of the cleric are one step, paladins not so. Sage advice and then FAQ'd. But as always up to DM. I'm just very hands off with my players, as long as they can justify it and it coincides with both class and religion. This actually makes a tighter rope for them to walk when there is a divergence of such. They have 2 seemingly different rules that they have to try to merge without violating either. Which makes being the DM more fun when I get to put them into those moral dilemmas. I do however have a keen eye for cheesemonkies, as I have played with a guy referred to as "Broken Bill". Once. I have very severe and harsh punishments for characters who attempt to break game play. Got an enlarged spikedchain wielding half-orc monk barbarian? I got huge monsters with flyby attack and snatch. Flight alone ruins the trip, attack prone target, stand-up provoke ao, trip, attack prone target, stand-up provoke ao... you get the picture. The fly-by attack, snatch, climb 250 ft in air and drop was just the icing on the fig newton. As for the Dryad, I agree with "usually" as being 50%, but I can't find a lawful fey. So I would still see it as being chaotic or at best neutral. I would swallow CE dryad before LG.
  8. Chuck the hammer's paladins? They might have been religious followers, but they were in know way Franciscan Monks. They were still warriors, and work hard-play hard has been the addage of soldiers since forever.
  9. I like the purple one. Not so much for the color, I just like how that little sob has already taken one chunk out of the shield and is working on doing another. Purple is NOT the tame color people may think it is.
  10. Dryads can't be paladins, "Usually chaotic good". The fey subtype, would never buy that any fey is not chaotic, even neutral on the law/chaos scale would be hard to convince this judge. And to answer what Toad originally asked, I think piety doesn't have anything to do with paladin hood. Friend plays Pal of Wee Jas, he just makes sure they (the women he uhhh... entertains) understand he has no relationship interest in the women, just a "nice evening". He counts that as being Lawful Good, that he makes sure he doesn't possibly mislead them. Lawful by having structure to the arrangement and good for not wanting to cause personal pain for the other person. If they don't agree to the arrangement he simply thanks them and moves on. He never took a vow of celebacy and such is never mentioned in the character pages. Another PC I had run some games for had a Pal of Kord. Was all but a drunken brawler. I couldn't find fault with his ability to articulate how he matched everything up with the Pal code and the worship of Kord. I don't tell my players what they can and can't do with their characters as long as they can justify it and role play it. A little emphasis here. Roleplay it. I also give fair warning when I think ones actions deviate from what we agreed on was and wasn't acceptable behavior for that character, and we agree on what circumstances may arise from deviation when we agree on the initial understanding. Very rarely do I ever say straight out no to a character concept. 3 or 4 out of well over a hundred may get a thumbs down. My take on it is if I ever seem to regret allowing it in the first place I can always talk to them about how I think things went wrong and what to to to bring things back into balance or create a scenario that will be severely detrimental to that characters further progression. PC's either learn the lesson or don't come back. There is only so much charity in my heart. Over all I love gaming with people who love to push the edge of the rules and really try to drive paradigm shifts on my understanding of what is and isn't acceptable with the general class stereotypes in RPG's.Not talking about cheesmonkies here but real roleplayers. Hell I have a half-ogre barbarian/warmage who has a hell of a time casting effectively or going toe to toe in melee but is a blast(can cast fireball now) to play, his back story is only a paragraph long. Or my half-elven half-dragon (half dragon template applied to a half elf) who hate dragons and comes from a line of dragonslayers(Like he doesn't have issues of personal conflict). Wait, WTF? How did this get turned into a 3 par rant? Me and my damn opinions.
  11. I hope you got my PM, I know it's last minute and all but I'm just a noob here. See it even says so here <-- see noob.
  12. Who won't be using the powder monkey as their Fire keg. It's just too damn perfect! Mine is supposed to be here this weekend. I'm still holding the jury on the orc warboss as a narg though untill I see it in hand.
  13. But keeping the dogs behind the lancers makes an efficient clean up crew even if you give the lancers their head. Maybe They will bring back Garr's Sgt SA in the future. One can be left to hope.
  14. Reven- There is safety in numbers. The Orcs are numerous and numerous are the Orcs. That is the advantage to the Reven faction. When using a grand reven, every game except maybe against a skeleton heavy Necro company you will have at least 3 to 2 odds on the field. The bull orcs are pretty cheap for being decently tough but if you really want to overwhelm your opponent take advantage of the Noghra(Goblin) sublist. You can start cramming 12-16 goblin troops out on the field and back them up with the Hill Giants add a couple of troops of (up to 13) beastriders that go from adept to grunt on the list to drive the enemy into them or hold the enemy until the giants can join the fight then the cavalry runs to engage another troop. For the straight up melee knuckle to knuckle fight you are at a numerical advantage by going with the Tomukh(Orc) sublist. This takes the mighty bull orcs from adepts to grunts and makes the furry rhino Nhoolyan non-unique(point 2 of these chargers at one side of the board and the enemy will either move to the other side or die standing there), this also adds the useful Reptus river trolls and Uru as allies, makes all models ignore rough/rocky terrain, and all leaders gain innate spell warcry. Which is really disheartening for an enemy to drop half a troop of Bull Orc Hunters only to have them bounce back up and face the wall of spears again next round with Varaug the incredibly tough warlord at the front of it. Only having 2 strong mages of 3/10, one a warlord and the other unique means this is not a magic strong group but the goblin mage 2/8 can help round out the lower spells and can do some dmg what way. For clerics there is only one 3/10 and she's a warlord, the consolation is that Ombur is a 2/8 cleric and non-unique, but pricey due to him able to hold a little in combat with DV11 Fearsome, Tough/2 and 3 Dmg Tracks, not a fighter but he should be standing there next round for a retreat or reinforcements if you accidentally let him get too close to the front or the troop got overrun. Ranged combat is not spectacular with Bull Orc archers being adepts(Unless using Tomukh list) but goblin Skeeters help once again with just sheer number or arrows flying through the air, though not hitting much with Rav3. Heroes and monsters are at 2 each with all being good but uniques, and having probably the most powerful monster in the game with the Hill Giant at double the cost of some warlords the Hill Giant is a force to be reckoned with. the only way to bring one down is to team up a few powerful melees with some reach behind them, and drop him before the clerics can react. Weaknesses- While you will almost always outnumber your enemies they are tougher and hit harder than you do especially the 13pt and less goblins. Not a powerful healing force also makes objectives hard to obtain as you may slash your way through an army then fall down dead with your hand on their flag. With Volley no longer a SA cramming troops of Goblin Skeeters together is no longer so deadly effective and make a ranged war a tough(but not impossible) thing for the Reven to fight. Don't count on too much magic to be able to back you up either. Just the musings of a noob.
  15. lesser devil is quite freaky looking, I was looking at it for a good minute going WTF? THat's probably the best bugbear todate, might pick a couple of that one up. I was ambivalent about the Maria Roseblade after finding the concept was based on he drawing from the old copy of CasketWorks but actually seeing it in green makes me think it is actually looking very nice. Mighthave to make a point to get to reapercon next year if only to try to snag a UL version.
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