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  1. I don't know, that is a tricky one, the first shot looks pretty cool to me. The only criticism I would have is that the "flares" of the segments are possibly a bit too radical, with the thinnest points seeming a little too puny when weighted against the widest parts, makes the whole thing look somehow weirdly fragile. What you might try is to add some kind of fur/shag/hair of some sort in between the segments, it would sort of match up with the way that shag-like panel on the back/top of the beast looks? I suggest this since if you are going to try a couple of different other styles and scrap the piece you have already made, you might as well try to add something to it and see if that works better. The heavy scaling on the main "body" would suggest a much rougher texture for the eyestalks than you have in the concept art, so personally I think the heavy-armour look of the prototype you have posted works just fine with how the beast actually turned out. I am sure this thing is going to rock no matter what, no matter what you decide on. PS I was making a pitcher plant sculpt and hit the same block you did- I made multiple arms and put them in the base thinking it was clever, and then when I went to make the pitchers on them it turned into a logistical nightmare (also I was using sculpey so I had to not disturb the ones I had already made while making the rest of them- huge mistake haha)
  2. Thanks kindly, I am fairly happy with how it turned out. I really should have made the base out of something other than sculpey, when made thin the stuff is so wiggly and sticky, I was lucky to get it even close to flat. Next time I think I am going to cut a piece out of plastic card. I am definitely going to try to make some purposely-shaped (does that even make sense?) "tools" to sort of automate certain types of textures, this project literally just popped into my head and I happened to have some sculpey right next to me. I was basically just determined to finish it off as a learning experience and learn what I can and can't do and what I need to improve. The only "tools" I used on this one were 2 toothpicks, one round and one flat. Thanks too for the compliments on the paint job- that was sort of my "ace", as I knew I could dress up a mediocre sculpt with a pretty application of paint. This piece is just going to be part of a "set" I am filming goofy Star Wars parodies with, so it will barely be visible as a piece of a fairly cluttered background. So again thanks for the compliments and suggestions!! (all these thanks, you can tell I am Canadian eh??)
  3. I have been lurking and checking this out for the past while and I have to say WOW, that last round of work really put a deadly spin of awesomeness on the piece, truly excellent work!! I can hardly wait for the final roll-out!
  4. First off, I thank you for looking. I made both the fish and the base out of sculpey, and this is the first thing I have made that is worth showing off (had to pull the plug on a couple of things as I got used to the medium). It is made to be in scale with Star Wars figures (really long story) and is roughly 2 inches long end-to-end. I am not too happy with how the fins turned out, the "ridges" should have been way more shallow and subtle, but since it has been baked, I will just learn from that and avoid it in the future. Oh and sorry for the not-too-good pic, I am having a heck of a time getting a pic of it for some reason. Any suggestions, criticisms and comments are totally invited- I am only just starting out on the whole sculpting thing- tho I have been painting (and thus assembling) minis since the early 80's and some of them earlier ones pretty much required a basic knowledge of sculpting just to fill in the gaps.
  5. Thanks for the compliments, I am hard at work on another GWAR piece, plus a recently acquired Reaper Mummy Lord (which I am calling "King Eddy" due to how much he looks like he belongs on an Iron Maiden cover) So I will definitely be posting more pics soon, your kind words helped stoke the fire!
  6. Thanks so much, both suggestions solved all of the "problem" I was having!
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, please move it if necessary. I am familiar with how many types of forums work but somehow this one has me stumped- I can only seem to be able to access fairly recent threads in the various subforums. For example, in the "Sculpting" subforum there are supposedly 483 topics, but I can only see 5 (and 2 of those are "stickied") Is there some option to view threads older than that?? If there is I am totally overlooking it. Thanks for reading and in advance for any light anyone can shed on this.
  8. Hi all, I recently finished painting these 2 GWAR beasties, Gor-Gor and the World Maggot, and the Motorhead-shirt-wearing Troll was painted over 10 years ago- oddly enough, I moved to a new town and visited the local mini shop and to my complete surprise, they had another of the Troll available- I always wanted to strip the figure down and try it again since I had painted it in a 24-hour non-stop blitz, so now I get another shot AND get to keep the original work- just gotta think of what album cover I want on there. Comments and/or suggestions more than welcome, I am a bit nervous posting these pics after seeing all of the other awesome work here on these boards! Gor-Gor World Maggot Motorhead-shirt Ogre (I will resize this if it is too big or just leave it out)
  9. that's pretty nutty man, some really interesting work- it's amazing how little of the actual vehicle you need to make it totally "work", brings back memories of my battletech days, trying to make the ULTIMATE mechs out of bits of everything- lookin forward (about as much as you're probably dreading) the rest of the series!! The "for sale" oon your friends piece is slick too , great stuff!!
  10. HATE when the metallics make a run for it- I try to put them on pretty much DEAD last just cos they make such a mess. Looks totally fine so far- I thought I'd painted all the checkerboards I'd ever need, but now you got me thinkin again- for some reason I never did anything past red and black, but that combo you're using is SWEEEET and inspiring Versutus- maybe drop a bead of thin superglue in the crack to solid it up??
  11. Lookin really fine, you're almost at that "might not wanna touch it much more or you'll have to do the whole thing over" stage Excellent, super-subtle shading on that bit- I agree with Helltown, I can't see myself ppulling that off anywhere near that smoothly, it just seems so "foreign" Can't wait to see heem finished, keep up the good work!!
  12. Looks like the pigment has "curdled" or something- time to relegate them to washing terrain or something, you can get some interesting effects with partially pooched paint on really absorbent surfaces like say plaster- unless the paint has separated so badly that it's a lump of pigment floating in a clear "goo", then it's truly dead
  13. Slopartist- My stuff is kind of reminiscent of that stuff- overall I am pretty happy with the results I get, but I do think I will check out these Reaper paints soon- once I get re-acquianted with my paints, that is- I have been out of the loop for a few months and everytime I get that far behind it takes me a few days to get "back on the horse". I figure there's certain colours which I would be better off with a super fine-grain pigment, as some colours give me more trouble than others. Thanks for posting that link, that's some interesting technique there Paintrix- I know, velvet would almost be easier to duplicate woth some kind of ultrta-fine flocking or something, especially on a mini like the one in question- the overall outline of the cape/cloak is fine, but it is seriously almost totally flat, with no variation in the depth of the furrows along their length- I'm not even concerned about what kind of material it looks like once done, I just want it to look alright, and this thread has actually helped me re-think my strategy so far as getting maximum depth from minimum "real" depth
  14. I always assumed (I know, I know) they were 25mm, I have a couple of them and that's how they come across, the "accessories" they carry would be pretty ridiculous in any other scale in my mind AWESOME work, by the way, the thing has a real "gemlike" quality, like you can se "within" the skin somehow, really REALLY slick work! The depth you achieved on the wings is rather stricking too, the original sculpts weren't nearly as "3-D" as I like, so there's a lot of great work making the thing really "pop" on that figure, sweet work indeed!
  15. Ohhhh BURRRRN!! Okay, so I use them, but I DO thin them down a lot, usually quite carefully. I have used so many different paints and am pretty good at getting them to adapt to what I want. I think I will start another thread so as to not take this one too far away from where it's at :D
  16. SaintRigger- cool cool, seems like a few folks nearby, good to see! Versutus- hailing from the Hammer, very good, glad to have a local on this side of the border show up so quick too! Kristof65- thanks for the welcome! M. Eversburg II- you might wanna rethink that, I'm kinda sticky from touching my Carnivorous plants too much eh :D A fine friendly place this is- I'm sort of kicking myself for being online almost 8 years and never ever thinkin of joining such a forum- MUCH better than the old days of buying Dragon magazine once a month and hoping that they'd get their miniature-based arses together eventually. I swear I burned holes in some of the Ral Partha "coming soon" ads with the sheer intensity of my gaze staring at them and planning my "attack" (AND how I was gonna be able to afford all the new stuff I'd "require" ;))
  17. Oh, I use some mainstream acrylics and mix 'em down with various things to get what I want out of them- I would probably actually scare folks if I named the brand, but they're NOT made for minis ;) I do think I'll need to get into inks, mainly just for purple, there's pretty much no other colour I have real problems with. I am almost finished the figure in question, I'll be brave and post a pic once it's done and go from there- since it's a cartoon/comic-based figure (as slop artist there mentioned) , I'm not too concerned, and I tend to hit my finished stuff with hi-gloss, to make them look like porcelain/glass... I dunno, pics will be better to show what I'm all about I think- sorry to throw this off topic a bit, you may proceed with no more interruptions
  18. So, IF I were to strip, say mid-80's Ral PArtha or Grenadier stuff, I should NOT use my "secret weapon", Easy-Off heavy duty?? I've been working on plastic minis so long I have to get a feel for working with pewter/metal stuff again- better if I don't start off destroyin anything
  19. Julie Guthrie eh?? VERY interesting, I basically followed her work after she "left Ral Partha- no joke, I would say that probably 75% of my all-time fave figures were hers- her beasties are/were usually very good, but something about the way she does the human form always got me, and I also really dig the way she does faces. I always wanted to actually tell her how much her work rocked, and now I get a chance- cool!! Thanks for the warm welcomes. GreyHorde- Whatever made you get away from Buffalo ;) ?? AryanuN ;) - no worries, I am a forum veteran, I know ALL about wise-arsery, just wait til I get up to speed here :D And I WILL get to posting pics- for some reason photobucket (or imageshack or whatever the HECK it is I use to host pics) is VERY tempermental on my PC, some days it's NO GO and others it goes fine- once I hit a "good day" there'll be a few pics of my work- I'm excited to show off my "Drunken Ogre/Troll w/ Motorhead Shirt" and my "fixed" Ral PArtha Balrog (whaddya know, sculpted by Julie Guthrie- with wings from a Grenadier Copper Dragon)
  20. Man, this thread is making me head hurt, if only because I've been beating my head against the wall on something like this over the past few months. I'm painting a pretty sweet "Mysterio" mini (old Spiderman villain) and he has a purple cloak on which the sculpt is rather shallow and soft, but the way it drapes, it looks like it should appear as rich velour. I swear I have painted and highlighted and washed it a dozen times- I keep getting it nearly "right", then somehow slightly over-doing it and having to go all the way back to the beginning I've tried more/less gradation, isolating a few small highlights to be "near white", trying to use almost black for the "troughs", EVERYTHING I honestly think it has somethin to do with Purple, and NO other colour has EVER given me as much trouble. This isn't the first time, probably won't be the last, but it almost seems like the colour (and/or pigments probably) used to make "true" purple paint are cursed Lookin Good on your work imn progress tho, Evilbob, I can appreciate what you're shooting for and totally feel the frustration ;)
  21. Hi all, I am new to this forum but an old hand at painting minis- I've been actively interested in 'em for over 20 years. I live in the Niagara Falls, Ontario area. I mostly collected Grenadier and Ral Partha stuff back in the day, but somehow got off the path and ended up really getting into cleaning off and "fixing" plastic minis (the Superhero minis from TSR back in the day were too expensive and kinda carpy to boot) Anyways, just sayin Hullo to you all, I've bopped around a bit here and it looks like just the place to get me back into the proper "swing" I have some kinda poor pics of some recent work somewhere on my PC, I will post em if you promise not to say ANYTHING about how grainy the pics are- I stretched photoshop to the limit and got 'em totally "viewable", but they detract from the paint-job ever so slightly Oh and my name's Carl btw :D
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