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  1. Some of you may have seen this in other forums and since I havent been in any forums for quite some time I thought I would go around and show off this little piece. I really was glad to be a part of this and am quite proud of the turnout. I had no part in the idea for this one but I did paint it for a client. This is thewarstore.com's little mascot, Vik, who was sculpted by Micro Art Studios. It was actually kind of hard to ship this one off ha ha. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  2. You guys might remember a wip I had going with the first mini of this unit. You have really helped me out as to how to make it look good so I thought it would only be fair if I showed how it came out. I am very happy with it and very happy that it is finally done but I cant say that I enjoyed it lol. Please let me know what you think.
  3. yo anthony! stop sucking :P

  4. This little guy was a lot of fun to paint. I spent a lot of time at the game store last night painting him from start to finish. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  5. I love posting my stuff in this forum. I get so many good comments and the most useful suggestions here. I am gonna make my explanations quick here. I have no excuse for the flame. I simply dont know how to do it lol. I also wish I had taken a little bit more time with some freehand and the base could use some more work. Other than that I am pleased with the out come and I will be coming to LA this year with a whole new arsenal of techniques I have learned though out this year. Well not really, but I would like to think so. Keep in touch Ollie, we need to talk lol. P.S. @ David: PM sent
  6. This was my First Enigma and I dont have many complaints with it. The biggest thing for me was how weak or brittle the metal was but other than that it was a great mini to paint. I did get a lot of inspiration from the other minis like this that have been posted on CMON so thanks to all...um...three of them.Let me know what you guys think. I personally think this is my best mini to date. Thanks everyone in advance.
  7. Finally got around to finishing this one after it had been sitting on the desk half done for about a month. Hope you like him.
  8. had to change the metallics to NMM. It was too ugly.
  9. After going over Aarons(olliekickflip) tutorial on how he blends I had to give it a try. It was much faster and the blending results are much smoother. It is still not quite as smooth as Aarons, but I did my best. I would highly suggest going over the tutorial and giving it a try yourself. If I can do it, anyone can.
  10. Okay so i didnt use your technique exactly how you do but I did shade using your technique. I then highlighted by layering once I got the shade down. Its not as smooth as yours but its not bad for just 6 hours worth of painting, I dont think. Much much faster than the way i do it.
  11. Yeah I was trying to go for a green ooz something or other running through that tube but I think you are right. It draws way too much attention. I will tone it down with a wash or something. Speaking of wash. I wasnt quite sure what a "wonder wash" was but yeah i did use a flow extender for the first wash over the entire mini. the other washes were just water and paint.
  12. Dude, after reading through the tutorial I couldnt help myself but to try it out. Plus I needed to get away form all my serious painting that I have been doing and paint something fun. If you wouldnt mind I would like to show you what I have come up with so far using your technique. It was much more simple than it looks and probably twice as fast as the way I have been doing it.
  13. So here he is almost complete. Just need to do the little bits here and there. And to answer your question, Lunchbox, I am using washes around the edges of the armor to back line them and for the greasy mess running down staining the armor.
  14. Ah lets see. I will go from color to color listing what shades and highlights I used so far. Blue: Exile Blue(PP) with a heavy wash of Black(PP) then to Cygnar Blue Base(PP). After that I went to Cygnar Blue Highlight(PP) and adding just a spot of white to that for my final highlights. Red: Sanguine Base(PP) with a heavy wash of Cryx Bane Base(PP) then to Sanguine Highlight(PP). After that I went to Khador Red Base(PP) and adding just a spot of white to that for my final highlights. White: Menoth White Base(PP) with a heavy wash of Boostrap Leather(PP) then to Menoth White Highlight(PP). After that I went to Rotting Flesh(GW) and finally to white for the highlights. NMM: Bastion Gray(PP) with a heavy wash of Battlefield Brown(PP) mixed with Sanguine Base. Then to Fortress Gray(GW) and finally white for my final highlights. Almost forgot the skin: Khardic Flesh(PP) with a light wash of Sanguine Base(PP) then to Midlund Flesh(PP). After that I went to Elf Flesh(GW) and adding white to that to get my final highlight. Now I didnt use these colors straight out of the pots. I had to do some mixing in between each color to get a smooth transition but you will just have to get the feel for that over time. I think the reds, blues and whites look so bright because of how I placed the highlights. Plus my base colors are very dark which makes the contrast very strong. I hope this helps but if you guys have any more questions, fell free to ask. Thaks for the comments guys. I really do appreciate it.
  15. That looks really good for such a short painting session on her. The hair really does stand out and the highlights are placed just right. I would like to see what you could do with her with more time.
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