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  1. I am a total beginner, and I got the LTPK 1-4. I'm now on #4 and really like them. I'm sure some of the instruction might be repetitive for someone with some experience, but it never hurts to review if you've been away from it for a while. So far, I feel that I understand the basic concepts of what I'm supposed to be doing, which I'm sure is the focus of the kits. The execution is another matter, but I know that will come with more practice. The kits do come with some Reaper brushes which are fine for me while I'm learning. But I do see where better brushes might make some of my work a bit easier. Maybe I'll buy some of those fancy W&N brushes as a "graduation" present to myself for finishing the LTP series :) Overall though, I like the kits and have learned a lot from going through them.
  2. Just chiming in on the love for the wishlist. I can't wait for it to come back. I'm getting tired of all these slips of paper I have laying around with mini numbers and paint triads on them :)
  3. It looks like I spoke to soon. I'm not going to be able to make it this weekend after all. With my wedding coming up in 3 weeks, my fiancee and I just have too much to do, and not enough days off from work to do it. I'm bummed as I was looking forward to it and hoping to get some nice tips and help from all the more experienced painters there. I also was looking forward to meeting all of you. But I'll just have to wait until the next one, I guess. And you will just have to wait to try my potato salad :)
  4. I'm confirmed! Count me in. I'm excited to do me some serious learnin'.
  5. I second (or third) the advice that it all depends on what you are using it for. I have a Viewsonic 19" at home that is great for gaming with a really fast response time, but not so good for graphics work. At work, I have the opposite. It's a 21" NEC that has great color reproduction across the panel and good gray scale progression, but not a fast response time for gaming. Sites like Anandtech Tom's Hardware Guide and Ars Technica are great resources for reviews. If you are doing a lot of graphics or photo work, you'll also want to look at the monitor's back lighting. Some monitors wash out around the edges or in an X shape across the monitor because of the back light. This can be a pain when working with dark images and becomes very noticeable. Also, DVI is very important for crisp graphics. And make sure that whatever you get, you set your desktop to the monitor's native resolution. Otherwise everything will look blurry. I purchased a Hanns-G 19" widescreen for my father-in-law for $150 on New Egg. While the construction is a little cheap and flimsy, the image was perfectly fine for browsing the internet and basic everyday kind of stuff - and you can't beat the price. Just make sure your video card can handle it's funky native resolution.
  6. Thanks for the tips and advice. Yep, I'm seeing a lot of spots that need a bit of clean up when I look at the photo. I haven't sealed him yet, so I'll probably do some touch-ups. The photos are a bit yellowy. I think the auto white balance on my camera was just reading it wrong with the reflection of the yellow/orange walls in my room, but these were the most in focus of the ones I took. I just put my desk lamp on it which has a Reveal bulb in it. I am using the brushes that came with the kit plus a couple of Golden Taklon brushes I picked up, a 4/0 spotter and a 0 round. Once I finish the Kits I may buy some better brushes as a graduation gift to myself I'm finding my two biggest problems right now are brush control and figuring out how much to thin my paint. I'm sure both of those will get better with more practice. It seems every color of paint needs to be thinned a little bit differently, and I think I need to get to a stage where I can just tell if it's right by the consistency. Sometimes I think I thinned it too much when I apply the paint and I can't see any effect - it's almost translucent. But from what I've read, I think this might actually be the proper amount for layering. Thanks again for the great tips, advice and encouragement. I really enjoy doing this and look forward to more practice.
  7. Here is my 4th painted mini ever. I'm working my way through the Learn To Paint Kits, and he's the second guy in LTPK 2. I know I need to work on smoothing out my highlights, the camera is BRUTAL! He looks better from a distance - like from around the block Comments and areas where I need work and improvement are welcome.
  8. Sounds to me like the Golden Demons are a lot like the Oscars. Not necessarily an award for the best art, but a combination of art, image, and marketability. And not necessarily in that order. Meg, I've seen your talent and I know you've got the skills to win. As it is in motion pictures, there are other awards like Cannes, Sundance or the Golden Globes that are more indicative of talent. But there is no higher award than an Oscar. Know the rules of the game, and I know you can win. You go girl!
  9. First, I hope that Lilo is going to be OK. But I'm surprised no one has asked the most important question. What did she roll?
  10. She looks excellent, much better than my Laurana from LTPK2 :) I'm really impressed with the eyes. Those dang tiny eyes gave me the worst trouble and yours look great! I like the freehand on the scroll as well. I decided my Laurana is calling for someone to write something on hers
  11. Woo, I learned something new. Looking at your thin wash of brown liner, I notice that you use that to help define the highlights and shadows before applying the base coat. Do you also do this to work out where you want the light to come from? <scribbles notes to self>
  12. This is just fantastic Anne. I know many have already thanked you for doing this, but I just want to add my voice to the choir. As someone just starting to get his brushes wet in a new hobby, it's inspiring to see something like this from start to finish. I've learned a lot just from reading this and can't wait to start trying some of this stuff myself. When I decided I wanted to paint minis, I had several companies I could have made my purchases from. I decided on Reaper mostly because I saw how much the company interacts with their community and how helpful that community was. And I knew I was going to need a lot of help. Seeing the beautifully painted minis around here and wondering how the heck I could do that can be quite intimidating. Having their pros like you take the time to do a WIP like this is just another example of why I chose to go with Reaper. It really helps to demystify the process and show me that with enough practice, I might be able to do that one day. So the next time your bosses tear you away from the forums, just tell them two words "brand loyalty".
  13. This sounds like fun. I'll have to clear it with my better half first but I don't think it will be a problem. I would probably only be able to make it on Saturday for a little day trip thing, no sleep-over. Also, since I'm new to all of this, what should I bring? Brushes, paints, minis, potato salad?
  14. OK, I'm convinced. Next time I have a little extra money I'll be getting me some new paint and start building up my collection slowly. I guess there's no sense in making things more difficult for myself than they need to be. I remember reading the "Surface Area" technique in Anne's Maria Roseblade WIP. I need to work on making myself look at each surface that way. It makes a lot of sense to me and should really help me with my highlighting/shadowing. Thanks again everyone for all the great advice! Note to self: get some Clears ... and some Liners ... and some better brushes
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